Scofield was funded with money from Illuminati for his travel over England to create his Bible. Why did Talmudic Jews give him such money? To thwart the efforts made by Christians to stop Zionism. Jesus has established his Kingdom in the first century AD once and for all. Jesus has fulfilled all the parts of the OT including prophesies in his first Advent, which fact we can know when reading His word on the Cross "Fulfilled." We need no more Advents for His Kingdom. Zionists want us to believe that we need another advent, that is, second coming to establish His kingdom, so they created a false doctrine of "not yet fulfilled." They say that there are 500 or more OT prophesies not yet fulfilled by Jesus' first Advent. Today Christians think that the plan of Zionists to create the country of Israel is good and Biblical because the Bible tells us that the Kingdom of Israel will be reestablished with the Temple recreated in the latter days. No. Jesus said the Temple would be reestablished at the time of His resurrection. Today His body and Christians' bodies are the Temple of HS. Today His Church has become the Kingdom of Israel because Christians are called by Paul "God's Israel." Zionists’ ultimate goal is to establish Lucifer's totalitarian Kingdom that has Talmudic Jews as Messiahs and Gentiles as slaves.


According to a person associated with the Yatagarasu:

1. Some of the descendants of the Hata clan, who are business managers, keep in contact with the Yatagarasu*.

*The Yatagarasu (Japanese 八 咫 烏, や た が ら す, "big crow") is originally a Shinto deity in the form of a large three-legged crow. Japanese mythology shows that it was sent by the celestials to the first Emperor Jimmu as a guide for helping the Emperor to conquer the Yamato region and found the Japanese state. Yatagarasu also represents a secret group of Jewish descendants, who came to Japan in ancient times.

2. The Yatagarasu is a secret group of descendants of Jesus’ 12 apostles.

3. It consists of 12 people and is led by three Back-Emperors, who are called Sanbagarasu or Kinshi.

4. In case of an emergency occurring to the Emperor, the Back-Emperors function on behalf of him.

5. Beneath it is the Goryukai (meaning “five dragons”) that consists of five persons, and below it are 4 Ohgarasu meaning “big crows”. That is, it is a 3-5-4 system.

6. Goryukai consists of Kiryukai (Yellow dragon), Kokuryukai (Black dragon), Hakuryukai (White dragon), Sekiryukai (Red dragon) and Ryokuryukai (Green dragon).

7. Under Goryukai, there is a group of 1800 companies affiliated with the Hata clan.

8. This group cannot be entered from outside. When one goes bankrupt, another that has already been opted for the membership moves up.

9. The Mitsui family has long been the leader in the Japanese economy.

10. It was the Mitsui family that has built the Naiku (shrine) and Geku (shrine) of the Ise-Jingu Shrine.

11. All companies stretching back to the Mitsui family (such as Toshiba and Toyota), which are called Mitsui Group companies, are of the Hata clan.

12. Newcomer companies cannot join because they are not directly affiliated with the Hata clan.

13. Even if the founder of a company is in a direct line of the Hata clan’s descent if a person who is not in such line takes the top position, an explanation will be given to him/her on the group.

14. The Yatagarasu’s headquarters is based in Kyoto.

15. The Hata clan is based in Uzumasa, Kyoto.

16. Everything that exists in Uzumasa, such as Eigamura (movie studio village), is related to the Yatagarasu.

17. The reason why there is a movie studio village in Uzumasa is that the Japanese public entertainment industry has been created by the Hata clan.

18. The reason why there are many crows in the Kinki region is that the Emperor was in Kyoto.

19. Kabbalah devices are planted all over the place. Just Kyoto alone has so many such devices. Not only Osaka and Nara but also Shikoku has many of them.

20. Japanese society's structure was designed by the first-generation Christians who came to Japan in the 2nd century.

21. This fact has been deliberately concealed with various gimmicks.

22. The reason for that is to hide the Ark of the Covenant and the Three Sacred Treasures of the Imperial Family.

23. The Imperial Family's Three Sacred Treasures exist to hold the Ark back.

24. The theory that the Ark of the Covenant is hidden in Mt. Tsurugi has been contrived as a trick for misleading people. That which exists in Mt. Tsurugi is not a good thing.

25. Kinshi (three Back-Emperors) are working hard while their subjects are quite high-flying. Some are doing things that I can't express with words. Others are leaking the minutes of members’ meetings.

26. In the past, there was a person who became famous as a Back-Emperor. He is Masahiro YASUOKA, who was the husband of Kazuko HOSOKI.

27. Masahiro YASUOKA remained a member of Kinshi until his death.

28. At present, the nine members except Kinshi have no blood relationship with the Hata clan, but basically, they are supposed to belong to the Hata clan.

29. If there is a vacancy in Kinshi, one of the members of Goryukai should be appointed.

30. Sometimes a problem occurs on the eligibility of a newly elected member of Kinshi among the companies of Goryukai (which are famous Japanese companies), which say, "Is he okay?"

31. The same organization exists behind Shinzo Abe as Koizumi.

32. One member of the Japan Conference said, "We are superior to the Yatagarasu."

33. It is 120% certain that the Japanese are of the 12 tribes of ancient Israel, but we cannot say anything about that on TV.

34. We have to put a cap on this kind of talk. The reason is the Three Sacred Treasures of the Imperial Family and the Ark of the Covenant. We cannot come out to protect the fundamental character of this nation.

35. It has a deep meaning from a Kabbalah’s viewpoint that the Sengu (transfer of a deity to a new shrine building) of Izumo-Taisha Shrine and Ise-Jingu Shrine were conducted in the same year.


In the first century A.D., Christian missionaries had already arrived in Japan because the second coming in 70 A.D. was the Great Judgment on the Old World. There should always be a message of salvation before any judgment. "The final message for reconciliation with God" was introduced to the world, stating, "if you accept Jesus as your Savior, you will be saved, but if you do not, you will perish." Jesus' disciples preached all over the world, including Thomas traveling to China and Peter to Babylonia. They must have gone as far as Japan, where many Jews lived at that time.
After the message of reconciliation that would decide each person's fate was conveyed to the whole world, Christ returned in 70 A.D. and judged the whole world. A curtain was drawn on the Old World, which caused the Old Heaven and Earth to perish, and the New Heaven and Earth to start.
The Christian Jews saved by accepting the message moved to Japan in the 2nd century A.D., where they established the "Restored Glorious Israel." Japan has been a Jewish Christian country from then on.


According to the information a Japanese journalist Joichiro Shinohara has got from reliable U.S. sources:
1.Investigations by the U.S. military police are underway.
2.States Georgia and Pennsylvania have decided to recount the ballots with signature confirmation.
3.On the Trump camp’s future: This issue will go beyond the Trump vs. Biden campaign to become a major battle between the totalitarian forces of Deep State and China and the United States and the world countries that try to preserve their national traditions. The war between the United States and China is only part of that.
4.The Trump camp is sure of victory.
5.After Trump has been elected, he will carry out a large-scale arrest campaign against the Deep State in liberal societies.
6.This will be performed not only in the United States but also in friendly and its allied countries. In cooperation with each country's authority and his camp, Trump will carry out a large-scale arrest operation, which would result in the arrest of several hundreds of thousand people, against those who belong to the forces associated overtly or covertly with such totalitarian communists as the Deep State or the CCP (Communist Party of China).
7. In cooperation with the military, the Trump camp is taking measures against the coup attempts by changing the number of votes using Dominion machines, voting by mail, cheating at counting stations, and prohibiting observers from entering.
8.This operation had been prepared since 2018.
9.The Guantanamo Bay detention camp has now been under significant expansion to accommodate more people.
10.Groups trying to steal elections from Americans have already been arrested, detained, and questioned, including senior government officials, with plea bargains also carried out.
11.In Japan, there are about 10,000 people involved in election fraud. The Trump camp will pursue them as harshly as possible. After Trump's reelection, the government will take stern measures, prosecute, and arrest in cooperation with the Japanese government. This will involve Japan's ruling and opposition politicians.
12.The Trump team recognizes that the Covid-19 virus problem is clearly a biological war provoked by the Chinese Communist Party, which has used the virus to facilitate the election frauds.
13.Evidence shows that the Chinese have introduced the Covid-19 virus into U.S. military bases.
14.The fact has been confirmed that the CCP carried out espionage activities through institutions such as the Confucius Institute, bribing Democratic Party members, including Joe Biden, in the primary elections. Prosecutions will be carried out based off of specific facts.
15.The U.S. government will recognize these 2 operations by the CCP as acts of terrorism against the United States, to which emergency legislation for the war on terrorism established at the time of the 911 incident in 2001 will be applied.
16.To the countries that celebrated Biden for his election and held telephone talks with him afterward, the CCP had carried out behind-the-scenes maneuverings using money.
17.The four countries, including Russia, which did not do so, recognize that the CCP has been performing the operation to establish a unipolar world order. Russia deployed troops along the border with China. Seeing this situation, North Korea decided to distance itself from China.
18.The U.S. government will recognize these 2 operations by the Chinese Communist Party as acts of terrorism against the United States. Emergency legislation for the war on terrorism established at the time of the 911 incident in 2001 will be applied.


They are too depraved to have any normal sense and ability to judge between right and wrong, good and evil, truth and false. You should discard any expectation for the system of election based on humanism. The right to vote should be limited to born-again Christians.



This is propaganda of political correctness to destroy the social system and ethics created based off of Christianity. God created the world according to the principle of "separation" between light and darkness, sea and land, men and women, etc. The deluge erased all the borders. So political correctness is a kind of deluge, decreation, and creation of chaos. Christians should not let that propaganda be pervasive in any society. The Son of God came to destroy the works of demons. (1 John: 3: 8)


You should know every regular vote has a built-in antenna microtip embedded, transmitting information about the location, ID, etc., without a power source. In June, Trump, who had known that irregular votes would be printed abroad and brought in, started an undercover operation.
The operation is underway to know who is involved in the criminal activities related to the election, so the time will come soon when their massive apprehensions are made.


Trump had already predicted in June that votes would be printed abroad and brought in. ​So the Department of National Security printed all the ballots in the United States and put watermarks on them. ​According to a leading U.S. source, a chip capable of transmitting information was embedded in the watermark.
​The chip allows them to track votes and count only valid ones, which enables Trump to know exactly how many votes he got. ​And the chip makes them able to know where the discarded votes are, which is why they have now been finding them one after another. ​Hitachi, Ltd. has already developed 1000 times as small a transmittable microchip as a rice grain that can be activated by receiving radio waves.


They used the service of a foreign company "SF Express (Group) Co., Ltd.," which is a multinational delivery services company based in China, to deliver ballots to ​vote-collecting stations. Laws prohibit private delivery companies from handling mail-in and absentee ballots.


CNN's 2020 election flash screen shows the moment 19,958 votes are moved from Trump to Biden (Nov.3, 2020)


The Trump Team Has Been Carrying out a Massive Undercover Operation

1. ​In this summer, a tweet of “10 days darkness, Find a water” frequently appeared on Twitter. This means ​"It will be dark during the period of 10 days from the election day through November 14.” “Find the water" refers to the watermark on each ballot sheet.
2. ​​Information from a U.S. source of intelligence with whom Journalist Joichiro Shinohara has connections:
(1) ​A chip was put in the watermark of each ballot.
(2) A cryptogram was written in the chip using the blockchain technology utilized in the quantum financial system (QFS).
(3) The chip, responding to certain radio waves, enables authorities to track people who have voted.
(4) With this chip, which can distinguish a real ballot from a false one, authorities can count only real ballots while rejecting false ones.
(5) The ballots are uniform across the United States because all of them were printed and produced by the Department of Homeland Security.
(6) Quantum computers connected to the chip show who got how many votes.
(7) They had known beforehand that there would be large-scale fraudulent voting.
(8) The preparations were made in confidence.
(9) They have been conducting a large-scale, undercover investigation.
(10) That's why Trump is so aggressive.
(11) Mrs. Melanie’s clothes carry a pattern of chains suggesting that blockchain technology is used.



Discarded Trump's ballots are now being found and collected. But how can their locations correctly be detected?
A journalist Joichiro Shinohara says that GPS technology has been used.
Hitachi reports that an ID chip has been developed by Hitachi, Ltd., which, 1/1000 as small as a rice grain, can transmit information such as ID numbers using received radio waves as a power source.
"​Hitachi, Ltd. (President: Etsuhiko Shoyama/Hitachi, Ltd.) has developed the world's smallest class of 0.4 mm sq. non-contact IC chip "Mutip" with a built-in antenna. ​"Mutip" has a 128 bit (1038 digits) ID number written on it. The conventional "Mutip" required an external antenna to read the ID number. But the newly developed "Mutip" has a built-in antenna, through which only its 0.4 mm square chip can transmit an ID number to a reader in a contactless manner using received radio waves as operating power. ​This makes it easy to embed such tags directly into banknotes, gift certificates, and other securities. It also makes it possible to attach them to very small or thin things that were difficult to handle with conventional contactless IC tags. ​"
If "Mutip" can be powered even by radio waves from GPS satellites, it may be used in such a system for tracking lost ballots as is supposedly created by the authority in this election.
You might say, "It will cost a lot to do that."
It is not necessary to collect all the jettisoned votes. It is enough to collect them from 2 or 3 areas of swing states as evidence of fraudulent voting.


Why did the Jews execute Christ? Following the Mishnah (referred to in the Bible as "the tradition of the elders"), they worshiped Lucifer, a god introduced from Babylon, instead of the God of the Bible, and tried to build a system for his world domination. Christ called for them to return to the God of the Bible, but they refused and crucified Him.
Why did Christians persecute Jews? Because Judaism values the Talmud (codified version of the Mishnah) more than the Bible. The Talmud is a form of Satanism, aiming to make Satan the world's ruler by corrupting and destroying Christianity. Communism is a product of Talmudic Judaism, one of whose beliefs is that the Messiah will appear when all the wealth of the Gentiles comes into the hands of the Jews. Communism disguises itself as neoliberalism today, but its purpose remains unchanged: to exploit the Gentiles.
The Bible does not prohibit finance. The Jews chose finance because they found it an easy way to rule the Gentiles. Jewish secret societies (the Illuminati, the Jesuits, etc.) have been working hard to establish a central bank, knowing that they would be able to get unlimited wealth through the fiat money issued by it. Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy, who opposed the establishment and existence of the central bank, were assassinated.


When Jesus Christ came back to the earth in 70 A.D., He judged the Old World and legally annihilated all the anti-Christ forces. Since Satan has been hurled from heaven to earth, he has no authority and no power in the New World, where all his activities are judged as illegitimate and doomed to failure. The Talmud Jews' World Government Movement is bound to fail.


Japan has never been an invader of Asia but rather emancipator of it from the Powers. Communist Chinese are spreading lies about the invasion that has never happened because the only basis on which the current Chinese administration depends for its raison d'etre is the false story of "Communist Chinese beat up Japan."


Theonomy is not applying God's Law to the world just as it was applied to ancient Israelites. Today it is not Levites but Jesus and Christians that can be high priests (Heb 3:1, 1pet 2: 9), which means the priesthood has changed after Christ. As the Bible says, ”when the priesthood is changed, the law must be changed also" (Heb 7:12), the law must be changed accordingly.
Then what should the law change to be?
It should be para-ethnic, i.e., such law as can be applied to any people living in any age.
In the New World established by Jesus in 70AD, there are no such things as "ethnic eligibility", "ethnic superiority", and so on.
So it is just the para-ethnic essence of God's Law that should be applied to today's world as St. Paul did:
”For the Scripture says, 'You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain,' and, 'The laborer deserves his wages.'”
Here he applied the law of Deuteronomy 25: 4 "You shall not muzzle an ox when it is treading out the grain" as a general principle that can be applied to all the nations existing in all the ages: "The laborer deserves his wages."


Before Jesus' Second Coming in 70AD, Satan had governed the world from Heaven. But he got kicked out from it to the earth in the course of the battle with Him.

”The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.”(Revelation 12:9)

This means he has no power and authority to control the world now. There may be some who ask why he still is working for world domination, to which I will say, "Because Christians have not truly understood the fact that the destruction of the Temple in 70AD was caused by His Second Coming."

"But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.
But each in turn: Christ, the firstfruits; then, when he comes, those who belong to him. Then the end will come, when he hands over the kingdom to God the Father after he has destroyed all dominion, authority and power. For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death. For he “has put everything under his feet.”(1 Corinthians 15:20-28)

Here we see that at the time of the Second Coming of Jesus, "the end will come, when he hands over the kingdom to God the Father after he has destroyed all dominion, authority and power."

That is, when Jesus returns, He will put an end to the Old World by destroying all dominion, authority and power belonging to it, including the religious system symbolized by the Temple.

Then I ask you when the Bible says He will return.

“... Jesus replied. 'But I say to all of you: From now on you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.'”(Matt 26:64)

This verse reveals that He will return within the generation that "you" (i.e., Jews that were making interrogation with Jesus at the house of Caiaphas the high priest) are still alive.

Conclusion: In the first century Jesus returned and put an end to the Old World by destroying all dominion, authority and power belonging to it and that He established the New World, where Satan has no power and authority to control the world.
We can take over the world for Jesus Christ NOW.


Jesus has fulfilled the OT on the Cross once and for all, which fact can be proved by his last word on it "Tetelestai (I have fulfilled)". Since His second coming for judging the Old World in 70 AD, Jesus has established the New World conclusively and decisively, where Satan has no power and authority over the world "de jure" (1Cor. 15:20-28). Therefore, Christians should pray and act for their taking over the world for Jesus on the basis of the fact of His legal conquest.


If a mechanic says he has a piece of a fender from a car that has never been seen before; if he claims he knows the car exists; but he can’t show you the car; are you going to buy his story? Are you going to invest your life-savings and life-savings of your family and friends in this car he admits is “unavailable?” Are you going to invest and go broke and sit in your home and wear a mask and keep your distance from other people and close your business and declare bankruptcy? Are you going to consent to that?”



This is a follow-up to yesterday’s article, in which I exposed the fact that the CDC does not have the COVID coronavirus in its possession, because it is “unavailable.” Their word, not mine.
The CDC is admitting the virus hasn’t been isolated. In other words, its existence is unproven.

This would be on the order of NASA issuing a guide for navigating a fleet of ships to a planet whose existence has not been established—and the population of the whole world is going to board those ships for the voyage. The CDC is saying: here is how you detect the virus in a human, here is the test on which we’re going to rely, here is the test on the basis of which we’re going to identify all case numbers and demand all lockdowns—except we don’t have the virus.
Why don’t they have it?
Because they can’t isolate it. That’s obvious.”





1.日本国が再び米国の脅成となり、または世界の平和および安全の脅成とならざることを 確実にすること。

2.他国家の權利を尊重し、国際連合憲章の理想と原則に示されたる米国の目的を支持 すべき、平和的かつ責任ある政府を、究極において確立すること。
米国はかかる政府ができるかぎり、民主主義的自治の原則に合致することを希望するも、 自由に表示せられたる国民の意思に支配せられざるいかなる政治形態をも、日本国に強要することは、連合国の責任にあらず」





The following are the core teachings of the Bible.
1. Worship is the most important and essential act for man.
2. The Temple is the center of the world.
3. The collapse of the Temple (70 A.D.) means the collapse of the Old World and the arrival of the New World.
4. The world revolves around the New Temple, i.e., the Body of Jesus and the bodies of Christians.
5. According to 1 Corinthians 15:20 -28, all the powers and authorities of the Old World have been destroyed, and all the power is concentrated in God the Father in the New World. Therefore, all Satan's plans and attempts are doomed to failure. In addition, because death was destroyed, Christians have become immortal in Christ.
6. In his second coming in 70 A.D., Jesus Christ has established this New World Order "legally" once and for all.
7. Under this New World Order, those who live and act in Christ for establishing the Kingdom of God the Father are victorious, and those who are against it are defeated.





キリスト教の弁証論者やシオニズム擁護者が「神の偉大な人」として絶賛した有名なユダヤ人のラビ、マイモニデスは、ユダヤ人に対して「キリスト教徒を皆殺しにせよ」と言った。タルムード(Hilkoth Akrum, X, l)において、マイモニデスは「彼らを憐れむな、慈悲を示すな。誰かが溺れているのを見ても、助けに行くな・・・。井戸に落としたりして自分の手で殺すのがよい」と述べている。


これらの信条には、以下の教えが含まれている。すなわち、イエスは庶子として生まれ、母親のマリヤは売春婦であった(Mishna Yebamoth 4,13)。イエスは黒魔術を行った(Sanhedrin 1076)。イエスは沸騰した汚物の桶の中で永遠の刑罰を受けている(Mishna Sanhedrin X, 2)。これらの参考文献は、『ソンチーノ・タルムード』として知られるタルムードの英訳に由来する。


さらに、タルムードによれば、ユダヤ人による異邦人の殺害は、神への「聖なる犠牲」である(Zohar, III. 2276 and I. 38b and 39a)。異邦人を斬首で殺すことは、特別に推奨されている(Pesachim, 49b)。



AP通信とロイターの両機関が、2000年9月27日にこの凶悪犯罪を報道した(2000年10月1日付The Rome Observerも参照)。しかし、この衝撃的なニュースを報じた米国の新聞はほとんどなく、アメリカのテレビは一切報道しなかった。なぜか。

イタリアのテレビ放送局が、ゴールデンタイムに、1100万人以上の視聴者に、これらのスナッフ・フィルム変態野郎の逮捕シーンを放送したとき、ユダヤ人の当局者たちは怒り狂った。「血の中傷だ!」と叫びながら、彼らはイタリアのテレビネットワークの理事会のユダヤ人役員たちに、このニュースの公表を許した責任者を処罰するよう要求した。その結果、 テレビ局の幹部たちは解雇された。



支配者人種 ―善悪の超越


-- Gregory Lessing Garrett, #is#The Scientism Delusion: Techno Mysticism And Techno Spiritual Warfare--Exploring the Connections Between Scientism and Luciferianism (We Have All Been Indoctrinated),#ie# 2018"



-- Gregory Lessing Garrett, "The Scientism Delusion: Techno Mysticism And Techno Spiritual Warfare--Exploring the Connections Between Scientism and Luciferianism (We Have All Been Indoctrinated), 2018"



"とりわけ、私はイエズス会から学んだ。私の記憶ではレーニンも同じだ。カトリック教会の階級構造ほど素晴らしいものは世界にない。 [ナチ] 党で使用するために、イエズス会からそのまま流用したものがたくさんあった。 ・・・私は、[ナチス親衛隊の長になったハインリヒ・]ヒムラーのうちに、イグナチウス・デ・ロヨラ [イエズス会創設者]を見る。"



I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country ... corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.
Abraham Lincoln















"With the courage of our doctors and nurses, with the skill of our scientists and innovators, with the determination of the American People, and with the grace of God, WE WILL WIN THIS WAR. When we achieve this victory, we will emerge stronger and more united than ever before!"

This is NOT a war. It should not be called a war if it creates fewer casualties than ordinary pneumonia does annually: 450k. The deep state wants you to accept their plan of establishing the World Govt that they alleges would make it possible to handle this problem better.


”社会主義経済学の本質は、政府が資源を配分することにある。それは、政府が「生産手段」を直接統制するか、企業が請求できる価格を政府が設定することによって実現する。米連邦準備制度理事会 (FRB) による金利操作は、貨幣の価格設定の試みである。FRBが金利を設定しようとすると、金利が投資家や企業に向けて発するシグナルが歪められる。その結果、FRB製の景気高騰が起こり、続いて、必然的にFRB製の恐慌が起きる。



”パワフル! 「自由戦士」を支持するサンディ・スパエッティは、生命は神聖であるという神の真実を支持し、ワクチン詐欺と殺人を巡り、大手製薬会社やCDCの予防接種実践諮問委員会(ACIP)と恐れずに対決している。


"フェデラル・ヴィジョン(FV)は、「業による救済」を教える改革派グループにおける異端である。2002年にFVが登場して以来、ジョー・モアクラフト、ブライアン・シュワートリー、ジョン・オーティスら、多くの神学者がFVに反対してきた。さらに、FVの正式なお披露目に先立って、グレッグ・バーンセンは、ジェイムズ・ジョーダン(「FVのゴッドファーザー」と考える人もいる)の「解釈的最大主義interpretive maximalism」と「礼典主義sacramentalism」に反対していた。"



"Japan Rewrites Its Manchuria Story

Rewrites??? How? Just showing us an article of NY Times, which is notorious for being anti-Japanese, is nothing but one of the baseless accusations. Show us the real history and the rewritten one for comparison JUST BASED ON THE "ORIGINAL SOURCES."
BTW, why do you not try to think it may be the victor countries that are rewriting history in their favor, not Japan? It is a futile effort that leads us into the larger suspicion that you Chinese are demagogues disparaging Japan and Japanese in order to expand your territories over the Asia and the World.




















「われわれは、赤軍が1920年にポーランドにおいて、さらに、つい最近、フィンランドやエストニア、ラトビア、ガリシア、ベッサラビアでどのようなことを行ったかについて知っている。それゆえ、赤軍が中央ヨーロッパを制圧した場合、彼らが何を行うかについて考えなければならない。[...]経験から明らかなように、注意を逸らすための最良の策は、敵に関する「残虐行為プロパガンダ」である。不幸にも、大衆はもはや 「死体工場」 や 「手足をバラバラにされたベルギーの赤ちゃん」 や 「十字架にかけられたカナダ人たち」の[プロパガンダが通用した]時代ほど、ナイーブではない。そのため、赤軍の行動から世間の注目をそらすために、貴殿の協力が大いに求められている。情報省がこれまでも、そして、今後も流布する予定の、ドイツ人と日本人に対する様々な非難を全面的にサポートしていただきたい。

(サイン)H. Hewet, 副長官

(G. Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust, 2d ed., 2010, p. 88, who refers to Rozek, Edward J., Allied Wartime Diplomacy, John Wiley & Sons, New York 1958, p. 209f.)



シャバド・ルバビッチ派は、ユダヤ教ハシディム(敬虔派)の一派で、別名「バアルのパリサイ太陽神崇拝団のバビロニアン・タルムード大祭司たち」(Babylonian Talmudic High Priests of the Order of the Pharisaic sun god worshippers of Baal)と言い、ロスチャイルドやロックフェラーを顎で使っています。
ミュンヘン在住の歴史家ウォルフガング・エガート (54歳) によると、ハシディムと呼ばれる正統派ユダヤ教徒は、聖書の預言を実現するために、核兵器によるホロコーストを扇動しようとしているという。・・・エガートは、これらの宗教的狂信者たちを衆目に晒す必要があると考えている。最大のハシディムのグループであるシャバド・ルバビッチ派は、ハルマゲドンの実現を早めることにより、メシアの介入を促そうとしている。エガートはルバビッチのラビの次の言葉を引用した。「メシアを迎えるには、世界を整えなければならない。世界は、われわれがその役割を果たすことを望んでいる」
エガートによれば、ドイツとイスラエルは、両方ともハシディムのターゲットである。「なぜドイツなのか。それは、ハシディムが聖書とタルムードから『この国はユダヤ人の敵であり、抹殺しなければならない』と学んでいるからである。イスラエルについては、ハルマゲドンの預言を実現させるために、焼かれなければならないと考えている。さらにハシディムは、マキャベリ流の「戦略的な」戦法を繰り返し実行している。その戦法とは、第二次世界大戦におけるヨーロッパのユダヤ人の犠牲 (ショアハ)である。それによって彼らは祖国イスラエルに帰還することができた。イスラエルのユダヤ人を犠牲にすれば、国際社会は彼らを、世界統一『共和国』の支配者として認めることだろう。この共和国の首都は、エルサレムになるだろう。これもまた、『ヤハウェ』によって『預言』されているのだ」




【上海1月3日】 難民福祉委員会の外国人委員として南京の金陵女子大学に残っている米国人教授たちが、ひどく当惑している。というのも、取り残された中国軍大佐とその部下の将校六人をかくまっていたことが判明したからである。実際、難民キャンプにおいて、教授たちは大佐に第二の権威を与えていた。




2011 Tohoku earthquake was caused by earthquake weapons used at an almost equal interval

2011 Tohoku earthquake was composed of 5 consecutive M7 class earthquakes happening at almost equal intervals of 35-20-20-20 seconds.

In a TV program of NHK featuring the earthquake, Assistant Professor Hidenori Kawabe of Kyoto University revealed, based on his analysis, that 5 earthquakes occurred during the two minutes period over the area of 500 km by 200 km off the coasts of Miyagi, Fukushima, and Ibaraki prefectures as follows:

1. Initial earthquake M 7.7.
2. 35 seconds later M 8.0.
3. 20 seconds later M 7.2.
4. 20 seconds later M 7.3.
5. 20 seconds later M 7.5.
6. A mysterious mudslide occurred at the bottom of the sea.





This earthquake was composed of the five M7 class earthquakes happening consecutively at the interval of 35-20-20-20 seconds, NHK reports.

The original video of NHK has been deleted but the captures of the video showing the waves of the 5 consecutive earthquakes can be viewed on the following:


In the TV program of NHK, Assistant Professor Hidenori Kawabe of Kyoto University revealed, based on his analysis, that 5 earthquakes occurred during the two minutes period over the area of 500 km by 200 km off the coasts of Miyagi, Fukushima, and Ibaraki prefectures as follows:

1. Initial earthquake M 7.7.
2. 35 seconds later M 8.0.
3. 20 seconds later M 7.2.
4. 20 seconds later M 7.3.
5. 20 seconds later M 7.5.
6. A mysterious mudslide occurred at the bottom of the sea.










”また先代旧事本紀によれば、聖徳太子は、中臣御食子(鎌足の父)から、「宗源道」と呼ば れる唯一神教的な神道を学んだ。日本書紀や古事記が成立する前の日本神道は、唯一神教的な神道だったのである(詳しくは拙著『日本の中のユダヤ文化』第1〜2章)。


「今の儒学者がいうところの『神がいるような』という言い回しは、神がいないことを前提としている。わが国において神を祭るということは、目に見えない神の働きによって、すべての 原点である天に立ち返り、魂に立ち還ることである。わが国には高天原より降った天神、地に生まれた祇が天地の初め以来鎮座している。このことは幼児でさえも知っている。今の儒学者がしきりに説いて広めることは、神の鎮座を疑わせることになるだろう。わが国においては、そのようなことを説いてはならない」(儒士憲法第12条)”



VANK | 李明博




<記事、写真、画像の無断転載を禁じます。 Copyright (c) 2008 The Chosun Ilbo & Chosunonline.com>


What is the reason why Shiori's lawyers requested Yamaguchi not to disclose (1) the data of medical records of the doctors that she saw after the incident, which will show that she stated in the interviews that she had no memory of the incident at all, which contradicts her present vivid testimony of the rape, and (2) the video footage of the hotel's lobby, which will show her walking briskly through the lobby watching her smartphone despite the fact that she testified that Yamaguchi injured her right leg seriously?


You are ignorant. See who was there with Shiori.
Most of them are famous Korean leftist and liberal activists who are trying to destroy Japanese traditional society centering around the Imperial family by spreading false information domestically and internationally on such a theme as comfort women and forced labor using the media.
We ordinary Japanese, who had been told about her as a non-political feeble victim of the sex crime, had a strong impression when seeing this photo that she may be actually a "political" person.
In addition, she is an activist for polyamorist movement, which promotes people to sleep with multiple partners at the same time.
If the fact that she is involved in this activity for destroying family values gives you no feeling of strangeness, I think you must be another activist.


Hi, you dupes. Your attempt of vindicating her has been totally collapsed by the request made by Shiori's lawyers to Yamaguchi not to disclose (1) the security videos taken by the hotel's lobby cameras, which show her striding briskly through the hotel lobby watching her smartphone contrary to her testimony that Yamaguchi injured her right knee seriously and (2) medical records drawn up by the doctors that Shiori saw after the incident, which states, "Shiori said she had no memory of the incident," which contradicts her vivid testimony of the alleged rape.

Shiori said, "I have drunk two glasses of beer, and one or two of wine."
According to the testimonies by those who saw her in the sushi bar, etc., in total, she has drunk 2 glasses of beer, one of sour cocktail, 4 or 5 of wine, and 1 liter of Japanese sake.


聖徳太子は、『天皇記』『国記』を著した人である。しかし、これらの書物は、6 4 5年に蘇我蝦夷によって焼かれてしまった。先代旧事本紀は、聖徳太子のもう一つの著作ということになる。太子が、吾道、物部、忌部、卜部、出雲、三輪の6名家に古来から伝わる記録を集め、記したものとされる。太子自身が、正しい国史を後世に残そうと、生涯をかけて編集•記緑した書物である。
この書ができたのは、推古天皇第28年(6 2 0年)の11月。そのとき太子は、推古天皇に対し、



























”余談だが、鎌倉の北鎌倉駅の近くに、「光照寺」という仏教の小さな寺がある。ところがそ の正門は、「切支丹くるす門」と呼ばれる門である。そういう札がかかっている。「くるす」 とはクロス、十字架のこと。つまりこれはキリシタンの十字架の門だ。”(久保有政『仏教の成立とユダヤ•キリスト教,大乗仏教、日本仏教と古代東方キリスト教の交流』)


天皇は彼らの対立する意見を聞いたのち、蘇我氏に仏像をゆだね、仏教信仰を許可する。だ が、蘇我氏の家に仏像が安置されて後まもなく、巨大な災難が日本にふりかかってきた。疫病が民衆に大流行したのだ。多くの人命が失われた。物部、中臣の両氏族は、その災難のゆえに 仏像を非難する。
彼らは天皇のもとへ駆けつけて、このような災難が起こったのは仏教を日本に入れたからだ と言った。そして仏像を破壊させてくださいと嘆願する。天皇は許可した。役人が仏像を取り 上げ、川に流し捨てた。また仏像を置いていた寺に火をつけ、焼き払った。
だが、蘇我氏は仏教の受容をあきらめなかった。寺が焼かれてから30年後、彼らは新しい仏像を得、それを拝むための新しい寺を建造した。また、仏教を信仰する人々の小さな集会を持 つようになった。そこには1人の仏師と、3人の尼がいた。
しかし新しい寺ができてまもなく、また別のひどい災難が、国中にふりかかってきた。またしても疫病の流行である。それで物部、中臣の両氏族は、再び仏像を非難する。彼らは天皇の 同意を得て、寺を焼き払い、仏教信者たちを散らした。ところが、その後まもなく、天皇自身も疱瘡(天然痘)の病に冒された。国の多くの人々も病にかかり、苦しみの中に死んでいっ た。蘇我馬子も、疱瘡に冒されていたが、
と言い、彼の仏教信仰を許可した。蘇我馬子は喜び、新しい寺をつくって、そこに仏像を迎 え入れ、拝むようになった。蘇我氏と物部氏の政治的•宗教的な対立は、その後も続いてい た。やがて、それは全面対立となり、ついには内戦に発展していく。”(久保有政『仏教の成立とユダヤ•キリスト教,大乗仏教、日本仏教と古代東方キリスト教の交流』)


WTC 1&2
最上階 411m(110階)











The Fushimi Inari Taisha is a main shrine of Hata clan's, which is Jewish Christian originally, coming from the Central Asia in the 2nd century. The shrine enshrines one God with three persons, symbolized by "Torii with three pillars united as one". The red gates represent Jesus Christ's redemption by blood on the Cross.




I have received a written application from Ms. Shiori Ito's lawyers today, which says, "We ask you not to disclose the medical records and security camera footage."
The medical records were created by the doctors of the 2 hospitals that Ms.Ito visited immediately after the incident in April 2015, both of which clearly state that Ms.Ito said at their interviews, "I have no memory of the time (of being raped)".
This is an "absolute evidence" of Ms.Shiori Ito's lie, which contradicts her present vivid testimony of the rape.
Meanwhile, the security camera footage shows Ito leaving the hotel before 6 AM on April 4, 2015. She said, "At around 5 AM on April 4, Yamaguchi seriously injured my right knee."
However, the security camera footage taken from various angles shows her striding briskly through the hotel lobby. She doesn't seem to be injured at all.
Just a glance of the footage will convince you that it is a "lie made by Shiori Ito".
I said at the press conferences held on December 18 and 19, "I hope the restrictions on viewing the security camera footage and medical records, which are objective evidence, will be lifted and that you will verify them."
She said at the press conference yesterday, "I also hope the video to be published." So why do they say the opposite the next day?
Since the security camera footage has mosaics on the parts other than Ms.Ito, the privacy problem of hotel guests has been perfectly avoided.
I request to lift the restrictions on viewing the medical records and the security camera footage. And I sincerely hope that the people of Japan will judge who is telling the truth.

-Noriyuki Yamaguchi


I think this is the case made by the people who want to dismiss PM Abe from his administration by highlighting the alleged rape crime by one of his close friends, Mr. Yamaguchi, who, for that matter, had been hated by Anti-Japanese Koreans regarding his disclosure on a Japanese magazine "Shukan Bunshun" of the fact that the Korean Army used comfort women during the Vietnam War, too.

April 2, 2015: Mr. Yamaguchi published an article on "Shukan Bunshun" magazine about the fact that the Korean Army used comfort women during the Vietnam War.
April 3, 2015: She approached Mr. Yamaguchi to have a dinner with him in Tokyo during his stay in Japan.
April 4, 2015: Allegedly, Mr. Yamaguchi raped her in his hotel room.
April 23, 2015: Mr. Yamaguchi was dismissed as the chief of Washington Branch of TBS.


イマヌエル・カント(1724年-1804年)は、プロイセンの町ケーニヒスベルクを一度も離れることがなく、そこで生まれ、後にそこで大学教授となったが、カントの思想は哲学に革命をもたらした。カントは、精神は認識において受動的ではなく、その対象物の形や構成の決定(form­ing or constituting its objects)において能動的であると考え、その導入を「コペルニクス的革命」とみなした。カントは、自らの「批判」哲学(別名「超越的観念論」)は、(合理主義と経験主義の要素を統合することによって)「科学を救い」、(人間の自由と倫理を考慮することによって)「信仰に余地を与える」ことが可能であると考えていた。カントは、「(生来の知識を伴わない)感覚経験を取り入れることなしにいかなる知識も得られない」という経験主義者の意見に同意したが、「精神は、タブララサ(白紙)ではなく、時間と空間の知覚可能な形式、および量、質、関係(因果関係を含む)、様式の思惟形式を知覚に課す」という合理主義者の意見にも同意した。カントは「知覚なき思惟は空虚である」(Concepts without percepts are empty)と言い、「思惟なき知覚は盲目である」(Percepts without concepts are blind)と述べた。これらの心的な負荷(mental impositions)は「超越的に」必要である。つまり、心的な負荷は、経験を理解する上で常に前提となる。したがって、「悟性(understanding)はそれ自体が自然の立法者なのである」。すなわち、人間の積極的な精神は、合理的かつ科学的な知識にとって必要な秩序と規則性を提供する。もちろん、このような合理的かつ科学的な知識とは、われわれに「現れる」事象(フェノメナ)に関する知識に限定されるのであり、現実「それ自体」(ヌーメナ)に関する知識ではない。カントは(すべての合理的な知識を現象に関する知識とすることによって)「科学を救った」。まさにそれと同じ方法で、カントは精神の活動を超越する領域―すなわち、人間の自由と道徳的義務の非知覚的かつ非合理的な経験―に十分な余地を残した。カントは、人格(自由)と科学(決定論)の間に解消不能な区別(di­chotomy)を置くことによって、それらを同時に「救済した」と言われている。しかし、それらは互いに矛盾しており、一方を他方の原理によって解釈することは不可能であるため、カントの解決策の代償は、一貫性のない世界観と認識論的失敗であった(すなわち、カントにおいて、認識論は、単なる「科学」の心理学的分析になった)。
(Greg Bahnsen, Van Til, P&R, p.344-)












Contrary to the explanation in this video, the amount of the aid to Korea in 1965 was NOT equivalent to a quarter of the GDP of Korea in the same year. Indeed, the actual amount given to Koreans was 0.8 billion dollars, while the GDP in 1965 3.12 billion dollars, but Japan, in the Japan-South Korea Basic Treaty, waived the right to all the Japanese assets worthy of 600 billion dollars left in the Korean peninsula. Korea had not been included in the enemy countries during the war, which fact leaves Japan with no obligation to pay war reparations to Koreans.




Perl、PHP、Java、JavaScript、Node.jsしか勉強してない(老舗のCや、Goなど流行の言語はやっていない)けど、結局、Perl が一番使いやすいと感じる。なぜ廃れているのか不明。
open FILE, "textfile.txt"; @array=<FILE>; でファイルの内容全部@arrayに取り込める。


Phoenicians were descendants from Canaan. The Rothschilds say they are from Nimrod (a seed of Canaan). OT is not the books of Canaanites (Babylonians) but of the seeds of Abraham, who fought against Nimrod.
Japanese have the same gene, YAP-gene, as Abraham supposedly had.
Jesus split the Jewish into two groups, Sheep and Goats (Matt. 25) in 70 AD, when the temple (the main symbol of OT system of government) was destroyed.
Sheep Jews (Christians), who survived the Roman destruction of Israel, moved into Japan, while Goat Jews have been scattered among Gentiles until 1948, when Israel was established.
So today's nation of Israel is that of Canaanites, while Japan is that of real (Abraham) Jews.
Canaanite bankers have been trying to reestablish the temple in Jerusalem to make it the center of their world govt, from which their Messiah is supposed to govern the whole world.
Today evangelicals are deluded by Zionists into believing that the State of Israel is what the Bible tells them to take as "the Promised Land."


In the 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4, Paul said, "we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord." He believed that the people belonging to his generation would experience the second coming of Jesus Christ and rapture. Anyone who believes that those events will take place in the future is de facto denying the Bible's authenticity by insisting that Paul is a false prophet and the letter of the 1st Thessalonians including his false prophecy should not be involved in the canon. As Paul made it clear here that "the second coming and rapture will happen within our generation," we must believe that those events have occurred in the 1st century.

If we take the second coming and rapture as events that will occur in the future, we cannot help but think that the world domination by the Antichrist written in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13 will be realized in the future. This leads us to the conclusion that "We can't beat the devil until them" and "Any efforts to improve the world are doomed to be destroyed by the Antichrist". This teaching is what Satan wants us to believe.

Satanism teaches that "The devil is the king of the world." Any pastor who teaches "We can't beat the devil until the second coming" is a false prophet who teaches Satanism. Conversely, the Bible teaches that "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."(James 4:7) Today, it is Jesus, not the devil, who is the king of the world. Jesus said, "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." (Matthew 28:18)


Ainu is NOT the first people living in Japan but "Jomons", i.e., ancestors of Japanese. There are enormous amount of relics and archeological evidences that prove Jomons lived over almost the same territories that Japanese do today even before the year 1500 B.C. The evidences of Ainu's existence can be traced back to as late as the Kamakura era of the 12th century.
Do not be deluded by the propaganda of the Communist Chinese, who are planning to take over Hokkaido by making Ainu aboriginal.


"First of all the ancient Japanese the imperial family of Japan including the nakatomi clan is from the tribe of Ephraim and one of lost tribe of Israel."

Generally, I agree with you but I think that the whole Israel consisting of all tribes of Israel, who, for that matter, were Jewish first-generation Christians, came to Japan in the 2nd century, taking into consideration the biblical system of "God's people," which suggests that the saved must be gathered together in one place. Japan was a "land for the saved Israelites, who survived the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D." If they had been scattered among the Gentiles like those of non-Christian Jews, it means that they have also perished and lost the Holy land as a nation.


Jesus Christ said that I came to fulfill the "Law and the Prophets (i.e., Old Testament)" and made the proclamation on the Cross: "I have fulfilled". So He has already realized the prophecies of the OT completely, including the reestablishment of the Kingdom. By 70AD, when He came back to replace the Old World Order by destroying the Temple with the New one, Jesus must have gathered together all the tribes of Israel and started to lead them into one place to form a new nation.
Dr. Namio Enami, late emeritus professor of Tokyo Univ., said that in the 2nd century, Jews of the Early Christianity came to Japan.
This explains why one of the Seals of the Imperial Family includes "Lion and Unicorn", which was also the seal of the Kingdom of Israel, and "12 lions", which supposedly means 12 tribes of Israel.










>道徳心は神様との関係の中で得るものではなく人間本来の社会的な成熟によって築き上げていく考え方 つまり人間讃歌な訳です








「実験的手法は、人間の予想をはるかに越える成功を収めたが、その手法を生み出した信念は、キリスト教の神の性質から何がしかの恩恵を受けている。信仰とはほとんど無縁であると言われている科学が、『宇宙は合理的に解釈できる』とする信仰に由来し、今日の科学がこの前提によって支えられているということは、確かに、歴史の奇妙なパラドクスの一つである。」(Loren Eisely, Darwin's Century (Garden City, New York: Doubleday Anchor, [1958] 1961), p. 62. cited by Gary North 'Dominion Covenant'(Dominion Press), p.125)

3.アルフォンス・ドゥ・キャンドルは、『科学と科学者の歴史』(1885) の中で、ヨーロッパの過去二百年の科学者は圧倒的にプロテスタント信仰を背景にしていたと述べている。ブラッセル自由大学のジャン・ペルスネア教授は、 16世紀の南部ネーデルランド(ベルギー)でも、当時の科学者の大部分が、十万ほどしかいなかったプロテスタントのなかから輩出したことを証明した。アメ リカの社会学者ロバート・K・マートンは、1938年に、1663年にイギリス王立学会を創立した人々の65パーセントが人口のごく一部を占めるピューリ タンの信仰に立つことの意味を解明した。S・M・メイソンは、これら研究をふまえ、『科学の歴史・上』で、「近世ヨーロッパの大科学者のなかで、プロテス タントがカトリックを凌駕していることには、三つの主なる原因があげられるであろう。第一は、初期プロテスタントの心性と科学的態度との類縁、第二に、宗 教的目的達成のための科学の使用、第三に、プロテスタント神学の宇宙的価値と初期の近代科学のそれとの一致である」とした。


「近代科学が特に西欧的所産である限りキリスト教との関連を無視することはできない。」また、「結果に於ては近代の科学も確に宗教から独立の他者である が、歴史的には、特に精神史的には、本来的に対立的なものとしてではなく、寧ろ共同の精神の所産であり、共同の源泉からの分化である」「精密性の追究に於 る真摯執拗な、殆ど厳粛ともいふべき態度、更に何よりも、かかる仕事を trivial と せず、当然として、義務として厭はない心情は抑々何によるのであろうか。・・・『(科学的研究は)もし神の法則や属性の明証を与へるものでないならば内面 的価値のないものである』と言ったのはニュートンである。・・・科学者のこれら性格的な心情の由来(は)、近代の、寧ろ近代的な、宗教意識--プロテスタ ント的心情以外に認め難いやうに思はれる」と述べ、さらに、「我々の問題に対して直接手掛かりとなるプロテスタント的精神はルターのそれよりもカルヴィニ ズムのそれである」と言う。


「カ ルヴィニズムが直接に我々の問題と結びつくことは・・・カルヴィンの神学思想そのものの中に理由がある。・・・プロテスタントの神学思想の根本原理は、宗 教生活と人間の魂の救いに関する一切のものに於ける人間の絶対的な神のみへの依存にある。しかし、特にカルヴィニズムの神学の特色となるものは、この神と の結合を宇宙論的規模に於いて徹底せしめた所にある。ここにカルヴィニズムの自然に対する積極的関心の通路と動機とが認められる」。そして、具体的に、 17世紀オランダの大学における科学研究に触れてから、「ライデンでもユトレヒトでも教授も学生もカルヴィニズムたることが要求された。即ち、・・・積極 的な言い方をすれば、カルヴィニズムの立場から、或いはカルヴィニズムを通して、近代科学が営まれていたということである。近代科学は必ずしも宗教から独 立し宗教に対立することに於いて成立したのではないということである」とする。





















































"Ise" means Jesus. Ise shrine's main pillar, which symbolizes God and is enshrined in the Holy of Holy, is cross-shaped. Why so? Because the Hata clan, who established Shintoism, came to Japan in the 3 century from Jewish Christians' country "Kun-yue" located near Lake Balkhash.


The world was created to be subdued by man who should be working on behalf of God, so God, who can create everything instantly, cannot have inserted the period before his creation. Christian thought MUST be covenantal and dominion-oriented. Non-Christian scientists can be deluded by false theories and/or information from Satan, even if they are excellent in intelligence and well-intentioned. So we cannot believe their theories at face value. The main reason for them to try to make us believe billion years' time scale of the universe is their secret intention to spread the illusion of evolution. They want us to think, "If the universe is 14 billion years old, there is a possibility that evolutionary processes may have made living creatures what they are today." But they forget the fact that in every step of any evolution the change of a character MUST be followed by that of the nerve center so that it can function for its owner's survival. Without the nerve center that controls the feathers of a bird, it cannot fly. From the point of view of possibility, the evolution is impossible. So the universe does not have to be 14 billion years old.


#qs#"Japan was the aggressor you idiot they hit Pearl Harbor and Guam and the Philippines all in the same day"#qe#

Why? Because the US did embargoes. Just like MacArthur said, all that Japan could do was the war with the US and the advance to the South under such circumstances.
Have you ever read the Hull Note, the ultimatum? Hamilton Fish, who came to know the existence of the Note after the war, said, "Any country would have done the same thing as Japan did if such impossible conditions had been imposed on it."
Without taking into consideration the background, you cannot cut out just one aspect of history to blame someone. Who can accuse the criminal of the robbery of food, who had long been made starved by strong people's envelopment policy?
In addition, the US did the same thing in Asia at that time: aggression into the Philippines, Guam, and Hawaii. There was no reasonable cause on the side of the US to "punish" Japan.


-- John Frame, #is#Cornelius Van Til:  An Analysis of His Thought,#ie# (Phillipsburg, NJ:  Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, 1995), p. 27.


-- Cornelius Van Til, #is#An Introduction to Systematic Theology#ie#, (Phillipsburg, NJ:  Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, 1995), p. 13 (latter emphasis added)




#qs#元ユダヤ人ベンジャミン・フリードマンは、著書『Facts are Facts (事実は事実である) 』の中で、現代のタルムードユダヤ人の系譜を、キリストの時代のパリサイ人にまでたどった。#qs#「ユダヤ教のバチカン」と呼ばれることの多い米国ユダヤ神学校の学長である著名人ラビ・ルイス・フィンケルスタインは、自身の世界的に有名な古典『The Pharisees, The Sociological Background of Their Faith(パリサイ人:その信仰の社会学的背景)』の第一版序文で以下のように述べた。すなわち「・・・ユダヤ教・・・#bs#パリサイ主義はタルムード主義になり、タルムード主義は中世ラビ主義に、中世ラビ主義は近代ラビ主義になった。しかし、このように名前は変化したが、古代パリサイ人たちの精神はいにしえの姿のまま、変わることなく生き残った。#be#・・・パレスチナからバビロニアへ、バビロニアから北アフリカ・イタリア・スペイン・フランス・ドイツへ、これらの国々からポーランド・ロシア・東ヨーロッパ全体へ、古代のパリサイ派は流浪してきた」。このことは、パリサイ主義が、宗教的運動として、永続的な重要性を有することを示している・・・。344 #qe#(Edward Hendrie, #is#SOLVING THE MYSTERY OF BABYLON THE GREAT#ie#, pp.100-101.)#qe#


”バビロニアン・タルムードを最初に英訳したマイケル・ロドキンソン(M・レヴィ・フルムキン)は、著書『The History of the Talmud(タルムードの歴史)』で次のように述べた。
イエスが幼い頃に知っていた文献は、世界に現存しているのだろうか。それを手に入れることは可能だろうか。このような質問に対して、ユダヤ人ラビの知識階級は、タルムードを差し示し、YESと答える。#bs#タルムードは、イエスの時代に『Traditions of the Elders(長老の伝統)』と呼ばれ#be#、イエスが頻繁に言及し#bs#たものの成文化である。#be#(強調はエドワード・ヘンドリーによる)”
(Edward Hendrie, #is#SOLVING THE MYSTERY OF BABYLON THE GREAT#ie#, p.101.)


(Edward Hendrie, #is#SOLVING THE MYSTERY OF BABYLON THE GREAT#ie#, p.120.)





According to 1 Cor. 15, etc., since the second coming of Jesus Christ in 70 AD, the system for God to govern the world has completely been changed. Death has been destroyed finally for born-again Christians, so they have become immortal beings. On divesting their corruptible bodies of blood and flesh, they are instantly given incorruptible "Body of Holy Spirit" and ascend into Heaven. They will live forever with Christ there and start to take part in the work of subduing the earth, expanding the Kingdom of God, in cooperation with the believers still living on it.




"The end of the drama is well known, and how Jacques de Molai and his fellows perished in the flames. But before his execution, the Chief of the doomed Order organized and instituted what afterward came to be called the Occult, Hermetic, or Scottish Masonry. In the gloom of his prison, the Grand Master created four Metropolitan Lodges, at Naples for the East, at Edinburg for the West, at Stockholm for the North, and at Paris for the South." [The initials of his name, J. B. M. found in the same order in the first three Degrees, are but one of the many internal and cogent proofs that such was the origin of modern FreeMasonry. "(ALBERT PIKE, #is#Morals and Dogma#ie#, p.820.)





”コリン・ダイアーは『クラフト・メイソンリーにおける象徴Symbolism in Craft Masonry』の中で「トーマス・ジェファーソンは、この金庫の内容を検査した最後の人だった」と述べた。貴重な文書はすべて持ち出され、最終的にジェファーソンが設立したヴァージニア大学か、新しい首都ワシントンD.C.の、秘密の場所に移されたと考えられている。多くの歴史家は、この文書群を世界で最も重要な古代の宝物の1つと考えている。フリーメーソンと薔薇十字団の指導者として最高位にいたベーコンは、当時主要な秘密結社が所蔵していた最も神聖な写本の責任者となった。”













大西洋岸に恒久的な入植地を建設するというイギリスの計画を指導していたのは、当時欧州薔薇十字団の神秘主義者たちのリーダーを務めていたフランシス・ベーコン卿であった。彼らは、アメリカの入植者たちに、宗教的寛容、政治的民主主義、共和主義、社会的平等、資本主義の原理を徹底して教え込んだ。薔薇十字団をはじめとする秘密結社の多くのメンバーが、アメリカに移住し、『新アトランティス』において、組織を設立した。そのオカルト的な思想は、国璽や国旗をはじめとするアメリカの象徴のデザインの中に組み入れられ、彼らの結社は今も存在し、活動している。有名なオカルティストであるマンリー・P・ホールは『アメリカの秘密の運命 The Secret Destiny of America』の中で次のように述べた。すなわち、




マンリー・P・ホール著The Secret Destiny of Americaの書評:

「本書では、興味深い物語が紹介されている。その物語を通じて、読者は、建国の父たちがアメリカ共和国の建国を構想するはるか以前に、ベーコン卿が「ニューアトランティス」と表現したアメリカ大陸が、啓蒙主義に基づく自治政府の偉大な実験場として取り分けられていたと思わせられる。無視されることの多い歴史の断片を引用しつつ、紀元前1000年に民主主義の種が植えられたことを示す証拠を提示し、アメリカは単なる政治的・産業的な実体ではなく、「運命の割り当て(assignment of destiny)」でもあると示唆している。





"Despite the antagonism, however, between pristine Christianity and Neo-Platonism many basic tenets of the latter were accepted by the former and woven into the fabric of Patristic philosophy. Briefly described, Neo-Platonism is a philosophic code which conceives every physical or concrete body of doctrine to be merely the shell of a spiritual verity which may be discovered through meditation and certain exercises of a mystic nature."
(Manly, P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic, and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy)







Humanism was established as a comprehensive system of thought by Kant but its basic principle 'autonomy' appeared almost at the same time as Biblical Christianity in the Garden of Eden. I think its objections are invalid because it has been denying the fact that the world was created ex nihilo by God and that He is the only ultimate authority of knowledge of this world. Instead, it tends to believe God's creation of the world as added to the Natural Order that had existed and will exist from the infinite past to the infinite future. Therefore, for humanists, God is relativized by the belief that He is only the authority on this created world but not on the Natural Order. I think that modern humanism is a form of naturalism that has been gradually developed and radicalized by from Greek philosophers, Scholastics, to modern non-Christian thinkers.




Article for correction by Asahi Shimbun on forced recruitment of comfort women

”Dear readers,
We have regarded as false Mr. Yoshida's testimony to [the Japanese Army’s] taking comfort women by force in Jeju Island, and withdrawn the articles. At that time, we failed to find that the testimony was false. We could not find any evidence to support the testimony even through our interviews performed again in Jeju Island. Interviews with researchers also revealed a number of contradictions in the core of the testimony.”
(August 15, 2014 Asahi Shimbun morning edition: [ ] part was added by this translator.)


The Pacific war was the stupidest war in US history, which destroyed the most staunch bulwark against communist expansions, Japan, and wound up in creating the bloodiest and the most oppressive regime in world history: communist China, which murdered 100 million people within and without the country. Even today, there are lots of people who believe the lie of Chinese that Japan did invasions and massacres such as Nanjing one according to its plan of world domination. Wake up, people!

A: "i mean this would sound reasonable if it was not for japan attacking America and its allies."

America and its allies attacked Japan first by means of embargoing oil and steal, which was the act of war according to the then international laws. And the US assisted China with weapons and military advisors, which made it another enemy of Japan. Japan could attack the US anytime and anywhere.

B:"dude he’s probably from japan. Let him be salty bout taking that fat L and a couple nukes"

Why do you stick to your country's wrong policy? See the results! All you got from that war was the loss of 400 thousand soldiers and Communist China and North Korea. Your country has been used by communists. Communists have been hiding their true self by accusing Japan as an aggressor. Wake up from brainwashing!

A:"eh doubt that most japanese respect americans too much myself included. As for embargos i mean japan tried to rapidly establish itself and threatening or annexing neutral nations that usually causes embargos."

I myself respect Americans too. All I want to say is that the US Army had been used by Communists because FDR himself was involved in their plan, who had 500 Soviet spies working around him. Japan also had such spies in itself. The agents of both countries were working concertedly for communizing Japan and China. To avoid the plan being revealed, commies have to date been trying to accuse Japan of the aggression.


Кроме японцев, кто может помочь вам экономически на Дальнем Востоке? Китайцы? Нет. Все, что они будут делать, это вторгнуться в регион и выгнать вас из него, лишив ваших природных ресурсов. Чтобы обеспечить ваше будущее, нет другого выбора, кроме как вернуть нам острова.


Какие достоинства вы получаете, сохраняя эти маленькие острова? Нефть? Нет. Ценные металлы? Нет. Просто рыба и крабы и маленькие земли для бедных жителей. Что вы можете получить, вернув их нам? Большое экономическое развитие на всей территории Дальнего Востока благодаря человеческому и материальному обмену. Просто подумай, пожалуйста.


Как всегда в 19-20 веке, россияне не могут правильно оценить ценность экономического развития посредством свободной торговли, в то время как они ценят только территориальную экспансию, порождающую все больше и больше споров между соседними странами, которые не приносят им пользы.


Почему вы отдаёте преимущество этим малым островам вместо того, чтобы получать больше денег и технической помощи в рамках мирного договора с Японией?

Глупо, что вы только провоцируете японские антироссийские настроения, настаивая на владении этими островами. Это нехорошо для вас.

После Путина мы только начали думать, что Россия превратилась в нормальную страну, которая придает важное значение международному порядку, заботясь о чувствах других стран, связанных с территориальными проблемами. Но, прочитав ваши слова, мы поняли, что вы совсем не изменились.

(link: URL bit.ly/2GWPuGg







"Kant saw the barrier tween the phenomenal world and the noumenal behind it. Perception won’t disclose the real nature of things, and if science is based on observation, and if we know that observation reveals merely phenomenal, not noumenal, then science has built-in limitations."

Kant's philosophy is based on understanding the built-in limitation of science according to the criticism by empiricism, so he said the possibility of acquiring the noumenal knowledge of man lies not in the human ability but in the human will to define the things belonging to such realm.



Philip Gardiner, Gary Osborn, "The Shining Ones: The World's Most Powerful Secret Society Revealed"


The phenomenal world can be known by human reason with science, while the noumenal one cannot. But human beings cannot live without the knowledge of the noumenal world, so Kant insisted human reason define everything at its discretion just like God. So man has become god after Kant.






It is a large problem in a rape case that the victim tends to be treated as heroin. The human predisposition in favor of believing what the victim says more often than what the alleged criminal does may jeopardize the civil rights of innocent people. Shiori's supporters are the dupes deceived by anti-Abe administration left-wing activists backed up by neighboring foreign governments that have been trying to cause Abe to resign as PM, who has a plan to revise the Constitution for legitimizing Japanese Defence Forces.


Even after the prosecution's confirmation of Yamaguchi’s innocence, Shiori filed a complaint against him to the Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution comprising of 11 Japanese nationals randomly selected among the voters. The committee has found Mr. Yoshiyuki YAMAGUCHI unguilty and confirmed his acquittal decision of the prosecution as correct. In the meantime, however, she continued to hold the criminal department chief of the police responsible for the alleged judicial failure to indict him, while disseminating completely distorted stories that contradict those decisions through overseas TV programs, and ignoring and rather aggravating the situation that his family, which had nothing to do with the case, was being seriously harassed by her activities. Even after Yamaguchi's father fell and died, Shiori continued to seek opportunities to severely infringe on the human rights of the man who had already been judged to be innocent by the judiciary, which has made her deserve to die 10000 times.



”先の戦争があったから 日本は民主主義国家となり、アジアやアフリカの殖民地が自立国家として今存在する…というのは 結果的にそうなっただけ。 そこにスポットライトを当てるのは 違うと思います。 北朝鮮が生まれ、列強に食い物にされていた中国が超大国となったという負の面もあるわけだし。”







"fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Whatever injury he inflicted on the person, the same is to be inflicted on him."(Lev 24:20)

God ordered us to allow a victim to do the same thing to his victimizer as he did. If his eyeball was injured, he can inflict injury on the victimizer's. This may cause him to suffer for over 1 hour. Should we stop it because of his pain? No.

But it is not the victim but only the civil magistrate that can make a judgment to the wrongdoer according to the decision by the court.

In personal case, we should pay back to someone for what he did by doing good to him. I think this would cause God's judgment to occur soonest.

















4.遺伝子から分岐年代を知ることは不可能です。米政府の遺伝子データベース「ジェンバンク(GenBank)」には、世界中の研究者数百人が10万種の動物から採取し、蓄積した遺伝子の断片があり、米ロックフェラー大学のマーク・ストークル(Mark Stoeckle)氏とスイス・バーゼル大学のデービッド・セイラー(David Thaler)氏の研究チームは、生物個体の遺伝的性質や系統を区別するための目印となるDNA配列である遺伝子マーカー500万個を徹底的に調べ尽くした結果、現存する生物種の圧倒的大多数がほぼ同時期に出現したことが明らかになりました。つまり、DNAの変異の大きさと、時間には相関関係はほとんどありません。





































































”1941年3月14日 ルーズベルトの歴史認識よりも、野村駐米大使の歴史認識が正しかったことを示す、ルーズベルト大統領との会談。








女性天皇は危険、女系天皇はダメ。 男性だけが持つY染色体の遺伝子は受精においてほとんど変化しないが、両性が持つX染色体の遺伝子は受精によって変化をする。神武天皇のY遺伝子と徳仁天皇のそれはほとんど同じ。女性天皇から生まれた男の子のY遺伝子は、彼女の配偶者のY遺伝子を受け継いでおり、神武天皇のそれではない。つまり、ここで皇統が断絶してしまう。日本の敵は、愛子様を天皇にし、その男の子を次の天皇に据えることを狙っている。おそらく、愛子様の配偶者にK人をあてがう計画なのだろう。すると、男の子が天皇になると(女系天皇)、K人のY遺伝子を持つ人が皇統を形成するようになり、皇室の背乗りが完成する。


”公開憲法フォーラムにて。ウクライナ出身でロシアによるクリミア侵攻を実体験し、現在日本に留学中のザレンコ・アンドリー氏のスピーチがあまりにも素晴らしかったので全文書き起こしました。 説得力が凄い。護憲派の人達に聞かせてやりたい。”




護憲の方々が軽々しく脅し文句として使っている「戦争」という言葉は、私の祖国の現状だからです。 そしてその改憲に反対している方々の主張は、ウクライナが犯した過ちと非常に似ているので、強い危機感を覚えました。






貴方が望んでいる日本の未来はこれなのか?戦争は言葉によって止められるものなら、その言葉を教えてくださいよ!安全な日本にいる時だけは戦争のことばかり話しているのに、どうして実際の戦地に一度も平和の精神を伝えに来たことないのですか? 抑止力を無くして平和を得た国はないでしょう。










そして議論が必要と何度も言いながらも、議論から逃げる姿勢も不思議でなりません。 国際情勢が深刻化する中で、国家の生存に関わる憲法改正問題をこれ以上先送りしていられないと思います。日本には今、歴史的なチャンスがあります。

そのチャンスを掴むか台無しにしてしまうかによって、子孫は良くも悪くもどのように今の日本人を評価するか決まります。 令和と名付けられた新しい時代に、日本はやっと大和精神に基づく法令によって統治されるようになると信じています。

そして日本は自立し、国際社会の対等な一員になることは、日本のためにも世界のためにもなるはずです。 ご清聴ありがとうございました。”




”<女性・女系天皇>#サンデーモーニング 大宅映子「小泉政権の時にやっと動くなと思ったら、“幸いなのかよくわからない”が悠仁様がお生まれになった…」■動画あり■~ネットの反応「大失言」「『悠仁は生まれなければ良かった』と、受け止められる暴言だな」 URL 最低…(ー"ー )”





「そもそもアジアの共産主義化防波堤だった日本を滅ぼして、アジアを真っ赤に染めたのは アメリカもしくはルーズベルトやん。あと、まぬけなマッカーサー。 日本が崩壊してどれだけの人が戦後共産党に殺されたかを考えると ホントアメリカってアホな国だなと思う。 朝鮮戦争ベトナム戦争その他カンボジアの大虐殺、または文化大革命・大躍進政策、モンゴルチベットウイグルの 人々も死ななくて済んだかも。」



















”これ、見てみて。 日本人が貧乏になってる。 なんで、海外から日本に観光にくるかわかるでしょ。 安いんだよ、日本。 いまや、日本は中国の下請けになってる事にきがつけよ。 それをわかった上で近隣諸国と付き合えよ、日本。








Communism, which was created by spiritual progenies of Pharisees, is just one of Satan's ways for destroying the Kingdom of God upon the face of the earth, which deprives Christians of their faith and property and gives it to evil people, who believe the prophesy of Talmud, "All the property of Gentiles will be gathered together into the hands of Jews before the advent of the Messiah".

















On April 2, 2015, Mr. Yamaguchi reported the use of Vietnamese comfort women by Korean soldiers in Vietnam on the "Weekly Magazine Bunshun".

On April 3, 2015, Shiori Ito approached Mr. Yamaguchi, who had returned to Japan temporarily and had dinner with him in Tokyo.

Shiori began to accuse him of the date rape after the dinner.

On April 23, 2015, Mr. Yamaguchi was dismissed as Director of News Bureau in Washington, D.C. of TBS.

What do you think about this flow? LOL

















































東京スカイツリー:634 m=6+3+4=13 ゲイン塔の頂上に「目」があります。


六本木ヒルズ:238m=2+3+8=13 屋上は目の形をしています。そして、姿がフクロウ。


Today Christians tend to forget that the system of administration has changed completely since 70AD, the year of the destruction of the Temple. The Temple is a symbol of the OT era's system of government, where the people had to observe not only Sabbath but also the laws of diet. Jesus came to fulfill all the laws and prophets, so everything written in the OT Bible has totally and completely been observed and fulfilled by Him. So things in themselves are completely purified through the Blood of Jesus Christ. "and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross." (Col 1:20). Everything in itself is reconciled and sanctified in Christ. Every day is a Lord's day and a Sabbath. Paul clearly declared that every food is sanctified and edible for Christians who give thanks to the Lord for it. "All food is clean"(Romans 14:20). But he said, at the same time, that every food can be defiled and not edible if they are not grateful for it. We can eat pork as well as beef freely if we thank God therefor. In the NT era, the systems of calendar and diet depend solely on the spiritual attitude of each person, not on the things in themselves. To be particular about such and make a distinction between them is not the right attitude of Christians.


好むと好まざるとに関わらず、世界政府は誕生するだろう。問題は、それが強制によるのか、それとも同意によるのかの違いだけだ。 ジェームズ・ポール・ウォーバーグ(1950年2月7日アメリカ合衆国上院における発言)


信用創造の85%は、民間銀行が行っている。信用創造は融資の際に行われるから、おカネの総量は民間銀行が融資しないと増えない。その民間銀行が、融資できないのは、国内需要が増えないから。国内需要拡大の足を引っ張っているのは「増税」だろ。普通の国なら、需要増のために減税をやるんだよ。馬鹿なのか、この国のリーダーは。 せっかく日銀がベース・マネーを増やしても民間銀行が融資せず、国債購入で利益を出そうとしているから、政府負債が増えている。 しかも「負債が増えているから節約で!」と、まったく真逆の、自分の首を絞めるマインドが国全体を支配するのを放置している。 政府はまず「減税」をやり、「人口増取り組み」「年金は確実に受け取れます」をアピールし、国民に「未来は明るい」という印象を与える政策を取れ。 「PB黒字化しないとIMFとか国際的評価が落ちる」? ふざけんな。国の財政のバランスシートの借方だけを示し、貸方を示さず、「1000兆円の借金が・・・」と宣伝する「確信犯的国賊」財務省を叩き潰せ。







According to the Bible, during the first century, the whole world was evangelized by the disciples of Jesus.

”that has come to you. In the same way, the gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world—just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and truly understood God’s grace.(Colossians 1:6 )”

The gospel had to be preached by AD70 to the chosen people of God, Jews, who had been scattered throughout the world, because they were covenantally entitled to receiving the good news on the birth of and redemption by their Savior.

"The world" means literally the world that we know today. The fleet of Solomon came back with peacocks, which is Indian in origin. The larger part of the Jewish people liberated by Cyrus and Scythians did not come home but moved to China and other areas in Asia, where they exerted great influences on the local cultures. Some articles excavated by archaeologists show ancient Jewish influence in South America. "The lost ten tribes of Jews" is not a proper expression from the view point of the Bible, because James said, "James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations: Greetings."(1:1) This verse reveals that the disciples knew where all the diaspora Jews lived at that time and had some means to communicate with them.











”某大学研究室、現代戦リポートより。 今、世界で一番最強の戦力は、どこかの国が日本に攻めた場合に受ける力の大きさが最大。 つまり、駐日アメリカ軍と自衛隊の戦力の合計。 過去は、兵員数や保有戦闘機や艦船の数で戦力比較をしていましたが、現代はそれでは正確な比較はできません。衛星の能力とそれに連携したシステムが勝敗を左右すると言われています。 情報収集、分析、作戦、実行の総合力です。 中国が日本に攻めてくるとして、推定では核ミサイルの使用は無いと考えられる。 中国が発射した直後に日本の衛星とレーダー網が把握し迎撃行動。 その數十分後、既に日本に数発着弾した後、アメリカ、自衛隊の反撃が始まると中国の軍事施設、北京や各地の中枢が破壊されるまで1時間弱、その後数時間で中国の息の根が止まる。 中国が死に絶えになった時の日本とアメリカ本土の被害状況は中国の数十分の1。 従って核の戦いは無く通常ミサイルと空爆、上陸、降下による制圧に。 開始後数時間で優劣逆転し攻めた側の被害甚大。 中国本土に被害が拡大すると国内混乱により共産党の機能が停止。 中国の敗北。 コンピュータがシミュレーションしたのだと思いますが、ほぼ正確なんじゃないかなと思います。”








ダグラス・マッカーサー(1951年5月3日米上院の軍事外交合同委員会の聴聞会における発言) 「日本は悪くない、悪いのは我々だ」と発言”






tomi: パヨクの洗脳に乗りやすいんだね。

”They feared that if those supplies were cut off, there would be 10 to 12 million people unoccupied in Japan. Their purpose, therefore, in going to war was largely dictated by security”









”サタンは、人々の尊い魂を欺き、惑わし、永遠に破滅させるために、偽教師、すなわち、自分のメッセンジャーや大使を通じて、全力で活動している。”(トマス・ブルックス 1608~1680年)


”課税は、戦争のように、国家(王)のマネーサプライを増やすために用いられる手段であり、過去の野蛮な遺物である。金本位制が終わり、マネーが電子化されている現在、もはや利益を得るために課税したり、戦争する必要はない。 マネーを創り出す権力を持たず、それゆえ課税する必要がある地方自治体を別物として扱う必要がある。地方自治体はジョブを得るために、競争力をつけなければならない。しかし、連邦準備銀行には、もはや所得税を徴収する必要がないのである。マネーは規律正しく創造することが可能なのである。”

――マーチン・A・アームストロング前プリンストン・エコノミック・インターナショナル社理事長。”The lrrational Free Matkets That are Never Wrong?”, 2009, p.13より)


Sabbatarianists must remove the solar calendar and apply the lunar one instead. Until then, they will not be able to observe Sabbath in a true sense. In the NT era, Jesus is the fulfillment of the Sabbath laws, so for us to observe the laws means to rest in the faith in Christ. As long as we believe in Christ, everyday is a Sabbath, when we can freely rest and worship Him.


"the embargo on japan is justified , because during that time the nationalist china was the allies of U.S which was invaded by Japan ! its like today U.S embargo many countries You don't see them using that as a excuse to invade or bomb pearl harbor do you ? Lol Come on , I know you like your right wing Nippon kiagi, but their version of the history is just load of horse crap ! Please study some real history please ! Its getting very annoying talking to you !"

The Allies had had the history of invading Asia such as China, Indochina, India, Philippines, Guam, Indonesia, Myammer and so on. What gave them the right to punish Japan for invasion? But I know only your country filled with saints has the right to do that, right?


The situations within and around the US prove that the US is the cause of the war. Japan had tried to eliminate the possibility of it through diplomatic means but the US rejected all its efforts. The ultimatum "Hull Note", which required Japan to discard all the overseas territories including the ones acquired through the Japan-Russian war and the Japan-Shino war, was created by a Soviet spy Harry D. White. How could Japan accept it? How could the govt avoid the serious criticisms from the people whose husbands, sons, and grandsons shed their blood in those wars? Roosevelt, surrounded by more than 500 spies of Comintern and working for the communists' plan of the world domination, was the worst president that Americans had had throughout the history. In his diary, Henry Stimson wrote the word of Rousevelt: "I want to war with Japan and make Japanese fire the first shot." Why? He needed to involve the people with anti-war sentiment at that time into another war to help England with the battles with Germany. For Japanese there was no choice but the war and the advance to the south under the pressure of the US embargoes of steel and oil, for 80% of which Japan had depended on it. Without the oil and steel, how could it survive? The follwing facts prove that the govt had had a plan to invade and make a total control of Japan. 1. Rejected a peace treaty with Japan before its occupation, 2. Posed the requirement of unconditional surrender, 3. Drew up and imposed on Japanese the constitution that banned its rearmament. By eliminating the threat of Japan, which was the largest anti-communist bulwark in Asia then, Stalin succeeded in setting up the footstep for communizing China.


LOL What do you want to say more to whitewash the worst war crime in history? How many countries has America invaded? More than 15. Numerous lands owned by North American Indians, the French territories, Mexico, Spaniards, Panama, Hawaiian islands, Philippines, Guam, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Grenada, Afganistan, Iraq, and Syria. How many countries have Britons invaded? How many countries have the French invaded? How many countries have Chinese invaded? I know your country is filled with saints. LOL


The declaration forced us to make an unconditional surrender. Who can accept such an offer? The US has been sending researchers to Hiroshima to check the aftereffects of the radiation, which means that the US govt used the bombs for human experimentations. No matter what pretext you may use, the Allies cannot blame us for war crimes. Period.


My suggestion is that you should study Japanese first and then read enormous amount of materials that have been published in Japanese. As I said before, the number of the executed does not prove anything, because the Allies won, while Japanese lost the war. The worst war crimes in human history that took place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki have never been taken as an issue of war crime ever. Who among the members of the Allies can blame us for war crimes? The accusation against us for such by Chinese, Americans, and the British who burnt alive babies, women and elders indiscriminately with 5000 degree heat and radiation seems to us to be the largest joke ever made in history.


Chinese are always accusing us of what we did not do: Nanjing massacre and sex slaves. We would not rewite "the hitory based on the FACTS" but "the history created by the minds of evil communists and evil Koreans." Distinguish between truth and propaganda. You are too naive and ignorant to check the stories made by them based on the original sources. YOU ARE BRAINWASHED.


What is wrong with revisionism? The history is a field of scientific research, not a religious dogma that is not allowed to be revised. It should always be open to any criticism and any new theory.


The US govt under the 8 year admins of Clinton and Bush has performed research on the war crimes of Germany and Japan during the ww2, while checking 8.5 million pages (with 142000 pages included on Japanese crimes) of classified official documents, and concluded in April 2007 in the IWG Report that there was not a single document found that proves the existence of the "systematic use of women as slaves by Japanese" and that the US military thought of the comfort women as just an extention of the system of prostitution at that time.


What do you want to say by this? No army in the world has existed in human history that has no rapist included in itself. The US soldiers raped 20,000 Japanese girls in Japan after the war. Soviet soliders have raped many Japanese in Manchuria and Sakhalin. What is special with us?


”The amount of people defending these Japanese soldiers's atrocity against women is astonishing. Of course, other nations' soldiers did nasty things as well, but to defend rapists at that time is downright wrong. Man, you guys are idiots.”

Oh, my! Do you believe what communists say to you? Do you know how much comfort women got from the job? According the records of the US Army, they got 100 times as much salary as what common soldiers did. Spending 7 years, the US govt researched more than 100,000 pages of the military documents and could not find any record of the Japanese crimes against comfort women. This is a propaganda video for weak minds.


What do you want to say by introducing this? If you believe NM was real, you are still a dupe. Japanese Army issued Certificate of a Good Citizen to 160,000 adult males in Nanjing for preventing them from being involved in the battles with Chinese guerrillas. If they had intended to annihilate the citizens, why did they issue the documents? Do you know the existence of Chinese communists who want to dominate Asia by spreading the lies about Japan and Japanese? Don't be deceived by the soldiers of Satan.


"international tribunal executed and jailed over 5500 of your war criminals and it was done in 1947 ! It's hardly the fabracation of the communist party !"

Do you believe all the judgments that the International Tribunal made were right and based on the facts? No way. The court has been criticized by many including the historians and jourists as a court for revenge based on retroactive laws. The chief judge was a judge from Australia, which was a member of the Allies. Was it fair?






政治家があまりにも有権者の意思と異なる行動を取るならば、直接民主制にすればいい。 インターネットやブロックチェーン技術、顔認証技術が発達し、本人確認がさほど難しくなくなったので、日本もスイスのように直接投票で法案の賛否を問うシステムを採用してほしい。


"If the island of Japan sinks to bottom the Pacific ocean which is happening slowly right now as we speak , there shouldnt be any surprise, its karma."

Chinese continent is now sinking by excessive use of ground water and slowly being contaminated by heavy metals and PM2.5. It's karma from murdering millions of Tibetans and Uighurs.


”暗号知る創業者が死亡 仮想通貨200億円引き出せず | NHKニュース URL … カナダ最大の仮想通貨の交換会社の創業者が急死し、暗号を知っていたのがこの男性1人だったことから、11万人以上の顧客が日本円でおよそ200億円相当の資産を引き出せない状況となっています。”



”イギリスの歴史家アーサー・ブリアンによると、ワイマール共和国 1924年時点で、ユダヤ人は人口の約1%を構成していたが、鉄鋼貿易の57%、穀物貿易の22%、織物貿易の39%を支配し、ベルリン商工会議所の50%以上、銀行家や投機家、ドイツ証券取引所の殆どがユダヤ系でした。”



”景教伝来283年 の証拠は?”






慰安婦はsex slaveではない。”



”サタンは、人々の尊い魂を欺き、惑わし、永遠に破滅させるために、偽教師、すなわち、自分のメッセンジャーや大使を通じて、全力で活動している。”(トマス・ブルックス 1608~1680年)









そして事実と文書を冷静に調査した者は、「ユダヤ人の野心ほど、狂気満ち、粘り強く、率直に表明されたものはほかにない」との結論を下す以外にはないのである。彼らは、自分たちこそ世界を征服し、すべての国家を倒して支配し、あらゆる国民を自らに服従させるべきだと考え、さらには、宇宙のすべての祝福は神が自らに与えた正当な生得の権利であると主張する。約8百万人という、このほんの一握りの人々による、かかる恐ろしい挑戦について読み、聞くにつけ驚きを禁じ得ない。ユダヤ人は、他の5億人の人々を狩り、自らの奴隷とすることを真剣に望み、夢見ている。(The Jewish Question in Europe: The Causes, The Effects, The Remedies, from La Civilta Cattolica, vol. VII, no. XIV. 1890 (Oct, Nov, Dec))













さらに驚くに値するのは、1970年に改正されたイスラエルの『帰還法』で定められたユダヤ人の定義は、ニュルンベルク法(Jewish Virtual Library, The Law of Return: An Introduction, 2014, The American-Israeli Enterprise)の定義に基づいているという事実である。

それゆえ、ナチスが権力を握った直後、「ドイツシオニスト連盟」が「ユダヤ人問題の解決」に関する支持を申し出た文書をヒトラーの事務所に提出したのも、驚くには当たらない。 (Memo of June 21,1933, as reproduced in The Third Reich and the Palestine Question, Fran­cis R. Nicosia, Austin: University of Texas, 1985, p. 42) 文書には次のように記されていた。


―Peter Winter, "THE SIX MILLION:FACT OR FICTION?", Fifth Edition Revised,Updated and Expanded, The Revisionist Press, July 2015, Kindle ed., No.113.


I translated a 500 page Russian book on the pogrom by Russian peasants against Jews in 1880’s into Japanese, which is a collection of telegraphs between military leaders in charge of squashing the riots happening in Southern territories of Russian Empire and the government officials in the capital. It is interesting to note that most of the peasants attacking Jewish houses had not intended to do so by their personal animosities but by a sense of loyalty to the Csar, who they believed issued a command to punish Jews, who allegedly were trying to subvert the Imperial regime. In most cases, all that they did was not kill Jews but just break into their houses, in which they destroyed and threw the furniture and duvets out of the windows, contrary to the stories widely believed throughout the world that they committed mass murders. In their interrogations, they answered to the officials who asked the reason, “Because there was an order from the Czar.” This rumor was spread by some obscure people who appeared in bars and other public places, where ordinary Russians gathered for drinking or chatting. I think they were communist organizer activists preparing for the revolution by fostering the anti-Czar sentiments domestically and overseas.


During the period of massacre in Nanjing, a film was taken showing two Japanese soldiers were walking by the children playing on the street with firecrackers.

The story of Nanjing massacre is a lie created by Chinese.



”Kawaii Culture is not an effort by Japan to erase its history. It was born out of a desire to demilitarize and pacify the culture. It is okay to still like anime.”

This is just the brainchild of a person who does not know anything about our culture. None of the creators of Kawaii Culture cares about the military past here, who makes mangas and animes just for money.



Paul said to the living believers of Ephesus that they have already been raised and seated in the heavenly realms together with Christ (2:6), so we can think that living Christians are sitting on the throne of Heaven "in Christ" as judges. Peter said to living believers, "You are a royal priesthood."(1pet: 2: 9) Christ has recovered the status of Adam as the king who shall govern the world (Gen 1:18).

Van Til said in his "The Protestant Doctrine Of Scripture": "But God sent his Son into the world to save the world. He who knew no sin was made sin for us that we might be made the righteousness of God in him. God the Father quickens, God the Son quickens and God the Spirit regenerates men so that they believe and accept Jesus Christ and all his benefits. Now men undertake their cultural mandate anew. Their image renewed in Christ in whom the fullness of the Godhead dwells bodily, they would now, instead of following Satan, destroy him and his kingdom. As they do so, they establish the kingdom of Christ. Whether they eat or drink or do anything else, they would to it to the glory of Christ." and "Calling upon all men everywhere to join with us in fulfilling the original cultural mandate given to mankind—which we may now undertake because of the redeeming work of Christ—is our joy each day."



Rushdoony, R. J., Van Til and the Limits of Reason (No.1044-1051). Chalcedon/Ross House Books. Kindle 版。


円卓グループのメンバーは、「ジ・インクワイアリー」(ウッドロー・ウィルソン大統領の主任顧問エドワード・M・ハウス大佐が創設した結社)及びファビアン(社会主義者)協会のメンバーとともに、英国において「王立国際問題研究所」及びその米国版CFRを構成している。「Tragedy and Hope(悲劇と希望)」の著者クイグリー教授は、「A Thousand Days(千日間)」の著者でありCFRのメンバーであるアーサー・シュレジンジャー・Jrは、CFRをパワーエリートの「前線」と呼んでいる。さらに、元西独首相ヘルムート・シュミットは、著書「Men and Powers」において、CFRを「外交政策のエリート」と呼んだ。シュミットによると、CFRは、政府や「それ以外の外交政策センター」において「トップレベルの任務」のために人々を訓練し、「自らの継承を監視する効果的な方法を備えていた」。


”1891年、金・ダイヤモンド業界の有力者セシル・ローズは、自身の言葉を借りると「世界の富を吸い上げ」、「全世界の政府を奪取するために」秘密結社「選民会(the Society of the Elect)」を作った。ジョージタウン大学でビル・クリントンの師匠であったキャロル・クイグリー教授の『The Anglo-American Establishment』によると、ローズの陰謀的秘密結社は60年ほど続いた。その頃までには、結社の十分なメンバーやローズ奨学金出身の学者たちが、政治や経済、ジャーナリズム、教育の分野に浸透していたので、社会は、公然と世界政府を追求するパワーエリートのネットワークにすっかり置き換わっていた。




”パワーエリートは、世界の人々が一斉に世界政府を受け入れることは困難であると理解していたので、漸進的なアプローチが提案された。 「支援者協会Association of Helpers 」の会員で、かつてローズ奨学生だったカナダ人学者P・E・コルベットは『戦後世界』(1942年)において以下のように述べた。「諸国家から成る地域グループを結び付け、調整する世界連合が、単一の世界連邦政府に進化するのかもしれない。世界政府は究極の目標であるが、 漸進的な発展による達成のほうが可能性が高い」と。最近では、1995年のミハイル・ゴルバチョフの第1回「世界情勢フォーラム」で、ズビグニュー・ブレジンスキー(ジミー・カーター大統領の国家安全保障顧問)は「一足飛びにではなく、むしろ、地域化を進める中で世界政府は誕生する」と語った。”




「明白な組織に関する限り、それが陰謀的であるにせよないにせよ、パワーエリートたちは本質的に、メンバーシップがそのメンバーにのみ厳格に与えられる明白な組織を設立するよりも、既に存在する組織を利用する可能性が高い。しかし、意思決定において軍事的及び政治的要素のバランスを確実に取るための機構が存在しない場合、彼らは、そのような機構を新たに設立し、利用する。例:国家安全保障理事会。さらに、正式な民主的な政体では、このエリート集団に属する様々な構成分子の目的と権限は、恒久的な戦争経済の一側面―すなわち、国家の安全保障は、計画と意図を極秘にする以外に維持できないという無根拠な想定―によって強化される。パワーエリートたちの活動が明らかになるような多くの重要な出来事は、極秘事項という名目で、一般大衆の耳目から遠ざけることが可能である。パワーエリートたちは、自らの活動や決定の多くを隠すことによって、その意図や活動、強化を秘密にすることが可能である。」66 "

―J. E. T. Eldridge, A. D. Crombie, "A Sociology of Organisations (RLE: Organizations)", pp.185-186.




As a univ student, I started to read Van Til. Through his works, I realized that the philosophical system sustaining this world, i.e., Kantian humanism, does not work well and that the greatest problem of it lies in the lack of aplication of the Law of God to every area of life and thought, so I tried to find good books about this theme. When I was a seminary student and lived for two months in the US to join a summer camp of a Christian student ministry, I ran across a fat book about the Biblical Law on a shelf of a Presbyterian church for sale. I thought it was just a verse-to-verse commentary of the Pentateuch but after returning to Japan, when I opened the book for writing a graduation thesis, I found it is what I had long sought for, that is, a book on the worldview of the Biblical Law: The Institutes of Biblical Law by Rushdoony. And I was surprised to know a book that I had been given by a pastor as a present for entering the seminary was about the same theme: Theonomy in Christian Ethics by Greg Bahnsen. This pastor is not a theonomist for that matter. I wrote my thesis on the aplicability of theonomy to today's world using these two books.













インペリアル・アイズ 無料版(2018年12月12日)


”China’s predates Japan’s” 

Do you mean Chinese culture predates Japanese culture? No. Jomon culture, which is completely different from Chinese, began 15000 years ago here. Even Kanji (Chinese characters) were not organized as a system of writing by 漢 tribe (today's Chinese ancestors) but by 嬴 tribe, which Shi Huangdi belonged to and was heavily influenced by the Kingdom of Persia culturally. Shi Huangdi sent his mission headed by 徐福 to Japan, who established Kingdom "出雲" here in BC3, and the kingdom later merged with current dynasty of Japan.








In recent years, Burakumin are the people who have turned into the recepients of govt supports and vested interest together with Korean residents in Japan. An indepth research needs to be done on such an issue as this before spreading false info to the world.

None of them appears before us as beggars like ones in the thumb nail of this video but rather rich persons like Heizo Takenaka, former Minister of Finance, who has destroyed Japanese economic rights by abolishing the system of cross-stockholdings and employment-for-life system.





"1. that's a figure of expression. unzip ones trousers. Not to be taken literally. 2. She was made chagrined. At what? being trampled down by the Japanese army (in the 40s). Even into the years of the Korean War. SHE IS NOT saying the Japanese were in Korea during the Korean War! Even if she was lying, as you seem to make her out to be, she would not say such a stupid and obvious lie! Check your literacy man."

1. If someone accuses you of some serious crime that you have not committed and is threatening your honor, you must be particular about the details of what he/she said. And the authority dealing with the case must be so, too. The accuser is liable to defend himself on his remarks. Her using the word "unzip" is very important for both.

2. Before the Korean war, Imperial Japanese Army had been disarmed and did not exist.

She is notorious for her lies.

Kim (aged 87) said, "At 14 y.o., under the pretext of becoming a worker making military uniforms, I was taken away by IJA to and lived for 8 years as a comfort woman until 22 y.o. in front-line areas such as Taiwan, Guangdong, Hongkong, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Indonesia." (Okinawa Times, May 21, 2013)

According to this remark, she was born in 1926.

She was taken away in 1940.

She worked as a comfort woman for 8 years until 22 y.o., that is, 1948.

It follows that IJA forced her to work even after it was disbanded by the US.


Why do Chinese ignore what the Allies did to German and Japanese civilians with the use of carpet bombings and atomic bombs? Why do they keep on doing one-sided accusations? If they are aiming at world peace and justice, they should push their own mass murders onto the agenda.


If Nanjing massacre really happened, where are the holes filled with the bones of 300,000 victims? The Chinese govt presented to Tokyo Tribunal the report of a Chinese charity org "Chong Shan Tang" which stated that they buried 100,000 bodies.


IJA issued "Certificates of a Good Citizen" to 130,000 adult male residents of Nanjing to prevent them from being involved in the battles with Chinese guerrillas. Why did Japanese issue such certificates, who allegedly wanted to annihilate the population?


2 days after the alleged holocaust, Rabe reported the population of the city was 250,000. Is it possible that 250,000 people entered the city for just 2 days? Why did they want to come in the city though they had known the fact that IJA murdered 300,000?


”genocidal war crime”

John Rabe said, "We understand that you registered 160,000 people ... Therefore there are probably 250,000 to 300,000 civilians in the city."

Chinese govt says, "300,000 civilians were murdered by IJA."

After the war, there must have been none in the city.




Kim Bok Dong said, "All that the Japanese Army did before me was to unzip their trousers."

The soldiers of the IJA did not wear the trousers with zippers, which started to be used generally just after the war.

She said, "During the time of the Korean war, I was made chagrined at being trampled down miserably by the Japanese Army. "

IJA did not participate in the Korean war.

Why can Koreans believe what this liar says?


All that the Japanese Army did before me was to unzip thier trousers.

During the time of the Korean war, I was made chagrined at being trampled down miserably by the Japanese Army.


Classified Order No.745 by Japanese Army entitled "Regarding Recruites of Female Workers at Military Comfort Houses" issued on March 4, 1938 reads:

"Concerning the recruitment of female workers for organizing comfort houses at..., there are many cases that recruiters were apprehended and interrogated by the police authority due to their way of recruitment being similar to kidnapping.

Therefore, from this time forth, the recruitment shall be implemented under the control of dispatched armies..., so that the utmost caution shall be taken to conserve the dignity of the Army of Japan and prevent this matter from developing into a social problem.




BTS's newly released (March 11 !!!) MV shows that a member is nearly drowning in a water tank. Another member was caught wearing a jacket with a photo of a atomic mushroom cloud over Hiroshima. BTS cannot avoid future serious backlashes from Japanese society.


"so what would you like for the readers to think? that all the wrong doings dine by the japanese should be let go just because some of your women were treated the same? you're trying to divert thr point of the video and is clearly trying to keep your good name clean as possible, like the japanese soldiers who raped then killed women just to cover their sins up."

No, no, no. You must understand that such propaganda videos as this are intended to lead the viewers to unrealistic criticism of a nation. The true criticism is OK, while propaganda is NO. Chinese and Koreans insist that IJA murdered 300,000 civilians in Nanjing and used 200,000 Korean women as prostitutes forcibly, which are blatant lies without any proofs.

Japanese army was taking a policy of avoiding kidnapping women for sexual puposes, which fact can be proved by original documents. But some soldiers broke the order and raped women. If Chinese, Koreans and other people want to accuse such criminal soldiers of their rapes, we would say that they have the history of the army that did the same things. Is this a fruitful criticism? The more they accuse us, the more they reveal themselves as hypocritical.


Are you really sure that those women were really eligible to tell the truth? Anyone who tell us that ex-prostitutes' oral testimonies are valid as evidence should be deemed as a fool. They want money from Japan. The US Army's interrogations and physical evidences such as then newspaper articles show you that those comfort women were sold by their fathers to brothels' owners to make money. I truly despise you, who are ignorant of the history and shamelessly accuse others of what they did not do based just on ex-prostitutes' oral testimonies.









In his interview by POW Research Group, Koken Tsuchiya, who became later the chairman of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and lived closely with one of the alleged victim, Navy Lieutenant Warren Earl Vaughn, until his execution, harshly denied the contents of the cannibalism story promulgated among the public, saying, "This is at variance with the facts." In the interview, Tsuchiya said that the execution was not conducted on the sand beach that Ikuhiko Hata showed but on the earth of the hole made by a US bombshell. He admitted the fact that two soldiers demented by hunger tried to exhume Vaughn's body, which Tsuchiya himself stopped them from doing, while he testified that there was no such thing as eating human flesh in a feast.(父島事件 真相の一端 〜米捕虜の処刑に立ち会ったある少尉の証言〜POW研究会)


"you are one sad person to think that these 90 year old women who survived all of this rape and torture are still talking about their terrible experiences bc they were "brainwashed". You are the brainwashed one. Shame on you. THEY (soldiers and comfort women) want to clear their conscience and their soul before they die. I hope you one day do the same."

Then show me the original documents that show they were really raped. We admit that there were some who raped against the order of the Army like the soldiers of your own army. But the story that the whole army raped civilians is a lie. We can show you the order of the Army that strictly prohibited the soldiers from doing nasty things to the residents. You who are without any evidences and do the same things that you blame us for should be blamed as a hypocrite. Shame on you.

"The japanese continuously revictimizes these women by calling them ‘paid prostitutes’. The word ‘comfort women’ in itself is offensive. Comfort for who? They were forced sex slaves. The world should call it what it is."

Comfort women were paid well who even became millionnairs. The newspaper Asahi, who informed the world of the false story that the system of comfort women was that of a forced prostitute, officially apologized for its canard. You are too ignorant of the history, even judging others for the things that you actually are doing abroad.






ピーター・ワグナー著『偉大な富の移動―神の国を拡大するための経済的な解放(The Great Transfer of Wealth-Financial Release for Advancing God's Kingdom)』の裏表紙に載っている宣伝文には、この具体的な力がわれわれの世代において実現すると述べている。






John Rabe said, "We understand that you registered 160,000 people ... Therefore there are probably 250,000 to 300,000 civilians in the city." (Hsü Shuhsi, ed., Documents of the Nanking Safety Zone (Shanghai: Kelly & Walsh, 1939) p.84.)




「人間の心は神の義からあまりにも遠く離れているので、不敬虔で、倒錯的で、邪悪で、不純で、恥辱に満ちた事柄しか考えず、望まず、企てない。心が罪の毒にどっぷりと浸かっているため、その吐く息は不快極まりない。たとえ時折善を行う者がいたとしても、彼らの精神は依然として偽善と奸計にくるまれており、心は、その内側の堕落によってがんじがらめに縛られている。」(John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, ii.v.19 (Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1960), p.340.)








”なぜ中臣氏は、かくも力を持ったのか。彼らが台頭してきたきっかけは、なんといっても645年の「大化の改新」である。この時「中大兄皇子(後の天智天皇)」と組んで、 「中臣鎌足」が蘇我入鹿を討ち、政治改革を実行。この功績によって、中臣鎌足は「藤原姓」を賜り、ここに日本の政治を動かす天下の名門が誕生する。




「越智姓 神饒速日命より出つ。伝に曰く、秦の徐福吾が朝に来たりて裔をととめ、其の孫功有りて与州越智郡を領す故に越智を以て姓となす、云々と。福(徐福)の廟は熊埜[くまの]神の前に在り。姓氏録に云ふ、秦忌寸[はたのいみき]、神饒速日命より出つ、越智直[あたい]も同神に出つ、熊野連[むらし]は同神の孫味饒[うまにき]田命の後なりと。古説かくの如く、徐福と饒速日と一祖両説にしてかつ和漢を隔つ、これ不審を生する所なり。」





































































This is a typical propaganda photo by Chinese communists.

The uniforms of the shooters show that they are not Japanese.

In addition, the uploader cannot show the evidence of his remark: "the number of Chinese killed by Japanese is greater than that of Jews in the Holocaust."

BTW, Chinese communists are world-known for their mass murder in China, Tibet and Uighur. The number of the victims there, which is estimated to be more than 100 million, is by far greater than that of Jews in the Holocaust.





”Ceremony Of Induction And Extreme Oath Of The Jesuits


------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------









抜粋:[Double-Cross: Alberto, Part 2, 1981]
















"there were no laws against them using them on the rest of the society"

hahaha, you know nothing about Japan. The warriors belonging to the Samurai class had strict principles of behavior like those of knights, so they did not attack ordinary people even during war periods. It was even a fun leisure for peasants and commoners to see from the top of a hill how both armies are fighting with each other at a battlefield.


Tell me what unit 731 did based on original sources not "opinions of scholars or soldiers from victor countries." According to the 100,000 pages of confidential documents written by the US intelligent organizations, and checked and recently published by IWG (International Working Group) about Unit 731, they could not find any evidences that the Japanese Army actually waged biological warfare, though Unit 731 made research thereon for the purpose of protecting the Japanese troops and residents from the biological attacks made by Chinese and Soviet armies.






"It is to be noted that Mr. Stimson's diary for November 25, 1941,

describes a meeting at the White House attended by the President; Secretaries Hull, Knox, and Stimson; General Marshall; and Admiral Stark. It states, in part: [99] "There the President, instead of bringing up the Victory Parade [100] brought up entirely the relations with the Japanese. He brought up the event that we were likely to be attacked (as soon as) next Monday without warning, and the question was what we should do. *The question was how we should maneuver them into the position of firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves. It was a difficult proposition*." [101] "(Richard N. Current, The Mississippi Valley Historical Review Vol. 40, No. 1 (Jun., 1953), pp. 67)








>また 、日本は昭和14年の6月に英国に対して軍事行動を起こしており、米国が軍事的に支援している国に対して軍事行動を起こしたことになります。これによって集団的自衛権を行使されただけにすぎません。




しかし、内容から「積極的ではないアメリカを対独軍戦争に参戦させることを目的とした計画」であることは明らかで、そのきっかけとして「日本にハワイにおける米国の陸空海部隊への攻撃に実質的に誘導すること」が提言されていました。(「」はRobert Stinnett, Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor)


スティネットは、このメモを「ルーズベルト政権は、政治公約を破ったという国民からの非難を回避しつつ合衆国を欧州戦争に引き入れるために、日本に合衆国を攻撃させるよう密かに挑発の計画を謀議した」という自身の主張を裏付けるものとして提示しています。(Wikipedia―McCollum memo)


ルーズベルトがチャーチルの要請に応じてヨーロッパ戦線に参加しようとしていたのは事実であり、すでに述べたように、そのためにこそ、日本を踏み台にする必要があった。厭戦ムードが漂っていた米国民を奮起させるためには、日本による先制攻撃が必要であった。スティムソンによると、ルーズベルト自身が「われわれは、早ければ来週の月曜日にも無警告で攻撃されるおそれがある。・・・問題は、どうやって、われわれにそれほど大きな危難とならずに彼ら(日本人)に一発目を撃たせるかだ」と言っています。(Richard N. Current, The Mississippi Valley Historical Review Vol. 40, No. 1 (Jun., 1953), pp. 67-74)








しかし、内容から「積極的ではないアメリカを対独軍戦争に参戦させることを目的とした計画」であることは明らかで、そのきっかけとして「日本にハワイにおける米国の陸空海部隊への攻撃に実質的に誘導すること」が提言されていました。(「」はRobert Stinnett, Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor)


スティネットは、このメモを「ルーズベルト政権は、政治公約を破ったという国民からの非難を回避しつつ合衆国を欧州戦争に引き入れるために、日本に合衆国を攻撃させるよう密かに挑発の計画を謀議した」という自身の主張を裏付けるものとして提示している。(Wikipedia―McCollum memo)
























日本海軍市丸海軍少将が 「フランクリン ・ルーズベルト」 君に書を宛てる。


日本国が 「ペルリー(ペリー)」提督の下田入港を機とし、広く世界と国交を結ぶようになった時より約百年の間、国の歩みは困難を極め、自ら欲しないにも関わらず日清戦争、日露戦争、第一次欧州大戦、満州事変、支那事変を経て、不幸にも貴国と交戦することになった。



貴方は真珠湾攻撃の不意打ちを理由に対日戦争(大東亜戦争) 唯一の宣伝資料とするが、そもそもにおいて日本国が自滅を免れるためこの行動に出る他ないという程の窮地にまで追い詰めたような諸種の情勢というのは、貴方の最も熟知するものであると思う。


これは 「 四方の海皆はらからと思ふ世になど波風の立ちさわぐらむ 」 (意訳:人は皆家族であるのに、なにゆえ争わねばならないのか) という明治天皇の御製(天皇の詩)は貴方の叔父セオドア・ルーズベルト閣下が感嘆したものであるが故に、貴方もよく熟知しているのは事実であろう。





























日本海軍、市丸海軍少将、書ヲ「フランクリン ルーズベルト」君ニ致ス。






之、曾テハ「四方の海 皆はらからと思ふ世に など波風の立ちさわぐらむ」ナル明治天皇ノ御製(日露戦争中御製)ハ、貴下ノ叔父「テオドル・ルーズベルト」閣下ノ感嘆ヲ惹キタル所ニシテ、貴下モ亦、熟知ノ事実ナルベシ。


























"The density of the thermosphere is so low that it hardly transfers any heat to the ISS."

I see. But I think the low density does not reduce the harm to ISS because the temperature within it may still be as high as 2000 deg C depending on the situation. The 100 deg C hot water is dangerous to a human body, while 100 deg C hot air in a sauna room is not. But if the body is exposed to the hot air for a long time, it causes a great threat to it.









"She looks Japanese and has a Japanese name"

You know nothing about the situation with Korean residents in Japan, who are privileged here and allowed to use multiple Japanese names in drawing up various documents such as bank account applications, which enables them to avoid taxation. PM Abe has been taking measures to eliminate this privilege by creating a system of numbering all the residents including foreigners and prohibiting them from having more than one false names. So they are trying to overthrow Abe administration, but because Abe has been found to be clean regarding money, women, and so forth, they began to use the strategy of finding out someone among his friends who has done some nasty thing. Before Shiori's case, they came up with similar ones. So when we first heard her story, we said, "Not again!"



Hyper-preterism is a heretical form of dualism similar to Manichaeism that allows both good and evil to eternally survive the judgment of God. The Bible clearly declares that all the knees shall bow to God voluntarily or involuntarily.


Hyper-preterism is a heretical form of dualism similar to Manichaeism that allows both good and evil to eternally survive the judgment of God. The Bible clearly declares that all the knees shall bow to God voluntarily or involuntarily.


It seems to me that the strange sound and phenomenons showed in this video are created by Illuminati, who wants you to believe that now is the end time of the Revelation, so that you may believe you need not do anything other than waiting for the second coming of Jesus. This is a heretical view of the Bible created by Manuel Lacunza, a Jesuit priest, who tried to convince you that Jesus could not fulfill the Law and Prophets (OT), so you need another messiah able to establish His kingdom and to make all Christians a king of this world after His coming and standing up in the 3rd Temple established by Zionists for ruling the whole world. This is a teaching for Lucifer, the God of Zionists. You MUST reject it and believe that you born-again Christians ARE the king of the world NOW, and are able to change the world into God's Kingdom NOW. You need not wait for the second coming. Now is the time you should work and pray for the destruction of evil kingdom that Illuminati and Zionists are trying to establish through the state of Israel and UN.











Modern arts are ugly because they are heavily influenced by Kantianism, which is the ultimate form of humanism, making every human being an independent creator able to transform everything in this universe according to his own imagination and the rules of his own making.



The ISS lies in the middle of Thermosphere at around 400 km, where the temperature fluctuates between 700-2000 degrees C. How can the workers engaged in extravehicular activities resist the heat? The most of the ISS is composed of aluminium, whose melting point is around 600 degree C. Why does the ISS not melt? I would like to know.













”たしかにアメリカの民間人を狙った原爆投下や空襲などは大量虐殺ですよね、それについては同感です。ですが日本が利他的だったなんて一ミリも思いません。そもそも戦争する国に利他的な国などありませんし、日本だって人数については議論の余地ありだが南京で虐殺を行ったじゃないですか?重慶爆撃もしかりです。 貴方を批判するわけではないですが、大東亜戦争を正当化したり、国籍だけで人を差別する、低知能で自分で物事を考え見つめられなく、掲示板の煽り戦略に見事に引っかかってしまうネトウヨははっきり言って人外だと思っています。そういう人たちが差別されるべきだと思っています。最後に言いますが貴方のことでなく、YouTube全体に蔓延るガイジネトウヨに対する私の意見です。”



KKKのトップ アルバート・パイクは、イルミナティのトップでもあった。つまり、KKKは「偽装民族主義者」。


The globalists have an intention to drag all things down to the least common denominator to make the world look dim and dull. Their plan is to create one world with no difference among nations, sexes, races and cultures.

This is a process of de-creation. God created things through divisions, who divided heavens from earth, land from sea, woman from man, etc. Political correctness is like a deluge, eliminating all the borders and mixing everything into a mess.


There is no such a thing as common ground between Christians and atheists, because everything existing in this world is "created" by God. Everything is religious. When atheists insist that there is no God or gods, they tell a lie, because God Himself ”hath shewed it unto them.” If God is a witness, who else do we need? The Word of God is the final and decisive "proclamation" that needs no more proof. All things that we need is not "argument" but "declaration" to them. After doing this, we just wait for His judgment according to their reaction thereto.




「民主化を命がけの闘争を経て勝ち取った韓国」 何を見て、民主化運動と考えたのか知りたいですね。単に北朝鮮による破壊工作によって親米軍事政権が倒れたのを「民主化改革」と誤解しているだけのような気がします。














アメリカには1億人の新生したクリスチャンがおり、そのうち5千万人が登録済みの有権者だという。しかし、実際に投票所に足を運ぶのはその半分の2千5百万人。彼らは、誰に投票すべきかわかっていない。(Lance Wallnau博士)






Why does Jesus resemble other ancient religious figures? Because there were Jews traveling or migrating to various areas in the world and had religious influences on the people living there. In Japan, the prime God of Shintoism, Amaterasu, is a sun god who died on behalf of people and resurrected from the tomb. In the installation ceremony of an Emperor, he receives Amaterasu's spirit through the following rites: (1) enters into a water tub, wearing a light white kimono, takes it off in it, and comes up from it wearing a new one, (2) eats dinner with Amaterasu, and (3) has a performance symbolizing resurrection: lies on a bed wearing a white shroud for the dead and rises up from it. In ancient times, it is said that there was a ceremony of driving a nail through one of his hands into a wall of two buildings each (悠紀殿 and 主基殿). The picture is a handprint of Emperor Godaigo (14c).


"Anyway, the fucking Japs deserved what they got. No fucking sympathy for those bastards. They behaved like absolute monsters throughout the war and got just what they deserved. Our men in Britain who survived the Jap camps never had anything but utter hatred of them because of the way they behaved. And I'm sure the same goes for every other human beings who was unfortunate enough to end up in a Jap POW camp. Fucking bastards!"

Did we deserve what we got because of the ill-treatment of POW in camps? Then what do Brits deserve, who took no Japanese captives but killed all of those who turned themselves in on the spot? lol



Dispensationalism was created by a Jesuit priest, Manuel Lacunza, whose theory is that Jesus did not fulfill the OT completely, so He must return to the world to realize the remaining parts of OT that have yet to be fulfilled during His first advent. His theory has been spread in churches throughout the world today, so Christians cannot identify themselves to be "King of the World", thinking they cannot change the world in the right direction until the second coming of Jesus Christ. Christians can rule the world according to the Bible if they have the will.


If the canon is closed and there is no direction without from the Bible, why do you go to your church to receive messages from the pulpit and what do you learn when seeing the sky, stars, ants, etc., which are said in the Bible to be His revelations? Why did Paul say, "disire that ye may prophesy" and "let the other judge" We can prophesy but the prophesies that we did must be judged by the Bible. Christ is the true king, priest, and prophet, so are we, who belong to his body.


<Nanjing massacre was committed by Chinese themselves>

Mr. He Jian Ming, vice president of the Chinese Writers Association (a high-ranking director-level official in China) said:

"The Chinese army that defended Nanjing at that time was a Kuomintang army with 150 thousand soldiers, 20 thousand of whom were killed in the battle and the remaining 130 thousand escaped without fighting.

As the commanders escaped first, the chain of command of the left-behind army was completely destroyed and paralyzed.

A fierce battle was fought between the soldiers who had not received a withdrawal order and the ones who had.

(That is, a combat situation arose within the Kuomintang army.)

The battlefield was around the castle gate of Nanjing castle, which was the only traffic gate, where more than 5,000 soldiers and commoners lost their lives.

People ran away from different places for their lives and finally reached an area around the Yangtze River, but there were only two or three boats carrying them to the other side.

Again, a fierce bloody fight began for scrambling them.

Those with a fear of death were desperately struggling to evacuate without choosing the means: some pushed others from the boat to the river, some fell into it and, unable to go up into the boat, was hanging on to its edge, some were cast out from an upset ship overloaded with people and crying out for help, and others were floundering around in the river holding on a desk or a chair.

The most brutal is that the soldiers who could not get on the ship swept the people on the ship with machine guns like a crazy wild beast and killed a tremendous number of people.

Corpses floating on the surface of the river turned it into a sea of blood. It is estimated that the number of the dead reached tens of thousands.

I do not know how to interpret this bloody killing among Chinese themselves. I just feel confused and angry. "

(translated from 邱 海涛「ついに中国で始まった大崩壊の真実」)


























「ついに中国で始まった大崩壊の真実」邱 海涛 著



”イルカに「人権」を持たせる法律がルーマニアで提出に。提出議員は自身が保護活動家でもあるチェルネア氏。「高度に発達した知力や行動パターンなどからイルカを「人間以外の人格」だと認め、人間とイルカは法の下に平等」とし、殺人も適用されるとか URL…/Reuters_newsml_TYEA1G05D.html ”
















"Cos rape doesnt happen in japan right? "

Yes. Japan has rape crimes like your country. He said, "This is a special case caused by a spy that wanted to degrade the reputation of an adult man who is germane to PM Abe."

We Japanese understand well that this is such because Shiori appeared in public as one of many people who accused PM Abe of being a friend of someone that committed a serious crime or misdemeanor.

Generally speaking, Korean residents in Japan, who belong to a privileged ruling class in Japan after ww2, do not want our Constitution to be changed not to lose such blessed status.

For example, 460,000 out of 640,000 are jobless but leading a rich life by receiving livelihood protection benefits, which amount to 2,300,000,000,000 yen annually. They are foreigners but have a special network of politicians, government employees, attorneys, prosecutors and so on that enables them to get such special benefits from the govt quite easily.

Abe is trying to change this situation by amending the Constitution and laws, so they are sending plenty of spies and agents for creating false stories that make Abe look a bad guy to voters.






「日本はみなさんの税金で支えられています」って、嘘でしょ? 日本は金本位制なんですか? 不換紙幣を発行できる国でどうして徴税が必要なの? 金の裏打ちのないお札を刷る権利があれば、税金とる必要ないでしょ? 100万円札を刷れるなら、それで100万円分の労働を国民にさせることが可能なんでしょ? 不換紙幣を刷ることは、徴税と同じ効果があるんでしょ? なんで増税が必要なの?


Myth of "Remember Pearl Harbor" collapsed.



Dubious points of Shiori's case:

1. She insists on the drug rape but has not received any drug testing.

2. She returned home wearing the shirt of Yamaguchi, who allegedly raped and almost murdered her.

3. She asked him about the case of her visa by an e-mail to Yamaguchi, who allegedly raped and almost murdered her.


She said she was conscious when Y allegedly raped her at 5:00 am. The video showing Y dragged her, who was allegedly unconscious at that time, into the hotel cannot be an evidence because it was around 11:00 pm when the scene was taken. What did he do in the room for 6 hours? If he had had an intention to rape her, he must have done that immediately after their entrance while she was unconscious due to the effect of the drug. In addition, Y said, "After Shiori returned from toilet to the room, she laid her body on Y's bed." This is not what a rape victim should do but a honey trapper.






Countrymen - Something wicked this way comes.

The issue today is simple and needs your immediate attention.

The UN has infected this country with delusions of a green economy, biodiversity and sustainable development. All are designed to fool America into giving the United Nations the land under our feet without even a fight...so that the UN can finally implement their master plan for global control....Agenda 21.



If this topic seems mundane and irrelevant, consider this - the UN's Agenda 21 seeks to take 50% of American land and make it uninhabitable, untouchable by industry, and inaccessible by humans. American citizens will be moved into places called "Sustainable Human Development Zones."

If the Senate ratifies Agenda 21, you will live, work, play, and vacation only where the United Nations allows and your main transportation would be a train...all in the name of "sustainable development" and "environmental responsibility."

Green is indeed the new RED.



If the Senate Ratifies Agenda 21...


• Wipe private property off the face of the earth.

• Confiscate private farms and farmland.

• Ban individual ownership of cars.

• Dictate where we live

• Control what we eat

• Mandate how and what our children learn



You don't even have to take our word for it. The UN website clearly states their objective:

"Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level."



The scourge called Agenda 21, better known as Sustainable development, has morphed as planned to give strong inroads to the escalation in power to destroy sovereignty and absorb America into the global collective of the United Nations.




The truest definition of sovereignty is the ability to own property - your own land. Yet that is exactly what Agenda 21 is designed to destroy.

Maurice Strong a socialist, senior adviser to the United Nations Commission on Global Governance and driving force behind Agenda 21 "sustainability" wrote that the concept of sovereignty must yield in favor of the "new imperatives of global cooperation."

Meanwhile, the Green Economy, Non-Governmental Organizations, Public Private Partnerships, the EPA, Global warming and everyone's panic that we must "Save Our Planet" are working together to force Agenda 21 down America's throat.

If we lose the rights to our land as the Citizenry of the United States we will lose the United States of America with it. We The People must educate ourselves and take a stand to STOP AGENDA 21 OR OUR IGNORANCE WILL ENTOMB US IN ABJECT SLAVERY.



The issue boils down to just one question - Is it right for the United Nations to CONTROL and TAKE land that WE own?

If your answer is NO, then you MUST now fax the Senate and DEMAND THEY STOP AGENDA 21.


It sounds insane....but it's true. The United Nations intends to use the Agenda 21 treaty to force Americans off their own land...in order to protect "biodiversity."



Take a good look at the map to the right. It was published by the United Nations as their desired plan for restricting land use in the United States.

Is your house located in a red area? Plan on moving if Agenda 21 is ratified by the Senate. Those areas, according to the UN, will have "little to NO human use."

Even if you house is in a yellow area, the UN says use will be "highly regulated"....in other words sparsely populated.

Apparently, the UN Agenda 21 seeks to drive us all into multi-family high rise super complexes in order to "save the environment."



The Obama Administration is attempting to force the United Nation's deadly Agenda 21 policies down American throats. If ratified this treaty will give the United Nations control of everything from our fishing rights, the food we eat and even where we will be allowed to live.


I have to be honest with you.

This is the most disturbing email I have ever written. I am frightened for our country. I am frightened for its freedom-loving citizens. But most of all, I am frightened for the future of America. Obama supports beating up the U.S. Constitution and we must not let it be replaced by United Nations Agenda 21.

The UN is ruthlessly advancing a new plan that will make America a HOSTAGE to the United Nations. While Obama and the liberal media ignore gas prices streaking to $5/gal. and England is already paying $10/gal.

UN Agenda 21 could...

• Wipe private property off the face of the earth.

• Force you and your family to live in a multi-family energy efficient mega-complex.

• Confiscate private farms and farmland.

• Snatch away private landholdings.

• Ban individual ownership of cars.

Tell The Senate To REJECT All Attempts To Implement UN Agenda 21!

Support the U.S. Constitution - SEND FAXES TO ALL 100 SENATORS - NOW!

Sound too outlandish to be true? The scariest part is... IT IS TRUE! So what exactly is Agenda 21? I'll tell you in a minute. But first, I'll give you some background information that is critical to understanding how this anti-freedom scheme came about.

In 1992, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) was held in Rio de Janeiro to discuss global initiatives. 172 governments attended and 108 sent their heads of state. And about 2,400 representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) showed up for the "GLOBAL FORUM."

Tell The Senate To REJECT All Attempts To Implement UN Agenda 21! Support the U.S. Constitution - SEND FAXES TO ALL 100 SENATORS - NOW! and We will send you the book Black and Blue: How Obama and the Democrats are Beating Up the Constitution and our GET HOPE-Fire OBAMA Sticker!

This group of POWERFUL world leaders and environmentalists spent their time discussing typical green movement hogwash like alternative energy, the phony science of climate change and "deadly" car emissions. Back in 1992, most people dismissed this conference as a green rant fest.

However, that was a huge mistake...

...Because the politicians came up with a plan for a centrally ruled global society. They called that plan Agenda 21. The plan's contract would make governments around the world a SLAVE to the every wish and whim of the United Nations.

We cannot make the same mistake with Agenda 21!

UN Agenda 21 would also dictate...

• Where we live

• What we eat

• How and what we learn

• Where and when we can move (if at all)

Here's how the UN describes it:

"Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level."

Tell The Senate To REJECT All Attempts To Implement UN Agenda 21!

Support the U.S. Constitution - SEND FAXES TO ALL 100 SENATORS - NOW!

It's already happening right now.

Obama, who has vowed to "fundamentally transform America," is pushing to implement this freedom-grabbing plan UNDER THE RADAR.

On June 9, 2011 he signed EXECUTIVE ORDER 13575 and established the White House Rural Council (WHRC). This new administrative body is responsible for federally coordinating and implementing sustainable and green development locally.

Here is an excerpt from EO 13575:

Section 1. Policy- Sixteen percent of the American population lives in rural counties. Strong, sustainable rural communities are essential to winning the future and ensuring American competitiveness in the years ahead.

"Sustainable" became a buzzword at the UN's 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil (where Agenda 21 was created).

Sustainable = Agenda 21

Mike Opelka of The Blaze reports,

"Warning bells should have been sounding all across rural America when the phrase 'sustainable rural communities' came up. As we know from researching the UN plan for Sustainable Development known as Agenda 21, these are code words for the true fundamental transformation America."

UN Agenda 21 is a transnational attempt to erode property rights, destroy freedom and make America submissive to foreign bureaucrats.

That's why we need to act QUICKLY.

We don't have much time to waste before this TOTALITARIAN TREATY BECOMES LAW OF THE LAND!


1. Select Below - Tell The Senate To REJECT Attempts To Submit America To The UN.

Tell The Senate To REJECT All Attempts To Implement UN Agenda 21!

Support the U.S. Constitution - SEND FAXES TO ALL 100 SENATORS - NOW!

2. Send this Alert to EVERYONE you know and every like-minded friend on your personal email list who wants to STOP the UN from encroaching on your God-given rights! We need to get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of faxes delivered to EACH AND EVERY Senator. It's time the Senate gets the message - LOUD & CLEAR!

3. Keep calling your Senators today, toll free numbers include 1-877-851-6437 and 1-866-220-0044, or call 1-202-225-3121 AND REGISTER YOUR OUTRAGE! Demand the Senate STOP Agenda 21 DEAD IN ITS TRACKS.

4. CALL President Obama, 202-456-1111 and 202-456-1414 expressing your disdain and ABSOLUTE REJECTION of the UN plan. Tell Obama that you DO NOT SUPPORT destroying personal property rights, confiscating private land and banning private ownership of cars.

5. Print this copy and pass it around where normal working class Americans gather who care about the future of our country. Polling data reveals that Americans treasure their Constitutional rights and personal freedoms. They DO NOT want to be controlled by DESPOTIC rule and CONCEDE to foreign leaders.



Your voice can be heard -- we need your urgent help at AmeriPAC.

Tell The Senate To REJECT All Attempts To Implement UN Agenda 21!

Support the U.S. Constitution - SEND FAXES TO ALL 100 SENATORS - NOW!

Defend America,

Alan M. Gottlieb

Chairman, AmeriPAC

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Chiang Kai-shek was a henchman of the Rothschilds. In November 1935, Chiang reformed the system of currency under the lead of Frederick William Leith-Ross, a Rothschild's agent, who was working as UK's chief representative in a mission to persuade China to perform the reformation. Through this, Chiang deprived Chinese people of all the silver they had and gave the exclusive right to print Yuan notes to 4 government-affiliated banks totally controlled by Chiang and his relatives. This means that he made Chinese his and Rothschild's slaves. This is why FDR, another henchman of Rothschild and a communist, defended China and attacked Japan, the most staunch anti-communist breakwater at that time. Japan and later Chiang had to be eliminated from the continent in order to establish a communist state, which is more of a Rothschild's ideal system of slavery, in China using Mao. The US was a dupe hoaxed by FDR to destroy the liberty and assets of its own people under the name of a liberator.















































【平成22年度 民主党 収支報告書】









LGBT運動はユダヤ金融資本の資金援助のもとに行われ(Rafael Palacios“The Conspiracy of the Gay Movement: Apotheosis of the War of the Sexes”)、社会の基本的な部分を破壊するために送り込まれているのは明確であり、寛容は、外国人参政権と並んで将来日本にとって脅威となる。





Shiori said "I appeared here because Japanese prosecution and the Committees for the Inquest of Prosecution rejected to see the video that shows I, befuddled at that time, was being dragged by Yamaguchi into the hotel." They entered the sushi bar around 9:00 PM, where Yamaguchi allegedly made her take rape drug. But he raped her at 5:00 AM, Shiori said. This means the video cannot be an evidence of the rape because if he wanted to rape her, he must have done that immediately after entering the hotel room while the effect of the drug was on.



Are they really sex slaves?

According to the article "Jap Comfort Girls" in "Roundup" magazine (November 1944) by Walter Rundol, which was circulated among US soldiers staying in Burma and is kept in the National Archive Washington today, one of these comfort women (4 Koreans and 1 Japanese) was a Korean who had received 1500 yen in advance in Korea. 1500 yen was extremely large amount compared to the monthly salary of Japanese privates 7 yen at that time. She made an application for the job to get the doctor's fee for the treatment of her father's leg illness. They wore dirty clothes not because they were abused by Japanese but because they were involved in the battle in a besieged city, Sonshan(松山) China, where they could not get sufficient water after the tank was destroyed. The oldest woman wearing kimono is Japanese, who took care of other cw. All of them said, "We want money."




"Japanese poor people did such a miserable things to China and Korea."

What did we do to China and Korea? Japanese helped Koreans with money and technology, which resulted in doubling the number of population and longevity, increasing the number of schools by 40 times, liberating the slaves by eliminating the column of "Birth" in family registers, abolishing cruel punishments by the rulers and so on and on. Your textbook is based on the wrong testimonies by Chinese and Koreans, who are notorious for their lies and deceptions.







LGBTの割合は数%。社会全体を巻き込むのではなく、少数者として今後も生きていってほしいです。同性愛は、国連の人口削減政策と合致しており、日本の民族弱体化の方策として採用されています。Rafael Palaciosが、“The Conspiracy of the Gay Movement: Apotheosis of the War of the Sexes?"において、LGBT運動に資金提供しているのはロックフェラーとロスチャイルドのユダヤ金融資本であると述べています。








"Can't you distinguish between putting a criminal in prison and terminating a life? that's why there's a thing called life imprisonment, that is punishment, but killing somebody no matter the excuse is pure inhumane and uncivilized. You prolly believe in "an eye for an eye" , but if we humans are to be paid back for exactly the things we have done, then the society will be filled with psychos...…. I think criminals should be given the worst possible punishment, but not death, because robbing someone of his life is a crime on its own, but going on to do the same thing you accused someone of doing is in my opinion, a double crime, because then the cycle of murder is continued. I know very well that they {murderers} deserve it, but then this is the 21st century when everything should already have a limit. Think about this, 'what goes on in the mind of the executioner' and 'how does he live the rest of his life knowing he killed someone for a gaming console fee of $300...' WE REALLY NEED TO RETHINK SO MANY THINGS...."

Basically life imprisonment is also "pure inhumane and uncivilized" and "a crime on its own", so the cycle of crime is continued according to your logic.


”No man has authority over someone else's live and if you kill a murderer, then there's no difference between the both of you. ”

Do you think no man has authority over someone else's freedom and if we arrest and incarcerate a kidnapper, then there's no difference between both of us? If you do, what can we do to criminals?


"Let’s not forget who brought us into WW II."

Of course, the US did. It was a sad fact that you had an evil president who tried to involve Japan into the war by ordering his military advisor McCollum to create 8-staged plan to provoke her, by ignoring all the diplomatic efforts of Japanese govt for avoiding the war, and by embargoing the steel and oil, for 80% of which Japan had depended on the US. PH was the last choice that Japan had had after receiving the ultimatum of the US "Hull Note", which stipulated Japan to discard all the overseas territories that she had acquired through the wars with China and Russia. Is there any country on earth that can discard the lands that its people had got through shedding much blood and maintain the internal order by suppressing people's complaints? The real story is that the Hull Note was created by a Soviet spy, Harry Dexter White, who was working for utilizing the US to communize China by eliminating Japan, the strongest breakwater against the threat of Stalin, who tried to expand the communist dominance over Asia. See the results the US got after the Pacific War: losing Asia. Americans ended up with the involvement into endless wars with communists in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and so forth. Do you know the fact that when FDR died, Stalin flew a flag at half-staff?


Tell me what Kishi did equivalent to what Nazi did. Did he and his direct or indirect descendants of war criminals do ethnic cleansings that Nazi did to Jews? Nanjing? BS. Japanese Army issued "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to 160 thousand Nanjing male residents to avoid their being killed mistakenly together with Chinese guerrillas. If Japanese wanted to annihilate the population there, they could not have issued such tags to the residents.

Why do you believe the one-sided accusation program in the case that the police, the prosecution and the Committees for the Inquest of Prosecution dismissed? Why do you trust a woman who call herself to be a protector of human rights and expose herself before the TV cameras, which could be a great threat to the reputation and honor of the accused without firm evidences?







This is how Mr.Yamaguchi was made a rapist by Shiori Ito.

For Shiori's puppet masters, it was necessary to degrade the reputation of Mr. Yamaguchi, because he had revealed the fact that Korean Army used comfort women during the Vietnam war too (April 2, 2015). On the following day of his kiss-and-tell article published on "Shukan Bunshun" magazine (April 3, 2015), an attractive woman approached him to have dinner with him in Tokyo during his temporary stay in Japan and Mr. Yamaguchi allegedly became a rapist by her testimony. What a coincidence!!


Shiori said in her book, "Yamaguchi took a photo of me secretly" but no such photo was found after the police checked the PC of Yamaguchi. Mr. Yamaguchi told everything to the prosecution openly and admitted he had sex with her. Shiori has an obligation to prove the existence of the photo before saying he did in front of the media. Anyone, please tell me how we can trust the words of someone that has never done anything he/she should do before doing something that can become a threat to the reputation and honor of a person.


”Most of them are negative about Shiori They are insulting her using nasty words like "lier", "prostitute", "comfort woman" etc. ”

I tell you why. Because we do not trust anything that she said because the case has already been concluded when the prosecution and the Committees for the Inquest of Prosecution, an independent organization composed of 10 commons, dismissed it as lacking clear evidences showing Yamaguchi committed the rape. Shiori MUST show us first new evidences to the prosecution before exposing herself to the foreign media and spreading the unproven crime to the world if she is trying to be a true protector of human rights. She is a despicable hypocrite degrading the reputation and honor of Mr. Yamaguchi.


「中国軍、対外拡張打ち出す 習氏改革、防衛型を転換」





This case has already been dismissed by the prosecution. Based on the request of reexamination by Shiori, the Committees for the Inquest of Prosecution, an independent organization composed of 10 commons, made a research and dismissed it as lacking clear evidences too. How can BBC recover honor of Yamaguchi?






The Lie of Comfort Women Has Been Spread This Way!

*The Anti-Japanese Cooperative Activities of the People Who Have Been Gaining Special Interests through the Postwar Regime of Defeated Country*


Senda Kakou (writer) created the fictional character of "Comfort Women".


Seiji Yoshida (writer) published as a non-fiction novel his fake story about the hunting of comfort women by the Japanese Army. He later confessed to the story was his fabrication.


Takashi Uemura (newspaper reporter) published a fake news on the compulsory

mobilization of comfort women through the national daily paper "Asahi Shinbun".


Kenichi Takagi and Mizuho Fukushima (attorneys) filed a lawsuit using the testimony of Kim Hak-sun "Japanese soldiers forcibly took her to a comfort house". But in her first interview held by the press, she had said, "My parents sold me to Kisaeng (brothel)".


Immediately before the visit to Korea by the Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, Yoshiaki Yoshimi (scholar) said in an article of the Asahi Shinbun,

"The new materials I found clearly show that the military was involved in the mobilization of comfort women, so the government should make an apology and compensation."

However, those materials had already been well known by scholars before his discovery and showed nothing indicative of such an involvement as he mentioned.

In addition, the Asahi Shinbun added to his statement that 80-200 thousand Korean women were mobilized compulsorily by the Japanese Army under the name of volunteer corps.


Kiichi Miyazawa (Prime Minister) made an indiscreet apology without knowing the truth about this subject.


Etsuro Totsuka (attorney) has become the first person using the term of "sex slaves" instead of "comfort women".


Yohei Kohno (Chief Cabinet Secretary) unconsiously has made criminals out of the innocent people of Japan by "Kohno Danwa (Kono Statement)", in which he said, "at times, administrative/military personnel directly took part in the recruitments", although the government did not find any documents testifying to the compulsory mobilization by the Army.

This acknowledgement was made in the course of the negotiations with the Korean government on the basis of political considerations.


A program created by the Chukyo TV has spread the disinformation about Indonesian comfort women using the erroneously translated narrations of the local people.

In the scene of a class for second-year junior high students, the teacher said to them, "The girls were invited to go to school. But actually they were just used for satisfying the sexual desire of the Japanese soldiers instead."

However, the original narration did not include the part of "The girls were invited to go to school".

In addition, the part of the narrations of an ex-comfort woman translated as "I was forced to ride the car by Japanese soldiers" was originally "I was forced to ride the car", i.e., the "by Japanese soldiers" part was missing.

In this manner, the anti-Japanese activists are working for making Japan and Japanese people look like heinous criminals.




両班は、金がなくなると、 使者を送って商人や農民を捕えさせる。

その者が手際よく金を出せば釈放されるが、 出さない場合は、

両班の家に連行され投獄され、 食物も与えられず、


両班の中で最も正直な者たちも、 多かれ少なかれ、




しかも、 この強盗行為を阻止する守令は一人もいない。」

スウェーデン人 アーソン・グレブスト 







アメリカの鏡・日本 ヘレン・ミアーズ

「悲劇の韓国」 「韓国は古くから中国の属国だった。



フランス人宣教師 シャルル・ダレ(韓国事情・平凡社東洋文庫)

1871 年から、1872年にかけて、驚くべき飢餓が半島を襲い、国土は荒廃した。あまりの酷さに、西海岸の人々のなかには 、娘を中国人の密航業者に1人当たり米1升で売るものもいた。

北方の国境の森林を越えて遼東半島にたどり着いた何人かの韓国人は、 惨たらしい国状を絵に描いて宣教師達に示し、「どこの道にも死体が転がっている」と訴えた。

しかし、そんなときでさえ、 半島国王は、中国や日本からの食料買入れを許すよりも、むしろ国民の半数が死んでいくのを放置しておく道を選んだ。」




















Based on some Japanese legends, Japanese prime God Amaterasu is deemed as Jesus Christ by Association of Shinto Shrines, which published in 1962 a book "Interpretation and Faith of Ooharae-no-kotoba"(『大祓詞の解釈と信仰』), where the author Yoneo Okada, manager of Dept. of Research of the organization, says that Amaterasu (Sun god), who died on behalf of Susano (the appointed ruler of the Earth, Kunitsukami) for his sin, was raised from the dead and came out from his tomb (Amano Iwato). The inauguration ceremony of a new Emperor, called Daijosai, is characterized by the reception of the Spirit of Amaterasu through three rituals of 1. Baptism, 2. Communion and 3. Resurrection.

Namio Enami, honorary professor of Tokyo University, said, "In the second century A.D., the first-generation Christians came to Japan."







”現在、われわれは、人間至上主義(ヒューマニズム)の最後の時代に生きている。不幸にも、人間至上主義は、教会の非常に多くの領域を占領している。神の法は軽視され、教会員たちは「自分の内面において知覚する法しか認め」ず、これを聖霊の導きと呼んでいる。”(R・J・ラッシュドゥーニー、An Informed Faith: The Position Papers of R. J. Rushdoony, Volume 1 (Vallecito, CA: Ross House Books, 2017), p. 12.)





なぜ日本文化にユダヤの痕跡が? この謎は「バビロン捕囚」という鍵によって解ける。 BC586年バビロンに連れていかれた南朝ユダヤ人は、BC537年ペルシャによって解放された。政治体制がペルシャと酷似する秦王朝はユダヤ。始皇帝に派遣された同族の徐福はユダヤ人で物部氏の祖となった。




ボルトンは、北朝鮮を中国に渡すつもりだ。by 西岡力氏







”去年の9月に中朝国境で北朝鮮の人民軍がトラック2台分の武器を中国に密輸しようとした。相手はウイグルですね。ウイグルの武装ゲリラ勢力に金正恩が―金正恩が許可した明確な証拠はありませんが―82 mmの迫撃砲10門、弾20箱等を売ろうとして摘発された。この情報は複数の筋から確認した。中国はこれを徹底的に秘密にしているけれども、北朝鮮側に強く抗議して、合同調査を求めたが、金正恩は拒否した。9月ですからね。中朝国境と言う事は「持って行って使う」ということではなくて、北京で行われた党大会目指してテロリズムをやろうとしたという疑いがある。そのことについて確実な証拠を習近平も握っていて、だから、「戦略的に意思疎通をしろ」という事は、「お前謝りにこい」と。「捕まってるじゃないか」と。「お前知らなかったんだったらその軍人を全部処分して、謝れ」と。「そういうところから始めなければ、いくらアメリカ強いと言ったって後ろ盾にならないぞ」という話から始まってるんだと思います。”(西岡力氏)








The then chairman of Nanjing International Committee John H. D. Rabe issued "A Certificate of Appreciation" to Japanese military in Dec 14, 1937, saying, "Dear Sirs. We express our appreciation to your artillery’s praiseworthy act of having not attacked the Safety Zone and for our becoming able to communicate with you (commander Matsui) about the future plan for supporting Chinese citizens in the same area." (Stenography No.210). After the war, some Japanese soldiers were captured and brainwashed so that they might testify to the atrocities happening there. Chinese commies caused some degenerate Japanese to make oral testimonies to the atrocities, such as Yasuji Kaneko, who enlisted in the army in 1940 and testified to the deeds in Nanjing made in 1937. Seiji Yoshida, who evidenced to the compulsory mobilization of comfort women in Cheju island, later admitted the story was fake. Actually, there happened the executions of the guerrillas who disguised themselves as civilians but no murders of ordinary citizens took place, except for the cases of some evil soldiers acting against the order of the Japanese military.


”NHKには内部に22の共産党支部があり、昭和63年の調査では東京都下だけでも、98名以上のキャスター、アナウンサー、ディレクター等が共産党員である事が確認されている。この共産党員数は、テレビ朝日やTBSと並んでテレビ業界の上位3位に入るものである《深田匠》 URL











(2分45秒) 「今日、私の良き友人、日本の安倍晋三総理を迎えた事に興奮している」 ※以下昨秋の日本訪問時の歓待に対する最大級のお礼。

(3分26秒) 「昨年11月にアジアを歴訪した時、北朝鮮政権に対して最大の圧力をかける為の我々の行動を支持するよう求め、我々は大きな成功を収めた。ご存知の通り、この数週間のうちに私は朝鮮半島の非核化について話し合う為に金正恩と会談を行う」

(4分05秒) 「だから我々はこの会談を世界的成功に導く為に出来る事は何でもするつもりだ。単にアメリカ合衆国の為でも韓国の為でも北朝鮮の為でも日本の為だけではない。そうではなくて世界中の為なのだ」

【訳注1】 トランプ大統領の”I(私)”と”We(我々)”の使い分けに注目したいです。安倍総理に謝意を表すときは“I wanna thank the Prime Minister for his insight and support..”とトランプ大統領個人が「オレが感謝している」というニュアンスがあるのが感じられます。尚この部分、”insight”についてはやはり安倍総理がトランプ大統領に朝鮮半島情勢、歴史などについて縷縷説明をしたという事があったのだろうと考えられます。その見識やアドバイスにトランプ大統領は納得して「シンゾーにはinsight(見識/洞察力)がある」と考えているのだと思います。 【訳注終わり】→続く。次は必読です!


【訳注2】 ここは劇的な部分です。以下原文聞き取り(やや適当w) ”Your support has been critical to getting us to this important moment in time, it’s a historic moment and possibly beyond that if it works out properly.”では”this important moment”(この重要な瞬間)とは何か? 「朝鮮半島の非核化を目指す米朝会談」 の事です。その前の”getting us to”と合わせると「朝鮮半島の非核化(または米朝会談)に我々アメリカが到達する」という感じ。”in time”は「間に合った」くらいの語感か。

つまりこの重要な瞬間をこのタイミングで実現するのに「安倍総理のサポートはずっと決定的(critical)なものだった」と大統領は述べているのです。これを聞いて私はブッたまげました。 続けて大統領は”it’s a historic moment and possibly beyond that if it works out properly”と言っています。

この会談が成功して朝鮮半島の非核化に成功したら歴史的な瞬間どころかそれ以上のもんだぜ、と言っている訳です。私もそれはそうだと思います。 【訳注終わり】

(5分34秒) 「我々は我々の前の歴代政権が犯してきた過ちを繰り返すつもりはない。北朝鮮が非核化するまで我々の最大の圧力行使を続ける」

(6分24秒) 「昨年の秋に日本を訪れていた時、北朝鮮政府によって愛する家族を拉致されたという恐ろしい心痛に耐えている日本のご家族に会った。我々はこの家族が可能な限り早く再会するのを見たい。そしてこれはシンゾー(安倍晋三)の心の中で真に最も重要な事だという事実を私は知っている」

(6分52秒) 「我々はこの件についてしばしば話し合った。君(安倍総理)にとってとても大事な事だ。そして我々は彼ら彼女らを取り戻すために、日本に連れ帰って来るために出来る事は何でもするつもりだ。私はそれを約束する」

【訳注3】 原文は”We talk about it often, so important to you, and we’re going to do everything possible to have them brought back, bring them back to Japan. I gave you that promise.”です。ここで刮目すべきは最後の”I gave you that promise”ではないでしょうか。

これは「私は君に約束したんだ」くらいの訳でいいと思います。つまり、アメリカ大統領が「シンゾー、オレはお前と約束したんだ」と言ってるのです。アメリカ大統領に個人的にここまで言わせた日本の政治家は過去にいないと思います。【訳注終わり】 (※この後暫く軍備や貿易の話になるが省略)

(8分42秒) 「この2日間は極めて実りあるものだった。私は心から信じるのだが日本とアメリカ合衆国との友情が今日ほど濃密(close)なものであった事はかつて無かった。そして二国の人々の紐帯がこれほど強固な事は無かった。 今後数ヶ月にわたって我々はこの偉大なる友情を信頼する。


【訳注4】 後半のトランプ大統領の言葉の重さに私は慄く思いでした。以下原文。

“The friendship between Japan and United States has never been closer, I truly believe it has never been closer than it si today.(中略) In the months ahead we will rely on this great friendship, as we face an array of all challenges and new opportunities and we will face them together.”

つまりトランプ大統領は「私は今日ほど日本とアメリカの友情が濃密だった事はないと本当に信じている」と前置きをした上で、 「我々は来るべき数ヶ月において この偉大なる友情を信頼することになる 何故なら我々は数々の難題と新しい機会に直面するからだ 我々はそれらに共に向き合うのだ」と述べた訳です。これ、慄然としませんか?我々は”we will face them together”だそうですよ。この言葉には「同盟」という物の持つ重さを感じました。我々は現在の激しく動きつつある世界情勢の中に既に組み込まれているのです、否応なく。我々は今、激動の端緒に立っている様に思われます。


(9分22秒) 「(安倍)総理大臣、この重要なディスカッションとミーティングの為に貴方がマーアラゴまで来てくれた事に私は再度お礼申し上げる。君をここに招くこと、そして我々の2つの真に偉大で素晴らしい国のため大いなる安全保障、繁栄、そして平和について仕事をする事はとても名誉な事だ。

君がここにいてくれて有難う。有難う」【日本語訳終わり】 以上です。巷間誠しやかに語られる「安倍総理がアメリカに相手にされていない」とか「安倍総理は蚊帳の外」とか「日米会談は失敗だった」という論調がいかに軽薄なものか、いかに的外れで無責任なものかがお判りいただけたかと思います。





ああっ【訳注1】の元の分を貼り忘れてた!ミッシングなのは以下の文です。 (4分39秒) 「私は何年にもわたる(安倍)総理大臣の見識とサポートに感謝したい。我々は平和で核の無い朝鮮という夢を追及して来た。シンゾー(晋三)、君は我々と共に一生懸命仕事をしてくれた。

そして我々の仲間たちよ、我々は君達にとても感謝しているし我々は君達と共にある。君達はこれまでよりもずっと我々と近しくなった。我々はこの問題について共に仕事をしている。有難う」 (この後に【訳注1】に続きます。慌てて忘れてました)

























受領番号:陸支密受第二一九七号 起元庁(課名):兵務課




・決行指定:櫛淵(陸軍省大臣官房副官) 押印

・次官     梅津(陸軍省次官) 押印

・高級副官 櫛淵(陸軍省大臣官房副官)押印

・主務局長 今村均(陸軍省兵務局長) 押印

 他、主務副官・主務課長・主務課員 押印




陸支密七四五号  昭和十三年三月四日


なんで橋下に騙される人が多いのかね。わけわからん。あいつの支持者を見てみ。宮内、南部、竹中、韓、・・・ 親中国のキッシンジャーに連なる在日人脈だろ。その政策は、PB黒字化、そのための緊縮、構造改革・・・日本を地盤沈下させるものばかり。URL
























「ユダヤ・グノーシス主義が、キリスト教グノーシス主義もしくはユダヤ・キリスト教グノーシス主義よりも前に存在していたことは、疑いの余地がない。外典にも見られるとおり、ユダヤ教はバビロン及びシリアの教義を受け入れていたので、紀元前2世紀以来、グノーシス思想はユダヤ教と結びついてきた。」(Harnack," "Geschichte der Altchristlichen Litteratur," p. 144).




馬淵先生、実際、キャロル・クイグリー元ジョージタウン大歴史学教授は、身の危険を感じつつも、ロスチャイルドの傀儡セシル・ローズが作ったミルナー・グループの陰謀をAnglo-American Establishmentの中で証言していますよ。


















Dear U.S. Ambassador Bill Hagerty:

2015 Japan-Korea agreement aiming at settling the comfort woman issue finally and irreversibly was established with the support of the U.S. govt. I wonder why Rep. Maroney is trying to confound the situation by requiring Japanese govt to make more apology.

@usembassytokyo @USAmbJapan


I do not say there is no one or few that suffer from rapes here. But what you say in your article as a case of rape crimes happening on a daily basis in Japan, Miss Shiori Ito's one is a completely false charge, which has already been proved by the courts of Japan. Please do not say anything that you don't know or you did not do research on in your sites, giving people in the world a wrong impression as if in Japan rape crimes were happening daily, which is not true. You can see young women walking down dark streets alone at the midnight here. Why? We have fewer cases of rapes compared to the other countries. Women are not stupid here, so if they know the situation with that kind of crime, they will not do such a thing. Japanese rate of rape crimes are on the lowest level in the world. Do research.







Hi, you are an irresponsible third-rate media, who is spreading false information shamelessly based on the false charges by Korean liars, saying, "In Japan here, the sexual assault is a daily affair." Have you ever seen any ladies being assaulted in front of your eyes on a daily basis? I, who live here 60 years, have never seen such a person whatever. Do you believe in the existence of God, who will judge you by every remark that you made during your life? Don't you fear eternal death?

Shiori Ito sent a mail to the alleged "rapist" Yamaguchi the next day, "Thank you for yesterday." Can you trust the word of a rape victim, who was allegedly forced to drink wine with rape drug and say something like this to the rapist? Japanese courts rightly overruled her appeal.







311 Earthquake was caused by the consecutive 5 large quakes at the intervals of 35-20-20-20 secs. This was an artificial earthquake aiming at creating big tsunamis. URL







It is a great tragedy for Japanese to have joined forces with Koreans during the 1931-45 war in China, where they did such atrocities as this to Chinese under the flag of Japanese Army, which eventually have been causing Chinese to hate us.















Despite all the diplomatic efforts by the Japanese govt, FDR ignored all of them to start a war with Japan. After the US occupation of her following inhumane nuke attacks causing the deaths of 400,000 civilians, Charles Louis Kades, a Zionist Jew, created the Constitution of Japan, which stipulates endless disarmament of the country, and the US govt has been imposing it on Japanese to this day. The total control of the US over Japan should be included in the "attempts to overthrow more than 54 foreign govts" in this song.



It is not the Bible but Talmud that teaches the Messiah will come in near future

Jesus came to "fulfill the law or prophets" and said on the cross, "Finished".

Jesus came again in 70 AD, when the temple was destroyed, which means that the system of OT has been finished and replaced with new one with Christ's and Christians' bodies being the new Temple. All of the OT end time prophecies have been completely fulfilled by him at that time. It is Talmud that teaches that Messiah must come in future. Talmudic Jews needed to make Bible believing Christians allow them to create Israel, a false Messiah's Kingdom, from whose reestablished Temple he will govern the whole world. So they have been sending false prophets deeply into the Bible believing Churches, who preach that the Second Coming is imminent. The result is that those Churches became Zionist, supporting the plan of Lucifer (Tamudic Jews' God) for establishing Israel as the center of the New World Order.




God gave those Laws, which enabled debt-free economy and low-rate taxation, only to the people that had already become a nation of Yahweh at the foot of Mt. Sinai, with the general principle that the people of God must be strong enough to assume kingship of the earth and must not be a slave to other nations. So, if we apply the Law of God of OT to today's world, it should be noted that those laws for freedom and prosperity such as sabbatical liberation, low-rate taxation, etc., cannot be applied to the people willfully denying the faith in Jesus. The OT Laws must not be given to the present system of democracy, where the sovereign power is provided to any persons with citizenship irrespective of their faith. God does not want to give freedom and prosperity even to Satan-worshipers. The idealistic political system in the Bible is a form of spiritual aristocracy, where the right of voting is strictly limited to the believers in Jesus Christ as the only Messiah, the Bible as the only ultimate authority for every area of life and thought and the positive view of history that the Kingdom of God will inevitably prevail throughout the world against all odds.


In her book "Black Box", she admitted the fact that she sent a mail to the alleged "rapist" later on April 6, 2015, "Thanks for everything. Did you get back to Washington safely? I would be happy if you tell me what measure you will take for my getting VISA."

Could a person who was raped by someone after drinking a glass of wine with a "date rape drug" send such a mail to the rapist? Mr. Yamaguchi was cleared of suspicion and released without charge.

It is said in the net that she uses Jpn family name "伊藤" here but Korean one "尹" in Instagram. It happens often that Koreans use Japanese name in Japan to hide his or her true nationality for criminal purposes. She has been used as a tool for destroying reputation of PM Abe, a friend of Yamaguchi.



I learned a general principle of interpretation of the Bible from my teacher: there is nothing written in the Bible that the direct readers of each book of it could not understand, so the Book of Revelation MUST NOT be read from the point of view of people living in the 21st century.



まったくもって、そのとおり!!! ただ、反米、反安倍をかたる人間についていって、小沢や民進に投票すると、中国という国際金融資本の手先に絡め取られる。


”The US wanted to prevend unneeded victims at US side. Japanese emperor prepared total war, all japanese had to fight. As Japan started the war, logic that they were the ones that should die, and NOT the allies.”

LOL You are totally ignorant of the history. It was Rousevelt that wanted to start the war, so he ignored any and every diplomatic effort that Japanese did to prevent war with the US. Study harder in your high school.


"Japan would never admit all the atrocities they committed. Most of the Japanese also don't know about unit 731 that is so well covered up by Japan and America. Are they human?"

Show me the proofs of Unit 731, please. Without any evidence, you cannot say anything against anybody. As soon as the Unit hear the news of the defeat of Japan in the war, they destroyed any and every material within the complex of the building. What can you show me as concrete physical evidence?




The murdered woman with her snatch stuck with a twig, which was a typical atrocious behavior of Chinese, wore a pair of tabis, Japanese two-fingered socks. She was a Japanese. Why do Chinese often use the photos of Japanese victims murdered by Chinese as those of Chinese by Japanese?


"I am usually not a Japanese basher, but when i see in the comment section that some Japanese said that the Nanjing Massacre is fake and that the Chinese are lying about it, it make me wonder, if Japan should have been nuked a third time, these people seems like fucking scum and i am loosing all empathy for them. Fuck Japan. "

Then tell me why Japanese Army issued "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to 160,000 male adults if it intended to annihilate the population.


Judaism is based on Talmud, which is Luciferianism, coming from a religion of Canaanites. So Judaisers have been spiritually controlled by Canaanites, which is against the prophesies of Noah. Semites must govern the Canaanites, not the other way around.


The scholars in this video are notorious for their anti-Japanese activities, such as Yoshiaki Yoshimi, who was defeated in the sex slave trial, where, in 2016, he was convicted of his phony research on Japanese sex slave systems and sentenced to the payment of 12 million yen to the accuser. URL











Johannes Biermanski, "The Sacred Scriptures - Vol. III"


”私は、カトリックもプロテスタントも、ユダヤ教も国教ではないアメリカを信じている。 すなわち、公共政策に関して、教皇や国家教会評議会またはその他の宗教的権威に指示を求めたり、そこからの指示を受け入れたりするような公務員が一人もいないようなアメリカ、いかなる宗教団体も、自らの意志を一般市民や公務員の公的活動に対して直接的または間接的に強要しようとしないアメリカ、そして、宗教的自由が非常に公平かつ公共的であるため、ある教会に敵対する行為がすべての教会に対する敵対行為として扱われるアメリカを信じている。”



東条英機の遺言 今次戦争の指導者たる米英側の指導者は、大きな失敗を犯した。 第一は、日本といふ赤化の防壁を破壊し去ったことである。 第二は、満州を赤化の根拠地たらしめた。 第三は、朝鮮を二分して東亜紛糾の因たらしめた。 米英の指導者は、これを救済する責任を負うて居る。



地下10kmあたりまで掘削できる「ちきゅう」で使用されている直径50cmパイプの場合、核弾頭W80やW81(直径30cm、重量110kg、核出力TNT最大150 キロトン相当)を入れることができる。






"Wow i know what you say. Its like in germany.. Same game mASS brainwashing.

Our president is a commi woman but i guess u know that one ;)(

I was wandering how its possible that ppl can live in the Citys of Hiroshima and Nagasaki .. Isnt it all conatminated. Like chernobyl ?? Also i can not see footage if the bombs beeing dropped.. Only the explosion afterwards. OK maybe you can help me.. Hope you are find bye"

The levels of radioactive contamination of those cities are lower than those of the world.







"look at tons comments, people from the world with justice, conscience, moral fuck jap, whole world know japs are barbarian evil, shame on u jap, u re 100% チンチョン鬼畜って(barbarian evil)!"

"people from the world with justice, conscience, moral " will not see you, who say only " fuck jap", as a person with justice, conscience, and morality. hahaha


The blind men who intend to see only what they want to see cannot create science. All the technologies that Chinese have are stolen from Russia, US, Germany and Japan. Take as an example the super-high speed train, which was stolen from Japanese, which fact Chinese themselves boast of.



LOL You Chinese are using the photos of Japanese murdered by Chinese as those of Chinese murdered by Japanese. These fake photos are shown in Nanjing Massacre Museum.







"Avoid answering your questions? Aiya. I just did."

Where? Where did you show the holes of bones of "300,000" "civilians"

CCP is spreading lies about the NM, where they say that "300,000 civilians" were murdered.

To kill the guerrillas wearing civilian clothes, which is a legitimate act of warfare, is one thing, while to kill 300,000 civilians is another.

To kill the POWs, who did not obey the order of Japanese Army but ran away, is also a legitimate act of warfare, while to kill 300,000 civilians is another.

Where did you show me the reason for Japanese Army issuing the Certificate to 160,000 civilians?

If mass murder of 300,000 is true, why did they issue them?

Why did Chinese children come to play with Japanese soldiers, if Japanese were really mass murderers?












Not again. Why do you avoid answering my questions? All that you have to do is show me the holes of bones of 300,000 victims and the reason why JA issued "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to 160,000 male adults in Nanjing. Make your own remarks, do not use other secondary sources, which only show some of the cadavers that cannot be proved to be those of Nanjing Massacre.


"See, redirect me to where my arguments have been stated. On why Japan deserved Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Direct me to that. You said that they are repetitive, so you must have seen them here. If not, you can't refute them. I refute all you say, atleast have the common respect to do that for me. Otherwise, it looks like you don't have a good defense."

LOL Do you want to say we did wrong, which causes us to deserve Hiroshima and Nagasaki? If so, what did Chinese do that deserved the mass murder of 100 million in Cultural Revolution? Stupid.


"They were more brutal than the devil in terms of the terrible slaughter in 1937 in Nanjing, China, and the gang rape in South Korea in 1921."

LOL You cannot prove anything here. Show me the evidence of the existence of "terrible slaughter in 1937 in Nanjing" and "gang rape in South Korea in 1921". Liar. Koreans are notorious for their habitual sin of telling lies. There are 400 times as many perjury cases in court as in Japan.


"Nanjing, take it or leave it, a large, large majority of the modern world that has studied the Sino-Jap war believes it."

Not again. We are not interested in who believes it. Prove the existence of NM by showing us the holes of bones of 300,000. It would be quite easy if there had been a massacre of 300,000. You can find bones everywhere in Nanjing. And tell me why Japanese Army issued "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to 160,000 adult males in Nanjing to avoid guerrillas if it tried to annihilate the population. Tell me why Chinese children gathered together to play with Japanese soldiers in Nanjing if they are gory fiends killing 300,000 civilians.



"FDR didn't want military confrontation."


Why do Chinese and Americans know nothing about the war?

It is FDR that wanted to create the war according to his remarks recorded in the diary of Stimson, "I want to war with Japan but hope that we don't fire the first shot."

FDR was an agent of Comintern working together with Stalin and its spies White and Hiss in the US, while with Sorge and his minor Hotsumi Ozaki in Japan. Ozaki, before his execution in Japan as a spy, confessed that his organization (Comintern) had a plan to involve Japan into the war with China.

Chinese communists used Japan as a tool for making Kuomintang Army debilitated to create Communist China. After the war, Mao said to Kozo Sasaki, the Chairman Japanese Socialist Party, "You need not apologize for the invasion, which made us able to take over China."

After the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, CCP agents sent a telegram from the University of Beijing to the headquarters in Yan'an: "成功了!(We made it!)成功了!成功了!", which means that they succeeded in making Japanese fight with Chiang Kai-shek.

After that, Japanese communist PM Fumimaro Konoe, whose senior adviser was Ozaki, discarded his anti-expansionist policy and decided the dispatch of troops to China.

Gen. Akira Muto, who was an agent of Comintern working with Sorge, said "An interesting event happened, didn't it?" when he heard the news of Marco Paulo Incident. Later Muto made the war expanded deeply into the Chinese continent.

FDR used the Japanese foray as a pretext for punishing it with economic sanctions, which eventually led to the Pacific War, although the US had helped Japan with materials such as oil and steel during the war with China.

The Democratic President and CCP were the agents working for the realization of the world revolution.

FDR was a traitor to Americans, who have lost Japan and China, staunch bulwarks against the communist threats.


From the fact that FDR had planned to air raid Japan, it is clear that he had wanted to war with Japan. The provocation was performed by embargoes of oil and steel, for 80% of which Japan depended on the US. The US had presented Hull Note, which required Japan to discard all the overseas territories, which it had had gained through the war with China and Russia. The requirement meant to declare the war to Japan, because it knew that Japanese could not accept it. Hull Note was created by Harry D. White, who was a spy of Comintern. The war was planned by communists. The ordinary citizens of the US and Japan had not intended to fight each other. All was implemented according to the communist attempt of the world revolution.


"Hey, what did Japan do on December 7th, 1941? GREAT JOB GUYS 😂😂😂! Thanks for the heads up! Although, next time, send diplomat that aren't completely incompetent!"

Those diplomats are not incompetent, because, like in Iraqi war, the US will do anything if it wants to war with a country irrespective of any efforts on the side of the opponent. Do you know the 8 stage plan of McCollum's for provoking Japan into the war with the US?


"That's some selective hearing you got there."

Evidence please. See the statistics of research "How Asians View Each Other" by non-Japanese org.:


Thais' rate of Japan is 81%.


"The nips get awfully upset when they are faced with the truth. "

Not again. Why do you repeat the same thing again and again: "NM is truth, so Japanese must acknowledge it" This is just a proclamation not evidence. Who will admit NM is real without evidence? No matter how many more times you do unilateral accusation based only on the remarks or testimonies of some scholars of the former Allies or Chinese survivors, we will just deem you as idiot. Show me the holes of bones of 300,000 in Nanjing. Tell me why Japanese Army issued 160,000 sheets of "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to male adults in Nanjing? Show me the original sheets of paper showing the data that the Unit 731 itself created, not the shitty testimonies of lying Chinese. Mind you, you should take higher education at a university or a high school to know the effective way of accusing others of what you think they did. The scientific way of thinking is hard to get without studious habit. What you Chinese lack is just "diligent effort".


"Some of Thailand is also pro-China."

There are "some" who like China in every country. The percentage of Thais who like Japan is 94.2%. They are the no.1 pro-Japanese in the world.


"So what about Seni Pramoj, brother of Kukrit and three times PM of Thailand? He led the armed resistance against the nips. Did you know that? He and the many resistance fighters did not say thank you to nips for invading Thailand, not at all, and he was not at all happy that his brother was a traitor and collaborator."

Thailand is pro-Japanese today. Why? Because they know that the purpose of Japanese occupation did not lie in the enslavement of Thais but the emancipation of Asians from the western colonialism. In fact, according to MacArthur, the advancement of Japanese Army toward the South was carried out for acquiring the natural resources, especially oil, that the western allies had refused to export to Japan. Unlike his brother, Seni Pramoj was one of the pro-Western betrayers to Asian people. After "expelling" Japanese from the SE Asia, what happened to the region? France came back for reoccupying Indochina. Dutch came back to regain the oil of Indonesia. Chinese tried to invade Vietnam. It is stupid of you, westerners and Chinese, to blame only Japanese for imperialism, while pretending to be heroes.


"u should ask urself the same question blockhead, why do u REPEAT to distort the history over and over. "

Because you have never been able to prove that. All things that you do is "baseless accusation". Or do you think that "the former USA president Roosevelt said Jap is" true? THIS IS NOT PROOF. Why do you repeat the same thing again and again? To prove someone's crime, you MUST present the reason and evidence.


”Jap is worse than Nazi.”

Why? Did we murder more than 6 million Jews? What did we do? 300,000 mass murder in Nanjing? BS. Prove that. Show me the holes of bones of 300,000. Tell me why Japanese army issued "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to 160,000 male adults in Nanjing.


"did u scared to die when NK's bomb flied over ur blockhead couple days ago? why jap did nothing? BTW, u re a fucking stupid moron without conscience, justice and morality. how can u understand the history?u re nothing more than shit ignorant coward behind the computer to spew the same distortion here everyday, BORING, TIRED, DISGUSTING! u should not be existing in this earth, pollute this society!"

”why jap did nothing?” 

LOL Why should we do anything to that? The missile did not invade the territories of Japan, whose flight altitude of its lofted trajectory 2,111km is beyond our territorial range. Or does your country deems the launch as the invasion into its territory despite no evidence of encroachment? You are stupidly ignorant.


"Fuck jap,Ur disgusting comments give me a new respect to USA for the decision to drop the bomb to jap, shame for only 2, should drop 20 bombs! Ur mother was raped by a group of Jap Monkey soldiers. Here you are, such a fucking moron I've never seen so far. Barbaric degenerate scum. U will join Hirohito so soon. He will welcome you in sharing sucking up the colossal dick of Hitler in hell."

Why do you repeat the same things again and again? The more you say, the more you are revealing your true self: despicably ignorant puppet used by your evil communist govt for destroying yourself and your family.

You are responsible for all your dirty words uttered here before God.

May God punish this evil man for his unreasonable hatred and dirty words against Japanese, who did nothing wrong to him.


"why jap invade China bothering a lot reader? Here is the TRUE: jap is a small island with lacking of resource. China is a big country with a lot resource"

You have too shallow understanding caused by ignorance. Nobody besides communists in Japan has tried to invade the land of China and other countries. Fumimaro Konoe, Kanji Ishihara, Akira Muto, Seishiro Itagaki, and Hotsumi Ozaki were communists working according to the orders of Comintern. Emperor Hirohito and the other anti-expansionists had been against the invasion into Manchuria and there had been many statesmen against aggression murdered by communist soldiers like in coups such as 2.26 Incidents.


”it had nothing to do with the nips who were never in India anyway.”

The location does not matter. Japan debilitated the colonialist rule of Britain, Holland, and France over Asia through military victories there. Without our fights, those countries would continue to make Asians slaves even today, which can be easily surmised from the fact that It was only after the battles of Japanese with them that Asian countries became independent.

Vietnam from France (1885-1945)

Philippine from America (1900-1946)

Malaysia from England (1895-1957)

Indonesia from Holland (mid-19th c.-1945)

Cambodia from France (1863-1945)

Laos from France (1899 -1953)

Myanmar from England (1886-1943)

India from England (mid-19th c.-1947)





"Hirosima, Nagashaki's 2 bomb dropping by USA is a big Liar in 20 Century!"

LOL Crazy.

Then tell me why even the US admits it actually dropped them.

If only Japan tells that to the world, your word makes sense but the attacker himself admits. Why?

Everybody, this is communist China, a shameless lying nation, which tries to degrade Japanese reputation in the world using any and every means it can use: propaganda, lie, deception, demonization and so on.

Imagine what the world will become if it takes over the world.

Hell. Just hell.

I truly hope that God will punish this evil nation as soon as possible.


"The tusnami was a conspiracy? Wow, Is there no limit to stupidity on the internet?"

To me, the person seems more stupid who can believe the nature created 5 consecutive earthquakes of Magnitude 7.0 level taking place at almost equal intervals 35-20-20-20 seconds.



"I will go to Malaysia and India next month. Tell me where the memorials to the glorious nip liberators are. I would like to see them! As the nips never got into India, I cannot imagine why the Indians would consider themselves to have been liberated by them."

Not again. Why do you stick to the memorials? It was the US that won the war and exerted the superlative influence over the world since the end of the ww2. Who would want to install the statues of Japan and Nazi in the face of the US except for the Socialist countries? BTW, show me the real words of Nehru calling Japan as Nazi. If he actually said that, he is schizophrenia.

"Hirohito is in hell regretting his arrogance, weakness and stupidity. "

What do you know about Hirohito? He was very meek. He had had no intention of invasion into China and war with the US. But the then constitution of Japan stipulated the Emperor to invariably agree to the decision of the Diet. it was communists Fumimaro Konoe, Sorge, Hotsumi Ozaki, and Akira Muto that worked for the order from the Comintern and attempted to involve Japan into the war with China and the US in order to realize the revolution of Asia.

"In the UK we have memorials and statues dedicated to losers; Charles I for example, who had his head chopped off!"

hahaha, if so, why did you Brits admire this stupid king? For what credits did you install it?


"I am surprised at your total ignorance of the world. Where do you live? Who is responsible for your education?"

distorting & denying history, change text book etc...fucking evil barbaric jap, how dare to ask such question sato? U re talking about urself evil Jap! fuck u evil jap, fucking liar, Ur comments are shit and fucking JOKE! barbarian is barbarian, never change, should be nuked!

If your brainwashing text book is true, please show me the holes of bones of 300,000 in Nanjing. Please show me the reason that the Japanese Army issued 160,000 sheets of "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to adult males there if it tried to annihilate all the population. You cannot answer these questions. This is a fatal problem for you. You have lost the battle on NM, so has every other person who insists the existence of the massacre.



"Why does the Sultan of Brunei choose the terrible British Imperialists to provide his guard of 2,000 British Army soldiers? Why does he not choose the heroic nip liberators? Why does Singapore choose the British army to select and lead its special gurkha contingent? Why does Singapore not choose the heroic nip liberators for the job? Why do they choose their former colonial masters and not the nip liberators? Ha ha! We know why, we really do."

Not again. After the ww2, it was the US that controlled the world and strictly forbade Japanese to exert their influence on other nations. The Sultan of Brunei and Singaporean leaders did not choose Japanese because the US totally suppressed the Japanese activities overseas. Today Japan was selected in Asean 7 countries as No.1 that can be trusted among other countries such as China, the US, and so on.


"Let me tell u, the horrible thing is none of chinese forgive jap. that Hatred is as terrible as like bomb. if anything even small thing trigger the war between sino-jap, small island will be gone. trust me, chinese will never allow this war happen in mainland China as like ww2. we'll see! jap, u re vicious ethic in chinese mind, never ever change!"

LOL If China attacks us, the land of Chinese will be gone. You may think of yourself as big, but your economy is on the verge of the collapse with huge amount of debt. Your military power of Navy is by far smaller and weaker than those of Japanese and American. We both have the accumulated experiences since 19th century. While China is a country of continent, Japan is of sea. If you use nukes, the countries around you will use them against you instantly. India, Russia, and Vietnam will crunch your territories. We will create 1000 nukes against you within a month, because we have enough materials and technologies. Or the US will give us the license to use nukes. Judging from the way Chinese are behaving themselves, personally, I think China will last just more 2 years. Arrogance against the No.1 helper after the ww2 is a symptom of the collapse of a country like the Soviet Union showed 30 years ago. You have become insolent too much. Judgment is at hand. Be wary of your remarks.


"Ha ha! Believe me the SE Asians truly despised the nips and their brutality. I am old enough (66) to know many people who witnessed it themselves. Your grandfathers, father and uncles are all criminals. Hirohito is in hell regretting his arrogance, weakness and stupidity. In the UK we have memorials and statues dedicated to losers; Charles I for example, who had his head chopped off!"

hahaha, you finally convinced me that you are crazy.

In 2014, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan commissioned IPSOS Hong Kong to perform "Public Opinion Survey on Japan" in the 7 ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Thai, Vietnam, and Myanmar) online.

The result is the following:

1. More than 90% say "We are in mutual friendship with Japan" and "Japan is reliable".

2. As for the question "Which is the most reliable country...", Japan was selected as No.1 (33%) among 11 countries including the US, China and so on.

I have an acquaintance living in former Manchuria who says "The period of Japanese reign was good, so the residents of former Manchuria are pro-Japanese."

Taiwanese are pro-Japanese.

It is only you Chinese and Koreans that are anti-Japanese.

Chinese have been provided with enormous amount of money as ODA from Japan but hate us.

What a depraved nation Chinese are! LOLOL


"Who led the underground armed resistance against the nips? That's right, Kukrit Pramoj's brother, Seni. So who do you think Kukrit really sided with you idiot? In all of Asia, not a single street, not a single park named after the four eyed, chinless hirohito, or any japanese personality. If Asians are so grateful to the so called nip liberators, why have they not memorialised that somewhere in their cities? The Indians fought against the nips, with the British because, as Nehru said, they preferred British democracy over nip fascism."

Are you crazy? Who would want to defend the side and even install the statues for the honor of the losers Japan and Nazi under the global domination of the US after the ww2? The world history was defined by the US and the Allies in their favor. The people all over the world have been praising the military exploits of Eisenhower and MacArthur, though their govt committed the worst war crimes in the history: using A-bombs against 300,000 civilians and incendiary bombs against 100,000. It is totally stupid of you to think that the number of statues in honor of a country decides the true meaning of the war. In Japan, there is a maxim "The winner is always in the right, while the losers in the wrong".

Or do you think of the Pharisees swearing at Jesus on the cross as right persons?


I am deeply sorry for the destiny of Paul Tibbets: to become the first mass murderer using nuclear weapon. His whole life was spent for erasing his remorse of killing 300,000 civilians.

He knew what the bomb was made for: human experiment.

Enola Gay flew through the city without doing nothing. People came out from their shelters thinking the danger was over.

The plane turned around over Kobe and returned.

The people were gazing at a glittering metallic thing dropped from the plane with small parachute.

This is the worst deliberate mass murder that human beings have ever committed.

To eliminate and justify this war crime, the US has been forging fake stories like Nanjing Massacre and Unit 731.




"can u imagine: ur dad killed by someone, ur daughter molestered by someone, ur mom raped by someone. ur sister was abused to dead, and ur uncle,untie, nephew etc..all got killed. and criminals deny it, distorting it, concealing it....and even make a fun on victim. even Karma want to revenge. shit jap."

Ask the same question of the Tibetans, Uighurs, and Mongols whose dad, daughters, sons, and moms were brutally murdered by CCP. LOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOL


"go find how respectful Germany do to victim Jewish. u re barbaric devil jap, u did nothing, will be nuked again! any problem?"

Why are your eyes blinded to my remarks? How many more times should I present to you the data of official apology for war crimes by Japanese govt?


Who are you that require endless apologies of others?

The more you accuse us of the past, the severer God's requirement is getting against you.

Do you know the word?

"Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."



"According to the Swiss data, Jap slaughtering over 50-60millions innocent civillians in China and Asia, plundering tons treasure and relics from China, look at ur Museum, tons thing stole from China, U even stole precious Ancient Painting supposed to exhibit in gallery in tokyo couple years ago."

LOL Why can you believe such an egregious lie as this?

BTW, show me the name of the Swiss researcher, its data and the resources on which it depended.

Just think of this: How can 50-60millions be slaughtered with conventional weapons during the period of 14 years, which means 10,000 persons were killed by Japanese EVERYDAY WITHOUT BREAK?

Even the US army with state-of-the-arts weapons could kill 15 persons in Iraq.

And tell me, kusojap, what was the purpose of murdering civilians?

What was the merit to do that?

Japanese army officially prohibited the soldiers from committing crimes against civilians such as rapes, murders, lootings, etc., because such crimes make the local people hate the Army, creating the great impediment working against its activities.


"nanking massacre, 731 horror troop etc. subhuman actrocities"

All of these are fabrications of Chinese. If not, prove them with concrete physical evidences. Show us the holes of bones of 300,000. Show us the documents originally created by the Unit showing the existence of human experiments. All about them are just oral testimonies by Chinese, who are notorious for their lying habit. Who would believe such a nonsense as Chinese propaganda?


"it's unbelievable to see some Wretched men expose their lower body at summer night."

LOL I have never seen such men as this in my whole life in Japan. Where did you see him? Never tell a lie.

"a lot lechers steal Bra and Underwear in Laundromat in Jap. "

What is your document that can prove the rate of stealing underwear from laundry machines in Japan is by far higher than that of other countries? Never tell a lie.

"Ogisan( old men) prefer to buy used Teenager's underwear & bra (like teenager's smell),"

What is your document that can prove the rate of old men buying Teenager's underwear and bra in Japan is by far higher than that of other countries? Never tell a lie.

"that's why AV is so productive in Jap,japs=metamorphosis, perverse. can u imaging??"

Japanese AV is popular even in China and Korea, which shows that Chinese and Koreans are perverse, right? LOL You are crazy and you should be hospitalized. BTW, AV related companies and workers are largely Koreans.


"shit brother, moran jap,go fuck ur daddy"

Everybody, look at this bad words. This is the essence of Chinese. They are third world brainwashed people hating irrationally Japan.


"Your denial of any atrocities that happened in China is stupid, if you deny the atrocities in China, you should also be denying the atrocities that were done to the Allied troops."

Your logic is nonsense. You say, "You did that to the Allies, so you did that to Chinese."

It is not evidence of Japanese atrocities to Chinese that we did that to the Allies.

All you must do is to prove there were massacres of 300,000 in Nanjing.


"Japanese author on war atrocities urges nation to reflect on history


Tamaki Matsuoka is notorious for her lies such as spreading the testimony of a soldier, Mr. Kito, who was born in 1926. During the Nanjing massacre in 1937-38, he was 11 y.o. The "TV Asahi", which aired Kito's testimony of massacre, later apologized for the canard.

Do not believe the Japanese provocators who are spies working for Chinese communists.


I have an acquaintance living in former Manchuria who says "The period of Japanese reign was good, so the residents of former Manchuria are pro-Japanese."

Taiwanese are pro-Japanese.

Only Chinese and Koreans are anti-Japanese.

See what Asian people think about Japan.

In 2014, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan commissioned IPSOS Hong Kong to perform "Public Opinion Survey on Japan" in the 7 ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Thai, Vietnam, and Myanmar) online.

The result is the following:

1. More than 90% say "We are in mutual friendship with Japan" and "Japan is reliable".

2. As for the question "Which is the most reliable country...", Japan was selected as No.1 (33%) among 11 countries including the US, China and so on.


"You see, Jerry doesn't keep old Nazi symbols and worship war criminals nearly as prominent as Japan. They also don't rewrite their history."

History is a form of science, not a religion. A scientist must be open to and not reject any attempt to provide a new theory that contradicts the previous ones without using a scientific means. Recently, the US has been declassifying many documents about the ww2, so your opinion should be based on the facts that were newly discovered by them.


"You see, Jerry doesn't keep old Nazi symbols and worship war criminals nearly as prominent as Japan. They also don't rewrite their history."

Not again. There are no war criminals after the official acquittance by victor countries in 1958. If you say that we do wrong by worshiping war criminals in Yasukuni Shrine, what about Americans who are doing the same thing in Arlington, which includes the worst mass murderer LeMay, who killed 100,000 civilians in Tokyo overnight? Just don't say that Americans won, while Japanese lost the war, so the former is not war criminals but only the latter is. This remark will make us feel you are another hypocrite.


”Abhishek, moron, Aggressive India need more toilets and declining rapist than the War! Ignorant India follows the British Colonial brutal policy the expansion of regional hegeymonism”

You are telling your own dreams to the people going against your fake stories. You are like a baby, who is always whining if he is not satisfied with what others do to you. You are a childish loser with no ability to behave yourself as an adult. BTW, can you lead your social life normally and get paid by someone? I don't think so. Who would want to pay you, a daydreaming child?


"As former USA president Roosevelt and French president De Gaulle said, Jap is the most despicable, cunning, ruthless, brutal and bloodthirsty nation in the world! Pretend politely outside, it's black heart, evil and brutal inside. I totally understand now, fuck jpas."

LOL The wife of the Roosevelt confessed later that we misunderstood Japanese. Tell me why we are not doing today the things that the most despicable, cunning, ruthless, brutal and bloodthirsty nation would do. It is Chinese that are doing the things that the most despicable, cunning, ruthless, brutal and bloodthirsty nation: 100 million mass murders of Chinese, Uighur, Tibetan, and Mongol civilians.

If you Chinese are really sacred unlike us, why have you been fighting with or invading neighboring countries all the time: Vietnam, India, Korea, Bulukeba and Soviet Union, while we have never fighting any other countries in the world since the end of the ww2?

If you can answer this question, I may respect you a little bit. LOL


"what if I say that Pearl Harbor is fake ? Do u even pay any attention on your history class? Oh I forgot u are brainwashed. The truth is truth, it has been done, dead never come back to live, show your respect for people who died in WW2. Another thing is this video is not made by Chinese as you can see."

PH is a real history that happened actually, while Nanjing massacre of 300,000 civilians and Unit 731 have no evidences in this world. Don't confuse real things that can be proved and Chinese lies that cannot be proved. It doesn't matter who made this video, because the people who tend to believe easily the propaganda of communists are everywhere.


”Barbaric evil japs spew every crap comment purposely with "communist China blablabla...",”

LOLOL Chinese have no right to see any favorite videos or comments on YouTube or Twitter. This is why China is called communist country. You are a daydreamer who has no knowledge of the world around you, so you call us barbaric. LOLOL We are one of the most advanced people in the world. Come here and see how people live orderly and gracefully with their own property including lands, the right to see anything they want to see, and the right to say anything they want to say UNLIKE CHINESE LIVING IN MAINLAND CHINA. You are a fool living in a well, so you know nothing about the grand ocean. LOLOL


Today's Christians are heavily influenced by the historical view of Talmudic Judaism in the form of Dispensationalism, which tries to erase the wall between OT and NT. Jesus came to fulfill the "Law or Prophets" (i.e., OT) and actually attained this goal on the cross, saying, "Fulfilled." Talmudic Jews do not see Jesus as Messiah, so they neglect this achievement. The whole world has been sanctified through the works of Jesus (Col. 1:20), so if we call Jerusalem and Palestine "Holy Land" and say, "Jerusalem and Palestine must be owned by Jewish people", we neglect the works of Jesus. Dispensationalism, which is a form of Zionism, was created and introduced by Talmudic Jews into Christian churches in order to make Christians Zionist. Israel was established by socialist Jews, who were actually philosophical descendants of Pharisees. Today Bible-believing Christians unconsciously are under the heavy influence of Luciferian thought through the Distpensational view of history.


Matthew 24 lists up the signs of the end of the world. At the latter part of it, He said, "Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place" The Greek word of generation "genea" means "30-33 years" (Thayer's Lexicon). So we should understand the signs have already taken place in the first century. Jesus said in Luke 21:6, "As for these things which you see, the days will come when not one stone will be resting on another, but all will be broken down." Here "you" are none other than Jesus' disciples, so this "days" means the days of the destruction of the Temple that existed until 70AD. We have no right to neglect this historical (temporal) restriction for the exegesis. In addition, Jesus said in 16:28, "Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom." It is clear that He would come again within the lifetime of the people of His same generation.


Jesus came to "fulfill the law or prophets" and said on the cross, "Finished".

Jesus has come again in 70 AD, when the temple was destroyed, which means that the system of OT has been finished to be new one with Christ's and Christians' bodies being the new temple. All of the OT end time prophecies have been completely fulfilled by him at that time. It is Talmud that teaches that Messiah must come again. Talmudic Jews needed to make Bible believing Christians allow them to create Israel, a false Messiah's Kingdom, from whose reestablished Temple he will govern the whole world. So they have been sending false prophets deeply into the Bible believing Churches, who preach that the Second Coming is imminent. The result is that those Churches became Zionist, supporting the plan of Lucifer (Tamudic Jews' God) for establish Israel as the center of the New World Order.


"what you're dealing here with are typical dumb fuck lying cunt face Jap Nips, they're quite happy to lie about the numbers US killed of them insects whilst in the same breath deny their atrocities such as Nanjing."

LOL What are you talking about? Lying? Why? You are ignorant of the severe and lingering after effects of radiation.

The instant death toll in Hiroshima was 122,338 out of the total population of the city 420,000, while in Nagasaki 73,884 out of 240,000. For 5 years after the attacks, 200,000 died in Hiroshima from the after effects of radiation and wounds, while 140,000 in Nagasaki. Taking into consideration of the number of patients of the atomic-bomb sickness which appeared even 10 and 20 years later, the numbers of casualties in both cities can easily be estimated to be more than 400,000 until today. In addition, you can add to the number of casualties murdered by the war crimes of the US the death count in Tokyo Air Raid,100,000.

BTW, to the atrocities committed by CCP, which murdered 100 million Chinese, 1 million Tibetans, 1.5 million Uighurs, 500 thousand Mongols, etc., those committed by the US in Asia cannot hold a candle.

The war crimes of CCP are extraordinary.



"what you're dealing here with are typical dumb fuck lying cunt face Jap Nips, they're quite happy to lie about the numbers US killed of them insects whilst in the same breath deny their atrocities such as Nanjing."

LOL What are you talking about? Lying? Why? You are ignorant of the severe and lingering after effects of radiation.

The instant death toll in Hiroshima was 122,338 out of the total population of the city 420,000, while in Nagasaki 73,884 out of 240,000. For 5 years after the attacks, 200,000 died in Hiroshima from the after effects of radiation and wounds, while 140,000 in Nagasaki. Taking into consideration of the number of patients of the atomic-bomb sickness, which appeared even 10 and 20 years later, the numbers of casualties in both cities can easily be estimated to be more than 400,000 until today. In addition, you can add to the number of casualties murdered by the war crimes of the US the death toll of casualties in Tokyo Air Raid,100,000.

BTW, to the atrocities committed by CCP, which murdered 100 million Chinese, 1 million Tibetans, 1.5 million Uighurs, 500 thousand Mongols, etc., those committed by the US in Asia cannot hold a candle.

The war crimes of CCP are extraordinary.



”The IJA was a culmination of war criminals. ”

Even if I admit the existence of massacre in Nanjing, I cannot say that IJA was such, because the US army murdered more than 400,000 civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The former has no physical evidence, while the latter has many. It is laughable for you to ascribe the title of the culmination of war criminals to any other army than the US army, which has continuously been murdering people in the world. We stopped the war after the ww2, while the US continues to kill civilians. Stop being hypocrite.


"I want to SEE at leats 10,000 tickets. I can show you at LEAST 10,000 bones. Sound's fair? Also, why the hell are you defending war criminals? Not a good look man, not a good look."

Why must I show you 10,000 tickets? The existence of the papers, which are easily destroyed or lost, are not important here. Just the testimonies of the Committee of the Safety Zone are enough. If you are not satisfied, see the movie showing how the residents gathered to receive the paper from the Japanese Army. URL

Why just 10,000 bones? Chinese officially filed the report of Chong Shan Tang on its burial of 100,000 cadavers to the Tokyo Tribunal as an evidence. I have been asking continuously where the holes for the burials are. The number counts a lot, because Chinese communists use the number as a means for making Japanese look like heinous criminals.

"Not a good look"??

How do you feel, if you are called by the people around you "mass murderer and rapist!" though you did nothing. If you attach importance to justice and truth, behave yourself accordingly. And Chinese communists use Japanese as a scapegoat for hiding their crimes against the real mass murders of Tibetans, Uighurs, Mongols and Chinese themselves to deflect the people's attention to the past war crimes of Japanese.

Chinese communists have a plan to take over Japanese territories such as Senkaku and Okinawa, which can be proved by many materials. For facilitating this plan, they need to create and spread worldwide a false image of Japanese as mass murderers and rapists.


Evolution is impossible from the point of view of probability. Every development of character must be accompanied by that of the nerve center controlling it. Without a fully developed nerve center, the developed character cannot contribute to the survival of the owner. For example, a pair of wings developed by one or more mutations cannot work for the survival without the nerve center that has been mutated rightly enough to control it. The development of the nerve center is totally governed by the mutation of the gene thereof, which takes place exclusively by chance. The average number of the base pairs composing a human gene is 7500. Taking into consideration the number of the base types is 4 (A, G, T, and C), the probability of a gene for the nerve center being mutated accordingly is 1/(4^7500), which almost equals to zero. (Here 4^7500 means "4 to the 7500th power".)


"You want evidence, HERE IS EVIDENCE


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LOL You don't know the meaning of evidences. All Japanese here are notorious leftists, including Katsuichi Honda, who later confessed his records were based on the testimonies of Chinese. Katsuichi's newspaper Asahi recently admitted that it spread false information worldwide on comfort woman and apologized. These are NOT the evidences but secondary ones. If you want to provide us with such, check what is written in them minutely and reply to us with concrete physical evidences, while eliminating so called "Lying Chinese communists' propaganda".

Just make an answer to the following questions:

Where are the holes of bones of 300,000 victims?

Why did Japanese army issue the "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to 160,000 adult males in the Safety Zone?

What caused 250,000 Chinese to enter the city, where gory massacre had ended just 2 days ago, in spite of the existence of the army that committed the massacre?


”shit jap, I thought u go to meet ur daddy Hirohito in the hell.”

LOL At last, nothing is left with you, except swearing.


"1. Rape of Nanjing"

If this is real, please show me the holes of bones of 300,000 victims.

Tell me why the Japanese army issued "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to 160,000 adult males in the Safety Zone. If it had had an intention to annihilate the population, why did it provide people with such a certificate?

"2. Unit 731"

Show me the proof of the unit having made human experimentation to ordinary citizens or POWs. Even the US researchers who have checked 100,000 pages of declassified documents could not show any of the evidence of the crime. List up the names of the documents that can prove the existence of the criminality.

"3. Chongqing Bombing"

Before the bombing, the Japanese army had scattered the leaflets from the planes for warning of air raids to prevent citizens from being involved in the attacks.

BTW, air raids are deemed as legitimate act of operation during the war. If not, what do you say about the air raids of the Allies against Germans and Japanese?

"4. Burma Death Railroad"

Do you mention the war crime of the forced labors here? What about the forced labors of 600,000 Japanese and German soldiers in Siberia after the war until 1958, which were decided by the Soviet Union and acknowledged by the Allies? What about the death of 60,000 Japanese soldiers during the labors?

"5. Bataan Death March"

What about the Death March of 2,000 Japanese POWs made by the Allies, which forced them to move from Nauru to Torokina under the severe condition of 35-38 Centigrade heat without any permission of drinking water, which resulted in the death of half of them?

"6. Alexandra Hospital Massacre"

The postwar research on this event by Britain revealed that it was caused by the barricade resistance of the hospital against Japanese army. But there was no judgment on this war crime by the Allies in the court after the war. Why? It is surmised that the hospital may have given a shelter to Chinese soldiers against the International law.

"7. Use of chemical weapons in the Battles of Wuhan and Changde (most noteworthy)"

The type of the agents that Japanese army used was vomiting agent and tear agent, both of which are not fatal and just for controlling the actions of the enemy. Compared to the type of the weapons that the Allies used against Japanese civilians, i.e., atomic bombs, they are nothing.

8. Comfort women

Any and every army has been using comfort women during the wars in any history. Or do you want to say that there is no country besides Japan using them? In 1938, Japanese govt officially prohibited the recruiters from utilizing illegal means for recruiting comfort women such as kidnapping and coaxing. They were paid 750 yen monthly for the job according to the interrogation made by the US army. This amount was equal to that of Prime Minister of Japan.


"Japan already had the goal of conquering China before the Marco Polo Bridge Incident. Communists or not, war between China and Japan was inevitable. Mao's bandits simply took advantage of the situation. X("

Give me evidence. Japanese govt had had a "non-expansionist" policy. Even the Manchurian occupation was performed by Kanji Ishihara AGAINST THE WILL OF THE GOVT. The further advance made by Akira Muto also was made AGAINST THE WILL OF THE GOVT. Kanji Ishihara was a One-World Orderer, while Akira Muto was a collaborator working with Sorge, Soviet spy. All those illegal actions were conducted through the communist network.


"Ro, 劉少奇 of CCP HIMSELF said it was him that had done the firing on July 7, 1937 lol. You know nothing about it, or are telling an utter lie lol."

You are definitely right. It is Chinese communists that caused Japanese to start the war with China. Why? Because they wanted to take over China using Japanese military power. Chinese, true invaders of China is CCP!


"OK, first of all, you have admited, there was a massacre in NanJing, that is good.

1.who told you there were no people within the castle except in the Safety Zone? your prove please."

The International Committee of the Safety Zone said that there was almost no one of the civilians outside of the Zone. (Report No.9 of the US Embassy in Nanjing)

”2. Rabe never wrote, that there were only 200,000 people in NanJing, why do you always make fake story?”

Rabe said in his letter that the population in the zone was 200,000.

"November 28, 1937:

Wang Kopang, the chief of police, has repeatedly declared that 200,000 Chinese are still in the city."(”THE GOODMAN OF NANKING" P.39)

"3.NanJing was the capital of china, and there were only 200,000 people?who can believe your joke?""

800,000 people had evacuated from the city already.

Rabe said,

"December 6, 1937:

In a dialog with Huang Shang Jiao, he said, 'Why did you let 800 thousand richer citizens free?'"


Nanjing massacre is a fabrication created by Chinese communist government

The Nanjing Safety Zone International Committee was an autonomous organization under the leadership of 15 foreigners, which comprised 7 Americans, 4 Englishmen, 3 Germans, and 1 Dane.

The Committee published 61 letters to the Japanese, US, English, German embassies during the period from December 13, 1937, when the Japanese army entered the city, to February 9, 1938.

The members of the committee minutely recorded the situations with the Zone centering around the misdemeanors of Japanese, security, food and claims to the Japanese army.

Those letters can be deemed as reliable sources because providing false information to embassies means to lose their social status, which would cause enormous damage to the committee.

Those letters included three references to the population of the Zone to the effect that the total population of the refugees within the Zone is 200 thousand.

The massacre is said to have lasted 6 weeks from the very day of Japanese Army's entrance into the city, so it began on December 13, 1937 and ended on January 24, 1938.

According to the record by the committee, on January 26 of the next year, it conducted a census of population for preparing the food provision to the refugees, which revealed that the population increased to 250 thousand.

If we follow the account of the Chinese govt, the demographic change of Nanjing should be as follows:

Population before the massacre 200,000

No. of people murdered 300,000

Population 2 days after the massacre 250,000

The population of minus 100,000 is impossible, so let us assume that the number of the people of the city after the massacre became zero.

Then tell us what has made 250,000 people want to come into the city, where the gruesome and gory mass murder and rapes had occurred against civilians just 2 days before?


"fuck Evil japs, 1)"Tachishuben" (pissing off along the Pub's street at night) is popular in jap, "

LOL Nobody except old men does that here. Chinks are pooping everywhere.

”2)Tons "Shikebe" (lewd man) are everywhere special at summer night! ”

"3)a lot Wretched men expose their lower body at night special in the summer."

A few days ago, a Chink with his pants down tried to rape a woman on the street of Tokyo in the middle of the daytime.


"4) tons lechers steal Bra and Underwear in Laundromat in Jap. "

LOL Where are evidences of this? I have never heard about this here.

You are a daydreamer brainwashed by your evil communist govt. Pathetic.


You are right. Without the "one and the many" principle, a culture drifts between totalitarianism and anarchism endlessly. Believe me or not, the culture of Japan is based on the triune God of Shintoism, because Hata clan, which created the basis of Japanese system of religion and culture, came from a Christian country, the Kunyue Kingdom, located in Central Asia in the 3rd century. One of the clan's shrines has a shrine gate, whose shape is a united gate made of three ones. The primary shrine of it "Koryuji temple" located in Kyoto used to be a Christian church.


”Don't underestimate human's Wisdom! I”

You took the word right out of my mouth. Chinese had been betrayers against Asian people. Japanese fought against the colonial occupations by the Western countries. Chinese had never fought for them, just prostrating themselves before white masters. lol


"embarked on world conquest and brutally pillaged and enslaved everywhere they went"

LOL Do you say Japanese embarked on world conquest? How? What is your evidence of this? Show us the original documents.



Coward Chink. My grandfather said that chinky soldiers are always running away from the battle fields crying "Mama!", so their officials tied the machine-gunners' legs to the ground with a chain so that they could not move. LOL


”Are you dare to swear that if it's not fake, you japs will taste 100 more A-bombs.”

Why must we taste 100 or more A-bombs? For what?

What did we do to you?

Crazy Chinese communists, you are the worst mass murderers, who have been killing innocent 100 million Uighurs, Tibetans, Chinese, and Mongols.

You deserve 100 million nuke blasts on your shitty heads. LOL


Evolution is impossible from the point of view of probability. Every development of character must be accompanied by that of the nerve center controlling it. Without the fully developed nerve center, the developed character cannot contribute to the survival of the owner. For example, a pair of wings developed by one or more mutations cannot work for the survival without the nerve center that has been mutated rightly enough to control it. The development of the nerve center is totally governed by the mutation of the gene thereof, which takes place exclusively by chance. The average number of the base pairs included in a human gene is 7500. Taking into consideration the number of the bases is 4 (A, G, T, C), the probability of a gene for the nerve center being mutated accordingly is 1/(4^7500), which almost equals to zero. (Here 4^7500 means "4 to the 7500th power".)


"I've come to know what you Chinks really are. You are not at all interested in the truth of history. All you want to do is spread the fake story to demonize Japan. In other words, you Chinks are demons."

Yeah, you are right. All that chinks are interested in is the power over the people. So their attempts are doomed to failure all the time. They are so stupid that they cannot understand who governs the world truly: righteous God. If they knew the fact that the ethics is the most important thing in this world, they would seek first the righteousness. But the thing that they seek first is the power. In order to attain it, they even worship Satan. But God will judge the evil, so they will perish. This is the vicious cycle always working in the Chinese history. Even if they have gained wealth and power, they cannot enjoy them for a long term. Their kings have been destroying their own dynasty and culture by rushing at instant successes, while ignoring people's happiness. Stupid kings and stupid people. They have no wisdom.


"私は アメリカ人です。





"Japs got away with everything, but not their soul and guilty,"

Why do you Chinese ignore the apologies of more than 30 times by Japanese? Your endless accusation reveals your nation is hypocrite. Have you ever apologized for what you did to Uighurs, Tibetans, and Mongols: 3 million mass murders?


天行者”Japan should drink your own Fukushima radiation contaminated water”

LOL Contamination is much more prevalent over China than Japan. Have you ever seen the colorful rivers and ponds, the pictures of big cities filled with dirty smoke of PM2.5, and dirty soils contaminated by heavy metals in China? It is well known that Chinese are cooking using the oil taken from ditches. Chinese are notorious for pooping everywhere even in buses and elevators. The radiation level in Japan is by far lower than that in Korea, because Koreans put nuclear waste into asphalt for roads. Everybody in the world knows that Japan is one of the cleanest countries, where tourists see rarely litters on the roads here. WAKE UP FROM YOUR SHITTY DREAM TO SEE THE REALITY OF THE WORLD.


"I know that Japan did an undeclared war on China in 1937"

Who educated you? Generally speaking, it is said to be a mystery who made the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, but, to me, it is clear that CCP did.



The Japanese ex-soldiers' testimonies are not reliable because it is possible they have been brainwashed in the communist countries, which are excellent at manipulating human minds and memories. For example, after the Korean War, some American ex-POWs confessed that they used biological weapons during the operations in the North Korea, which startled Americans greatly. But after the debacle of the Soviet Union, some documents were declassified, which proved that there were no such operations in the war. Even after the revelation, some of the veterans continued to hold their testimonies. The power of brainwashing is so strong that they thought that they actually did them.

"Unit 731 wasn't invented by a mystery writer "

In Japan, Seiichi Morimura, the writer of "Akuma no Hoshoku" on the Unit 731, was revealed by Anonymous' hacking of North Korean mails to be a spy of NK.

"Many Chinese, Koreans, and Russian civilians, POWs, etc have confirmed the existence of Unit 731"

The problem does not lie in the existence of the Unit itself but the existence of human experiments by it. Chinese have just oral testimonies, no physical evidences. The accusation is based only on the hearsay, which can be manipulated easily.

Nanjing Massacre, Unit 731, sex slaves...

All the above war crimes that they say Japanese committed are baseless without any physical corroborations.


"Prior to World War II, Japan had created many colonies more than Nazis. Japan forced Koreans to take over, took women to sexual slavery, spread anthrax to China, and used the Russians for biological experiments. "

Totally brainwashed. Colonies? Where? List up.

Japan-Korea Annexation was an equal merger based on a mutual consent and a legal contract.

If it was a colonialism, Japan could have taken assets and wealth from Koreans. No. There was no such a thing as assets and wealth in Korea that were worth while being utilized by us at that time. Rather, Japanese govt invested enormous amount of money gathered from Japanese citizens as tax into Korean peninsula.

Japanese developed infrastructure such as the systems of water and sewage, railways, ports, and educational systems such as universities, schools, and so on, whereby the number of schools increased 40 times.

The purpose of the annexation was the modernization of Korea not "colonialist deprivation" because the main reason lied in the prevention of Russian occupation of Korea, which would turn a great threat to Japan.

"took women to sexual slavery"

There is no evidence of this. Or can you prove it with original documents? The story that 200,000 Korean women were forced to become sex slaves is totally bogus.

How could Japanese army, which was destitute of ammo, materials, money and everything, maintain the system of slavery?

How could they feed 200,000 women in the battle fields?

It has been clarified that the Japanese Army spent 38 trillion yen (in today's currency) to keep 2 million soldiers in the continent annually.

So it can be surmised that it took 3.8 trillion yen to keep 200,000 women alive. Where are the papers to prove the govt sent 3.8 trillion yen to the dispatched army in China?

If they urged the soldiers to use private brothels, the cost could be reduced to almost zero.

In addition, in 1938, Japanese govt had prohibited the recruiters of comfort women from gathering them compulsorily using criminal ways, such as kidnapping and coaxing.

Furthermore, the US Army interrogated comfort women left in a battle field of Burma, where one of them confessed that her monthly salary was 750 yen. Considering the remuneration of a government official was 40 yen, the amount was huge enough to build 3 or 4 houses in Korea after 3 years' work. One comfort woman said that she had received 1500 yen in advance in Korea as a deposit. They were actually millionaires.

"Japan invasion in 1858 ?? So did the United States colonize Japan? NO. "

Ignorant. The US imposed on us the exterritoriality and negated our tariff autonomy, which mean colonization. In order to abolish the former and resume the latter, Japan made tremendous efforts.

Just cursorily reading a part of your comments convinces me that you are totally brainwashed and fatally ignorant. You are not entitled to discussing this matter.


"You remind us never forgive nazi Jps. You only believe what you want to believe. Now there are proofs from China, Russia, Korea and Jp. You still deny it.It seems only material from your father America can persuade you."

You remind us of Nazi, Chinks, too. You are deceiving yourselves. You are killing Uighurs, Tibetans, Wheel of Law, Tienanmen Massacre students and still deny the crimes.

You are whitewashing your crimes by deflecting people's attention to Japanese. Hypocrite, you chinks. The most despicable nation.


”On the other hand, U.S. occupied only one Philippines.”

Why do you intentionally avoid mentioning the facts of US invasion and illegal occupation in Hawaii, Guam, Spain and Mexico (California and Texas)? All those territories were gained by force against the will of the residents.

"Of course, I know that the colonization of the Philippines was not right. And Many Americans also acknowledge that the war in Iraq was an unwarranted war of the Bush regime. Even if I was not the person who caused the war, many Americans are ashamed of this historical facts."

Who would believe the crocodile tears of Americans that have been repeating aggressive wars against Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Grenada, and Panama?

"But Japs are not.”

Why? Why do you ignore our apologies for war crimes performed more than 30 times?


”And did Japs liberate the Jews? It was the Allies, including the United States, who freed the Jews of the Nazi regime.”

LOL Who said that Japanese liberated Jews? I said that Japanese made efforts to help Jews to flee from the Hitler.

"But what did Japan do in Asia? Japs never acknowledges their fucking fascism. The reason is that Japs are puppets who have been brainwashed by the Japs government."

What did Japan do in Asia? We liberated Asian countries from the yoke of the western colonialism. Without our waging wars with the western countries, Asia could not have been liberated from the slavish states imposed by European nations such as British, French, Dutch and so on. This fact can be proved by the countries that became independent after the war as follows:

Vietnam from France (1885-1945)

Philippine from America (1900-1946)

Malaysia from England (1895-1957)

Indonesia from Holland (mid-19th c.-1945)

Cambodia from France (1863-1945)

Laos from France (1899 -1953)

Myanmar from England (1886-1943)

India from England (mid-19th c.-1947)

The former Prime Minister of Thailand, Kukrit Pramoj, who was Chief Editor of the newspaper ‘Siam Rath’ at the time and who took office as Prime Minister in 1973, stated:

“It was thanks to Japan that all nations of Asia gained independence. For Mother Japan, it was a difficult birth which resulted in much suffering, yet her children are growing up quickly to be healthy and strong.

Who was it that enabled the citizens of the nations of Southeast Asia to gain equal status alongside the United States and Britain today? It is because Japan, who acted like a mother to us all, carried out acts of benevolence towards us and performed feats of self-sacrifice. December 8th is the day when Mother Japan – who taught us this important lesson – laid her life on the line for us, after making a momentous decision and risking her own well-being for our sake.

Furthermore, August 15th is the day when our beloved and revered mother was frail and ailing. Neither of these two days should ever be forgotten”.


Former First Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru stated:

"India will be independent soon. It is Japan that gave India an opportunity to become independent. The independence of India was advanced by 30 years thanks to Japan.

We must not forget this favor.

It is not only for India, it is also for all the Southeast Asian races such as Indonesia and Vietnam Indian citizens will not hesitate to cooperate for the revival of the Japanese people.

The other Southeast Asian people will, also."


It is only Koreans and Chinese that hate us in Asia.


"Prior to World War II, Japan had created many colonies more than Nazis. Japan forced Koreans to take over, took women to sexual slavery, spread anthrax to China, and used the Russians for biological experiments. "

Totally brainwashed. Colonies? Where? List up.

Japan-Korea Annexation was an equal merger based on a mutual consent and a legal contract.

If it was a colonialism, Japan could have taken assets and wealth from Koreans. No. There was no such a thing as assets and wealth in Korea that were worth while being utilized by us at that time. Rather, Japanese govt invested enormous amount of money gathered from Japanese citizens as tax into Korean peninsula.

Japanese developed infrastructure such as the systems of water and sewage, railways, ports, and educational systems such as universities, schools, and so on, whereby the number of schools increased 40 times.

The purpose of the annexation was the modernization of Korea not "colonialist deprivation" because the main reason lied in the prevention of Russian occupation of Korea, which would turn a great threat to Japan.

"took women to sexual slavery"

There is no evidence of this. Or can you prove it with original documents? The story that 200,000 Korean women were forced to become sex slaves is totally bogus.

How could Japanese army, which was destitute of ammo, materials, money and everything, maintain the system of slavery?

How could they feed 200,000 women in the battle fields?

It has been clarified that the Japanese Army spent 38 trillion yen (in today's currency) to keep 2 million soldiers in the continent annually.

So it can be surmised that it took 3.8 trillion yen to keep 200,000 women alive. Where are the papers to prove the govt sent 3.8 trillion yen to the dispatched army in China?

If they urged the soldiers to use private brothels, the cost could be reduced to almost zero.

In addition, in 1938, Japanese govt had prohibited the recruiters of comfort women from gathering them compulsorily using the criminal way, such as kidnapping and coaxing.

Furthermore, the US Army interrogated comfort women left in a battle field of Burma, where one of them confessed that her monthly salary was 750 yen. Considering the remuneration of a government official was 40 yen, the amount was huge enough to build 3 or 4 houses in Korea after 3 years' work. One comfort woman said that she had received 1500 yen in advance in Korea as a deposit. They were actually millionaires.

"Japan invasion in 1858 ?? So did the United States colonize Japan? NO. "

Ignorant. The US imposed on us the exterritoriality and negated our tariff autonomy, which means colonization. In order to abolish the former and resume the latter, Japan made tremendous efforts.

Just looking at a part of your comments can convince me that you are totally brainwashed and fatally ignorant. You are not entitled to discussing this matter.


There is no difference between the death of 1 and 36 million? LOL

One Chinese's death worth while being a reason for your revenge?

OK, then what about the invasion of Chinese into Japan, where they raped and murdered women and children in Kyushu and Iki islands in the 13th century.

Several years ago, 5 students from China murdered all 4 members of a family in Fukuoka, where they raped the wife and tied her with a rope, and then started to cut her body parts inch by inch.

Because of her death, we Japanese have a right to destroy Chinese whole nation, right?


"Japan's fascism was at the same level as the Nazis in Europe"

How? Did the J govt try to annihilate Jews? It even helped Jews to move to the US or other countries. Do you know Chiune Sugihara, who issued visas to evacuating Jews on the border of Lithuania, for which the people of Israel are grateful?

"we have eliminated the enemies of humanity just like the Nazis"

List up the crimes against humanity Japanese did. You are totally ignorant of the history.

"Even if it is true that the U.S. had helped China, it can be justified as a means to prevent Japan's invasion of many Asian countries."

No way! It is the US that invaded Mexico, Hawaii, Philippines, Guam, and Japan in 1858. Why can the country, which is doing the same thing as that of invaders, become a liberating hero? What about the Iraqi War, where it invaded Iraq and Afghanistan?

"so many people around the world despise the FUCKING JAPS"

hahaha, show me the statistical documents that the people around the world despise us much more than other nations.

We are constantly respected for our diligence and hardworking.

You ignorant daydreamer. Study history harder in your junior high now.


"so that's why china now need to be strong ,so Japan will not killing us like before,it's hurting history"

LOL Even if China becomes stronger than now, how can it beat our military allies with the US? On your attacking us with nukes, we will reward you with triple nukes. Know yourself. You Chinese will never become a superpower as long as you have no military allies such as NATO and Japan-US allies.


"don't trying to destroy historical war crimes of Japan side bro ,or should I call you Japanese dog."

Stop whining, coward. Try to show me the evidence of NM, holes of bones of 300,000 victims. Chinese dog.


"I've lost faith in Japanese culture after reading about Nanjing massacre.."...

What about the fact shown in the record of John Rabe "Japanese Army issued 'Certificate of a Good Citizen' to 130,000 adult males to find guerrillas out of under the bed more easily"

Why did the Army, which allegedly tried to annihilate the population of Nanjing, issue to them?

Know that Chinese communists are trying to spread their propaganda about the illusion of Nanjing Massacre all over the world.

Don't be a dupe.


all the US did was to deteriorate Japanese moral quality of life, prohibiting Japanese teachers from teaching "the Imperial Rescript on Education" and imposing "the Constitution of Japan", where they forbade them to have an Army.


” It was just self-defense against the invasion of Pearl Harbor. At that time, Japan was a fascist country, Japs deserved to die because they were barbarians who put many citizens(even high school students were used as a disposable KAMIKAZE / BUT YOU GUYS ARE PROUD OF THAT. WHAT THE FUCK LOL!) on the battlefields.”

LOL Your understanding of the history is too much distorted to talk something useful. You are like a high school student that has never learnt history in university, reading books full of biased information.

"invasion of Pearl Harbor"

Why invasion? Invasion means "an occasion when an army or country uses force to enter and take control of another country". (Cambridge dictionary)

When did we invade PH? When did we land on the beach of Hawaii? PH was not invasion but just attack.

Do you know what the US did to Japan before PH? FDR said before Stimson, "I want to war with Japan, but do not hope people think we attacked first but make her fire the first shot", so he ordered his military assistant McCollum to draw up a plan to provoke her into the war with the US. FDR implemented the provocative actions according to his 8 stage plan, while rejecting any and every diplomatic effort of Japanese to avoid the war through negotiations and carrying out the containment policy by embargo of oil and steel, 80% of which Japan had depended on the US for. The US assisted China, the then enemy of Japan, with military materials, weapons and advisers. This act means that of war according to the international laws at that time. In addition, the US presented ultimatum "Hull Note", where she required Japan to discard all the overseas territories. The US deserved the attack from Japan at any time and anywhere.

"Japs deserved to die because they were barbarians who put many citizens(even high school students were used as a disposable KAMIKAZE"

You are a muddled thinker.

Why should the citizens die, who were forced to do Kamikaze?

Do you notice that you are totally confused?

You say that Japanese should die because their leaders ordered Kamikaze.

If you say, "the leaders of Japan should die because they ordered Kamikaze", that will make sense.

Why should we die because of the alleged misleading of our leaders?

Because barbarians?


Are we barbarians today?

Come here and see how people are living peacefully. Japanese army has never killed even a single person in any battle after the ww2.

Why are we barbarians?

You are obsessed by evil spirits that cause you to hate us irrationally.

Know the truth first then judge something.

Your brain needs debrainwashing treatments.

Unreasonable hates will ruin your health.


"for not behaving like the Germans after WWII...PUI !"

How have we not behaved like Germans?

We have been apologizing for war crimes.


We have left the following external assets in Korea, Taiwan, China, etc.:

Korea 70,256,000,000 yen

Takwan 42,542,000,000 yen

China North East 146,532,000,000 yen

North 55,437,000,000 yen

Central and South 36,718,000,000 yen

Other areas (Sakhalin, Southern sea, other Sothern areas, European countries, etc.) 28,014,000,000 yen

Total 379,499,000,000 yen

(Data in 1945 Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)


In addition, Japan paid to Korea 800,000,000 dollars (1,800,000,000,000 yen in today's currency) in 1965.

The amount of ODA provided to China by Japan since 1980 is 3,316,400,000,000 yen, gratuitous financial support 156,600,000,000 yen and technological support 177,200,000,000 yen.

The total amount of reparation by Germany:

67,118,000,000 Euro =8,725,340,000,000 yen



"I shouldn't have replied to you. It's meaning less to argue with you. "

Why? If you say there is a massacre, prove it with the holes of bones of 300,000 victims. And tell me why Japanese issued "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to 130,000 adult males.

You Chinese cannot make a reasonable reply to us, because you are telling lies. Chagrined? If so, show us evidences. LOLOL


"Don't argue with a Jap. They have no remorse about the invasions. They all believe the war was the act of Japan (the country itself, as an unity). So no one (individual) needs to be punished. Funny huh"

LOL Don't disguise yourself as innocent. You have no remorse about the invasions into Japan. In history, China has invaded Japan more than twice, where you killed and tortured civilians in Kyushu and Iki islands. In addition, it has still been invading many countries around it: Vietnam, Bulukeba, India, Japan, Tibet, Uighur, Mongol, where you murdered tens of millions of people. Hypocrite.


For Japan, the government debt from foreign countries must be refunded in dollar, while that from Japanese people must be refunded in yen.

Yen notes can be printed by the government freely as long as there is no fear of hyperinflation.

So the debt in yen is no problem for us.


”bc japs attacked pearl harbor and fucking japs did a lot of war crimes. So they deserved that being burned with radioactivity lol!”

Pearl Harbor attack was an act of war. What was wrong with this?

Sneak attack? The US is notorious for the sneak attacks before the proclamation. Most of the wars in the first world war were started without it.

"a lot of war crimes"

What about the war crimes committed by Chinese against Tibetans and Uighurs?

Do you want to say that Chinese deserve to be burnt with radioactivity? LOLOL


Japan has been no.1 in the amount of External Net Assets for the last 25 years. GDP, whose no.1 country, the US, has the largest debt in the world, is not the index of the richness.


"German National Socialists that were witnesses at Nanking reported to Berlin that the Japanese committed the most diabolical and horrifying crime imaginable."

What about "the most diabolical and horrifying crime imaginable" committed by Nazi Germany against Jews, Gypsies and physically handicapped people?

What about "the most diabolical and horrifying crime imaginable" committed by Korean soldiers against Vietnamese villagers?

What about "the most diabolical and horrifying crime imaginable" committed by Chinese soldiers against Uighurs and Tibetans?

What country is entitled to being exempted from the accusation of war crimes?

The problem is with the existence of the 300,000 mass murder of civilians by Japanese soldiers according to the order of the Army or Govt.

If you want to make an issue of "deliberate plan of mass murder", deal with the "300,000 mass murder of civilians committed by the US based on the attempt of human experiments using nukes" and the "ethnic cleansing of 3 million civilians of Uighur, Tibet and Mongol committed by Chinese Communist Government still in progress."


"Hitler's diplomats in Nanking were absolutely horrified with the spectacle at Nanking. Reported to Berlin that it was like "beastial machinery" straight from the depths of hell."

LOL Where can I find the evidence of 300,000 mass murder of civilians from the reports of the Hitler's diplomats?

The "'beastial machinery' straight from the depths of hell" can be seen in any wars, including Korean Army's rapes and murders of civilians in the Vietnam War and Chinese ones during the occupation of Tibet and Uighurs. Koreans and Chinese are notorious for their tortures made during the invasion into Japan in the 13th century, where their soldiers gathered female civilians in Kyushu and Iki islands and bore holes into their palms, through which they passed a rope to hang them from the edge of their ships as a warning.

We need the evidence of the 300,000 mass murder conducted by Japanese soldiers according to the order of Japanese govt and Army.

If you want to make an issue out of the ordinary criminal activities committed by soldiers AGAINST THE ORDER OF THE ARMY, what country can avoid being accused?

Do you want to start endless accusation against each other based on the war crimes? Or do you deem the soldiers of your country as some sort of angels or saints? LOL


BTW, Germany, which had been supporting Kuomintang Army with weapons and military training before the Hitler's administration, was in favor of China especially before the conclusion of the Tripartite Pact.



”Japs has always been the Nazi of the far East. ask the Koreans, Chinese, and others who were affected by those scums."

LOL Why can you believe what Koreans and Chinese, who are notorious for their lies.

"Sometimes I wonder if there's a reason why Japan is always getting bombarded by mother nature."

If the Nature is the evidence, why Japan has been blessed with natural fortunes? We have great nature, such as fecund soils producing abundant crops, sea foods, beautiful scenery.

And we are by far richer than you. Why? LOL


"You do realize the Nanking massacre is accepted by the UNESCO its hardly just Chinese Progaganda."

UNESCO is a branch of UN, which has been established by the Rothschilds, the ringleader of illuminati and Zionists. The first president of UNESCO, Julian Huxley, was a notorious for his eugenics, based on which UN has been working for depopulation of the 3rd world people.


Why do you ignore my comment? Japanese have many origins, which include Chinese one. The system of Kanji was created by 嬴 clan, which is not Han but of some western origin. The king of 嬴 was Shi Huangdi, one of whose minor 徐福 came to Japan to establish his kingdom. According to many Japanese legends, 徐福 became the father of Mononobe clan (物部氏). So it can be said that the system of Kanji was created partly by Japanese. Based on the mutual confirmation of the Three Sacred Treasures, the legendary king of Mononobe "Nigihayahi", who was a grandson of 徐福, received Hata clan as the same clan, which came to Japan in the 3rd century. Hata clan originated in Kunyue kingdom (弓月国), which was a Jewish Christian nation. It established current dynasty of Yamato (大和王朝).



The women in the video are 2 Japanese and 8 Korean comfort women captured by Chinese Army after 3 month siege battle. The details on their backgrounds are involved in an article by a journalist Walter Rundol "Jap Comfort Girls" on a military magazine "ROUNDUP" (Nov. 1944) stored in National Archive in Washington. One of the Japanese women was 35 y.o., who served as a caretaker of the others. One of the Korean girls volunteered for the job for the fee for the doctor who treated the injury of her father's leg and got 1,500 yen in advance in Korea as deposit. This amount is huge compared to that of a Japanese private, 6-9 yen. They wore dirty clothes and were barefooted because the water tanks were destroyed during the battle. All of them said, "We want money."



(1) "No Nanjing massacre occurred, and all stories are made-up by Chinese."

Then tell me where are holes of bones of 300,000? A Chinese charity org. Chong Shan Tang reportedly buried 100,000 bodies of victims in Nanjing. The report was filed to the Tokyo Tribunal.

(2) "No sex slaves existed, and all stories are made up by Korea, China, Indonesia, Netherlands, etc."

We do not say that no sex slaves existed because there were actually cases where Japanese soldiers committed rapes and forced sexes AGAINST THE ORDER OF JAPANESE GOVT ISSUED IN 1938. Like Chinese did, we had criminals among the soldiers.

(3) "Japan was only trying to help Korea and China by the invasions."

LOLOL Who said that? You are a willful liar, which fact people around the world will know by this silly remark. Japanese were dragged and thrown into the war with Kuomintang admin by the Comintern. Prime Minister Konoe and his senior adviser Hotsumi Ozaki who decided to throw Japanese Army into China were communists working according to the orders coming through Sorge, a Soviet spy, from the Comintern. Why? To revolutionize China. Comintern had planned to use Japanese Army to debilitate Chiang Kai-shek.

Mao said later to the Chairman of the Socialist Party of Japan, Kozo Sasaki, "The invasion of the Army of the Emperor enabled us to take over China, so your army is our teacher."

(4) "Unit 731 human experiments is a work of fiction, all fake stories."

Nobody, including the US researchers checking 100,000 pages of declassified documents, can prove the existence of human experiments, because Japanese Army destroyed all the materials and records as soon as the news of the defeat of Japan arrived.


(5) "Japan is really the true victim of all of this, as Japan is innocent of all wrongdoing. DID I MISS ANYTHING?"

LOL Who among us is saying that? No side of a war is innocent. War crimes happen in any wars. You are willfully showing a wrong picture of Japanese in order to make us look like hypocrites acting as if to be victims. If we are such, why have we been apologizing for war crimes more than 30 times?


It is you Chinese that are acting as if to be only victims in the war and in current situations within and around your country.

See what Chinese communists are doing to Uighurs and Tibetans: 3 million mass murders.

Chinese communist are demon-possessed, who are trying to hide their own crimes by setting a scapegoat.


Tell me how Japanese could kill 30 million Asian civilians for just 14 years. Tell me what conventional weapons could kill 6000 every day and night? What was the purpose for killing civilians, which does not contribute to the victory? Conversely, mass murders of civilians would have become obstacles to the operations, because they must have worked as spies for the enemy. The largest problem for a military is the animosity of the local residents, so Japanese Army strictly forbade its soldiers to commit crimes such as looting, rapes, and physical and mental abuses.


Japanese soldiers loved Chinese children in Nanjing.


See the smiles and laughter of the children playing with Japanese soldiers. If the soldiers actually did what CCP says they did, why did they come to play with them? Why did civilians come to Japanese soldiers without fear? One film taken during the occupation shows a scene of a street in Nanjing, where children are playing, by whom a Japanese soldier was walking. Why did they continue to play? Why did they not hide themselves for the avoidance of being murdered?

John Rabe, a chairman of the Safety Zone, appreciated Japanese having not attacked the Zone. He reported in his letter to various embassies that Japanese Army issued "Certificate of Good Citizens" to 130,000 adult males in order to find guerrillas under the bed more easily. If Japanese Army tried to annihilate the civilians, why did it issue them?

All that CCP spreads is lies. Wake up!!! You are targeting a wrong mark!!! All that you must focus on is CCP!!! CCP is accusing Japanese of what they did not do. Why? To distract your attentions to Japan and Japanese from what they have been doing to their own people.


This is a video showing the 10 comfort women (2 Japanese, 8 Koreans) captured by Chinese army after the 3 month-long siege battle in Sonshang, China. They were barefooted and wore dirty clothes not because of ill-treatment by Japanese but the severe situation caused by the long siege, during which all the water tanks were destroyed. According to a military journal "Roundup" (Nov. 1944) issued by the US military for American servicemen, one of the Korean girls volunteered for the job for money to pay the fee of the doctor treating her father, who had his leg injured. She had got 1,500 yen in advance in Korea. The amount was huge enough to build two or three houses at home. FYI, the average salary of a Japanese private was 7-9 yen. All of them said to the interrogator that they wanted money.



Koreans and Chinese tell us that 200,000 Korean women were kidnapped by Japanese soldiers. But nobody among Koreans living at that time has ever testified to the abduction happening right in front of their eyes.

Cheju island is well known for the venue of the alleged kidnapping by Jp soldiers, but the residents living then say, "I have never heard the news. This is a small island, so if there was such an incident, the news must have reached our ears."

Everybody, do not trust Chinese and Koreans, who are liars.

See the reality: Japanese are famous for their diligence and hard working.

We have no record of mass murders and mass abductions in our history, unlike Chinese and Koreans.

The mass murder and mass abduction are the brainchildren forged in the heads of those lying nations for justifying their ongoing invasions into Japan.


"Fuck u devil:' all confessions of jap soldiers false? Too shameful. Then commit harikiri"

List up the names of the soldiers. I will check out their backgrounds, because many of the Japanese veterans who confessed atrocities had been heavily brainwashed by Chinese communists in the re-education camps like the US soldiers were in China and North Korea during the Korean War, whose brainwashing was so heavy that they continued to state that they did biological warfare by throwing bombs full of insects infected with biological weapons even after the documents declassified by the former Soviet Union in 1990's clarified that the story was artificially input into their brains by Chinese specialists in brainwashing.

Chinese communists often use the testimonies of the ex-Japanese soldiers who are members of the Association of Returnees from China (ARC), a puppet organization of CCP in Japan.

One of the ARC's conditions for admitting a new member is "must be the person who invaded China to become a war criminal and came back to Japan by the benevolent policy of China."

Those Japanese detained by Chinese were provided with communist "education" and exhorted to "confess" their atrocities in exchange for their earlier release.

ARC's prospectus states:

"During the period of 15 years of the previous Japanese-Chinese War, we have committed numerous inhumane crimes, acting as an aggressive hand of Japanese militarism, and after the defeat, were detained as war criminals in the 'Fushun War Criminal Control Office' (969 people) and 'Taiyuan War Criminal Control Office' (140 people).

In the above war criminal control offices in China, we, war criminals, were not forced to labor and provided with more than enough free time to spend. The policy of the Chinese government on war criminals was based on humanitarianism, and its motto was "Even war criminals are human beings, so respect their personalities." All the operatives of the administrative department have overcome individual resentment and executed this policy faithfully." (p. 102)


According to the article "JAP COMFORT GIRLS" written by an American journalist Walter Rundol in the journal "Roundup" issued by the US military in November 1944 and kept in the The National Archives in Washington, these women (2 Japanese and 8 Koreans) were captured by the Chinese Army after the 3 month siege battle in Songshan(松山) near Burma, so they were barefooted and wore dirty clothes. The rightmost woman seems to be 35 y.o. Japanese comfort woman, who was responsible for taking care of the others.

The Korean comfort women (24-27 y.o.) said they came from Korea to Singapore to Songshan. All of them said that they wanted money.

One of them said that she volunteered in order to pay the fee of the doctor treating the injured leg of her father. She had received 1,500 yen in advance in Korea (BTW, the average monthly salary of a private was 6-9 yen.)


This footage does not show anything capable of proving the existence of sex slavery by Japanese army.

The rightmost woman is 35 y.o. Japanese comfort woman.

The Korean comfort women (24-27 y.o.) said they came from Korea to Singapore. All of them said that they wanted money.

One of them said that she volunteered in order to pay the fee of a doctor treating her father, whose leg had been injured.

Eventually, the Chinese Army captured total 10 comfort women after the interrogation.



Huh Haku, the page includes the following sentense:

"Between 1932 and the end of the war, an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 women served as "comfort women" (sex slaves) for Japanese soldiers in huge Japanese-run brothels. The majority came from Korea. "

Just the first one sentence includes multiple lies:

"100,000 to 200,000 women" were "sex slaves"?

How could Japanese army, which was severely destitute of money and resources due to the containment policy of the Allies, maintain the system of comfort houses with 100,000 to 200,000 women?

It took 38 trillion yen annually for Japanese govt to maintain 2 million army in the continent, so we can estimate the amount was 3.8 trillion yen for it to feed those 200,000 women there. Where is an documentary evidence showing the amount was paid actually to the dispatched armies stationed in China for the maintenance of the comfort houses?

"The majority came from Korea"

According to a research, Japanese accounted for 40%, while Koreans 20%.


Huh Haku, even Korean scholars rejected the testimonies of comfort women as evidences due to there being full of lies and errors.


The cw in the URL, Kimiko Kaneda, said in her testimony that she saw a jeep waiting for her in the station. But before the end of the war, Japanese Army had never held jeeps.

Another cw said that she saw a zipper on the pants of a Japanese soldier. The uniform of the Japanese soldier did not use zipper at that time.

Kaneda said her father was a pastor, who was arrested in 1935, but the oppression of Christianity by the Governor-General of Korea began in 1937.

She said that the train carrying her moved from Seoul to Tianjin (more than 1000km) just in one night, but there was no direct train service from Seoul to Tianjin.

Do not believe what Koreans say at face value.


Bilge, "if had been sold = were slaves", why were they paid by Japanese soldiers. Slaves are workers working for their masters for nothing. If they were paid, they are not slaves. See the bank passbook showing the enormous amount of money that a Korean comfort woman got.


It testifies to the fact that her work for 6 months enabled her to get extremely high salary enough to build 2-3 houses at home.

BTW, the monthly income of a private was 9 yen, while that of cw 750 yen, which was equal to the salary of the Prime Minister of Japan at that time.


"Comfort women were prostitutes --- that were systematically and coercively enlisted and abused"

In 1938, Japanese govt had officially prohibited the recruiters of cw from using illegal means such as kidnapping for keeping the dignity of the Army of Japan.

"Classified Order No.745 by Japanese Army entitled "Regarding Recruits of Female Workers at Military Comfort Houses" issued on March 4, 1938 states:

"Concerning the recruitment of female workers for organizing comfort houses at..., there are many cases that recruiters were apprehended and interrogated by the police authority due to their way of recruitment being similar to kidnapping.

Therefore, from this time forth, the recruitment shall be implemented under the control of dispatched armies..., so that the utmost caution shall be taken to conserve the dignity of the Army of Japan and prevent this matter from developing into a social problem."

Bilge, show me the evidence of the coercive enlistment and abuse of women BY THE JAPANESE ARMY, not by the dealers.

BTW, even the US govt could not find any criminal records of Japanese military enlisting and abusing comfort women.

'Since 1999, the Interagency Working Group (IWG) of the US has declassified and opened to the public an estimated 8 million pages of documents, including 1.2 million pages of Office of Strategic Services records; over 100,000 pages of Central Intelligence Agency files;[3] more than 350,000 pages of Federal Bureau of Investigation subject files; and nearly 300,000 pages of Army intelligence files. The IWG has issued three reports to the Congress of the United States (in October 1999,[4] March 2002,[5] and April 2007[6]), and it issues news releases and occasional newsletters.[7] On March 25, 2005, President George W. Bush signed into law legislation pushing back the group's sunset date to March 2007. ... The report further stated that this practice was not charged with criminal acts:[16] "In part to reduce local resentment against Japan and in part to prevent the spread of venereal disease among its ranks, the Japanese military contracted private vendors to set up “comfort stations” for the troops as early as 1932. Again, this practice was known to the Allies but no criminal charges were filed at the trials."


The report states that Japanese Army's purpose of comfort women system was to "reduce local resentment against Japan and in part to prevent the spread of venereal disease among its ranks".

That is, the system was set up mainly for the humanitarian ends: avoiding rapes of local residents.


"Check it urself , u descendant of war criminals. I don't need to check anything. Just Google, rape of nanking or Korean comfort women will bring u face to face with videos of crimes ur grandfather committed."

Why should I check the evidences? Do you really believe the videos made by Chinese can prove the existence of the massacre? No way. They are just propaganda. If you say there was, prove it by showing us the holes of bones of 300,000 victims. According to the Chinese govt, a Chinese charity org. Chong Shan Tang buried 100,000 bodies in Nanjing. Where are the holes? As for comfort women, show me the economical possibility of Japanese army making 200,000 women sex slaves. It took 38 trillion yen for Japanese govt to maintain 2 million army in the continent, so we can estimate the amount was 3.8 trillion yen for it to feed those 200,000 women there. Where is an documentary evidence showing the amount was paid actually to the military stationing in China for the maintenance of the comfort houses? DO NOT TELL PEOPLE LIES, LIAR.


"an ever growing number of japanese people (now half of you) want to change their constitution"

We want to change the constitution not because we want to war with China but because we want to defend our country from Chinese and Korean invasions. China openly insist that it will take the Senkaku islands and Okinawa, while Koreans insist that the Takeshima and Tsushima islands belong to Korea. Why are we imperialists?


”All militaries commit war crimes, sure, but there is a scale, the thing about these countries, the Allies such as the UK and the US are democratic states with better moral and judgment at the time when dealing in war compared to like Japan. ”

Tell me why you think the Allies such as the UK and the US are democratic states with better moral and judgment at the time that threw atomic bombs at civilians to murder 300-400 thousand. Enola Gay flew through over Hiroshima without doing nothing, so the air-raid warning siren stopped, which allowed the people to come out from shelters. The plane turned around over Kobe and came back and dropped the nuke. Why? To make a human experiment using Japanese civilians as guinea pigs. Even today, the US govt is sending follow-up researchers on the atomic effect on the human bodies to Hiroshima. Is this a country with better moral and judgment?


” mentality as if you were the one sided victims in WWII or the Pacific War. ”

No. There is no Army in a war that does not commit war crimes, so the only thing that we ask you is to discard the way of thinking, which views the losers as bad guys, while the victors good ones. Contrary to your wrong understanding caused by your ignorance of the Japanese view of the previous war, average Japanese are too much self-flagellating regarding the prewar and wartime situations, because our school teachers are leftists, who have been teaching their students that it is only Japanese that are to blame for the tragedies that took place during the war.


"Thank you for sharing the Truth. I see many of your honest comments in other videos and I Agree that the rise of Communism changed EVERYTHING! Sad but true, the school book history of such is biased by the current Victors of such propaganda. Both my parents were born in the Epicenter of WWII, and tend to agree. Japan rescued Polish refugee children from Siberia shortly after the Communist revolution in Russia. But yet ... perhaps as Chiang Kai-shek ... ?"

Thank you for your honest comment. Such a conscientious person as you are rarely found here, but we must continue to tell people the truth about the history and the world. Chinese and Koreans that are accusing Japan of the war crimes based on their lies are victims of their govts, which are using them as a convenient tool for promulgating their false doctrines at low cost, while their statesmen are amassing enormous amount of money in Swiss and Panaman banks and leading happy lives with their concubines. They are doomed to the perdition caused by their evil govt if they continue to accuse us without opening their eyes to the true pictures of the war and history. Why are their govts accusing us of the past war endlessly, though we are not doing anything harmful to them at all now? To distract their attentions from the dismal failures made by their govts. Chinese and Korean govts want Japan as a scapegoat. China started anti-Japanese education from Jiang Ze-Min admin on after the turmoils of Tienanmen massacre.


"God almighty HATES and confines these who promote the needless death of others to the fiery pits of hades surly some

of the Rothschilds are there now. Today The New World Order, The illuminati, and those who worship Lucifer, fallen Angels, Demons Ascendant Masters. Builder bergers World bankers are on a path to RULE THE WORLD. they have a plan but they

will not succeed God is tired of all the death and destruction those of evil have already caused in the World. his DIRECT intervention in WILL BEGIN IN A SHORT TIME. IN A 7 YEAR PERIOD KNOWN AS JACOB'S TROUBLE, THE TRIBULATION.

God will eliminate them all. I Hope the Rothschilds repent and stop sinning and pray to the lord Jesus Christ to save them and forgive others who sin against them or else God wont forgive their Sins. In fact every human being on earth should do the same things because God is soon going to intervene in Human affairs and bring the kingdom of God into Complete control of the

planet earth with his only begotten son the lord Jesus Christ in Control as king of Kings Lord of lords"

I mostly agree with you. Jesus fulfilled the Law or Prophets (Old Testament) completely through His life on earth. Jesus has completed the "redemption" of the whole world (Col. 1:20), so Satan has no power over the world today. Satan can work only to the extent that we lack in the faith in the power of Jesus. The main problem of the present world lies in the disbelief of Christians in it, which has been caused by the teachings of Dispensationalist Second Coming Theory spread by Illuminati agents: John Darby, Cyrus Scofield, Hal Lindsay, and Tim LaHaye. After the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., which had been predicted in the Revelation of John, the world has already become the Kingdom of Christ, where all the power and authority of this world belong to Jesus and born-again Bible-believing Christians, who can turn over the rules of the evil Talmud-believing Luciferians. According to our prayers, Jesus' supernatural interventions can happen anytime and anywhere, so we need not wait for the so-called Tamudic "second coming."


"Japs are dying out anyways, they are proud to be America "s bitch and the sad thing is japs like it that there women are raped by white men. Before any japs comment... ask your American masters for permission first."

LOL Chinks are dying out due to the lack of foreign money today, which will make them unable to buy anything from overseas. They are bowing down before their master Communists without any rights of owning own lands, voting, and moving. Tens of millions of them have been butchered by their master in Tienanmen massacre, Cultural Revolution, and Chinese Revolution.





"Jews also took an active part in the Dutch colonial slave trade; indeed, the bylaws of the Recife and Mauricia congregations (1648) included an imposta (Jewish tax) of five soldos for each Negro slave a Brazilian Jew purchased from the West Indies Company. Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated." (Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael, "Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History" (New York: Behrman House, Inc., Pub, 1983), pp. 14, 23-25.)

「 ユダヤ人の祝日に当たる日には、オークションは延期された」。




LOL Ignorant.

You should say,


The US had rejected all the efforts toward peaceful solutions proposed by Japanese govt. According to Stimson's diary, FDR said, "I want to war with Japan but hope Japan fire the first shot". FDR ordered his military adviser McCollum to draw up the plan for provoking Japan into war with the US. Based on his 8 stage plan, FDR succeeded in making Japan attack PH.

You should know that the US had been obsessed by evil spirits called Illuminati globalist bankers. Like President Wilson said, the US was totally destroyed in 1913 by FRB. Since then, the US is not the country of Americans but Talmudic Jews. It is time you should face up the facts.


"USA stopped Japan to kill millions of people" LOL

How could Japanese kill millions of people? With what conventional weapons could kill thousand per day? Even the US today can kill 15 people per day with state-of-the-arts weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In order to erase the crimes of nuke attacks on civilians, the US had needed to create a story of mass murders by Japanese. You are a dupe.


Enola Gay flew through over Hiroshima without doing nothing, which caused people to come out of the shelters, and came back and dropped. What does it mean? The US dropped the bomb to make a human experiment. Even today, the US govt is sending follow-up researchers to Hiroshima to check the effect of nuclear radiation on the human bodies.


"Japan invaded China during the 1930s, murdering 30 million innocent Chinese, "

Liar. Do you really think they murdered 30 million people for 10 years?

1 million for one year? 2700 per day? How? What conventional weapons did they use? Even the US army killed 15 people per day in Iraq using state-of-the-arts weapons.

"enslavement millions of Chinese, Korean and Russian women as comfort women ( some of them were younger than 10)"

In 1938, Japanese govt had prohibited the dealers of cw from using compulsory means for mobilizing women for comfort houses as follows:

"Classified Order No.745 by Japanese Army entitled "Regarding Recruits of Female Workers at Military Comfort Houses" issued on March 4, 1938 states:

"Concerning the recruitment of female workers for organizing comfort houses at..., there are many cases that recruiters were apprehended and interrogated by the police authority due to their way of recruitment being similar to kidnapping.

Therefore, from this time forth, the recruitment shall be implemented under the control of dispatched armies..., so that the utmost caution shall be taken to conserve the dignity of the Army of Japan and prevent this matter from developing into a social problem."

"committing heinous war crimes and atrocities against humanity"

What documents can you show me as evidences?

"and using live human for experiments for biological and chemical warfare in China."

Even the US scholars checking 100,000 pages of declassified documents could not find ANY pages proving the existence of human experiments.


How and where did you find such documents as proving the crimes of human experiments?

BTW, the US govt has still been sending follow-up researchers on the effect of nuke radiation on human bodies to Hiroshima. What do you think about this?


"so we should say it's ok that Japanese killed so many people?"

We have been apologizing for the war crimes more than 30 times, but you Koreans have never apologized for their crimes committed here.

Wash your face first before laughing at others. Hypocrite.


"where are your documents come from?"

See the statistics of crimes committed by foreigners issued by J govt.



Basically, I do no trust the conclusions the US soldiers and govt have made about Japanese in the Tokyo Tribunal, because the trial was held by the victor countries. History is a form of science, which must be impartial and open to any criticisms and checks from all sides. So I do not agree that those conclusions should be called the historical truths. The US had many reasons to make Japanese look like heinous criminals because it murdered 300,000 civilians by nukes. My father, who was a career soldier, used to say that the US POWs testified to the atrocities by Japanese against them in the Tribunal, such as making them eat the roots of some plants, torturing them by burning weeds, and so on. The burdock roots are one of our regular diets and the moxibustion is frequently used as a form of treatments for various diseases in Japan. Why can we trust on the people belonging to the Allies for justice and fair judgments?




”revisionist deflection”

It is so naive of you to believe what your schools, politicians, historians, and teachers tell you at face value. If you have a brain in your head, use it for searching for the truth.

Or do you really think that the established historical views must be fixed and unchangeable for ever?

History is a form of science. A scientific way of acquiring knowledge is based only on experiences. If you fix a historical view as unchangeable truth, you are not scientific. A scientific attitude on knowledge must be open to criticisms and changes.



Hey, the thumbnail shows that two soldiers took a Korean girl forcibly with them. This is not the case and has never happened in history. If you say "happened", show me the document proving this. You cannot, because the recruitment of comfort women was performed by the dealers for comfort houses. In addition, in 1938, Japanese govt issued an order to prohibit the dealers from using illegal means such as kidnapping as follows:

"Classified Order No.745 by Japanese Army entitled "Regarding Recruits of Female Workers at Military Comfort Houses" issued on March 4, 1938 states:

"Concerning the recruitment of female workers for organizing comfort houses at..., there are many cases that recruiters were apprehended and interrogated by the police authority due to their way of recruitment being similar to kidnapping.

Therefore, from this time forth, the recruitment shall be implemented under the control of dispatched armies..., so that the utmost caution shall be taken to conserve the dignity of the Army of Japan and prevent this matter from developing into a social problem."


受領番号:陸支密受第二一九七号 起元庁(課名):兵務課




・決行指定:櫛淵(陸軍省大臣官房副官) 押印

・次官 梅津(陸軍省次官) 押印

・高級副官 櫛淵(陸軍省大臣官房副官)押印

・主務局長 今村均(陸軍省兵務局長) 押印

他、主務副官・主務課長・主務課員 押印




陸支密七四五号 昭和十三年三月四日


"Japan is still living in darkness, untruthfulness and deceiving to the world."

Tell me examples.

"Please bear in mind Japanese roots came from ching dynasty of China to the island of Japan."

Liar. The research on DNA reveals that the difference between Chinese genes and Japanese is completely large.

"Japanese people are known to bow and smile with respect and love to back stab behind ones back."

Liar. Give me examples. Chinese have got enormous amount of money from us as ODA. China owes us a lot since 1970's.

"God's angry and waited patiently for Japan to repent. "

What should we repent of? Helping Chinese with ODA? If so, we will apologize for our support for your development, which resulted only in your arrogance, which is excruciating people around your country. You Chinese have been murdering tens of millions of Uighurs, Tibetans, Mongols and Chinese themselves.


"The United States had no choice. The Empire of Japan made it clear that they would not surrender. As ruthless as the Japanese Army was during this time, this was the only way to make the war stop. The Soviets might have finished the job, sure but that would have only prolonged an already devastating war. It's horrible what happened to the Japanese people but their Emperor simply would not surrender. Michinomiya Hirohito is to blame for allowing it to get this far."

You are heavily brainwashed. Japanese govt had started toward peace treaty under the admin of Suzuki through the mediation of the Soviet Union, which fact the US knew by the deciphered telegrams. The purpose of nuke attacks was just human experiment and to give the world the impression of the cruelty of wars and necessity of establishing a world govt.


The article about "Contest to kill 100 people using a sword" is fake.

"According to the memo made by Noda, in Wuxi City in Autumn 1937, the two contestants were spoken to by a correspondent of Tokyo Nichi-nichi Shinbun, who said, "Why not try to make a contest on how many people you can cut from Wuxi to Nanjing? We are seeking a special story to write about for an article." Mukai replied affirmatively to him as a joke, who said, "Many women will rush toward you for marriage, if the article about your heroic story of 100 person cut contest appears on the paper. Please leave to me the contents of the article." The lieutenant and the correspondent parted their ways in Wuxi, and according to Lieutenant Noda, when they met the correspondent again, the article on "100 persons' cut contest" had already been in the news in Japan." (Wikipedia)


"And Japan wants an apology for the atom bomb that was dropped on them.


Liar. Where and when did we ask you to apologize for the nuke attacks?


”They raped tortured and killed the women and threw babies in the air and caught them on bayonets.”

Liar. Show me the documents proving your point. Japanese loved Chinese children.



I cannot believe you were there. How old are you? Tell me how Koreans were used as slaves? Impressment? No. Japanese, including my father, were also used for the compulsory labors. During the war period, EVERY participating country used its own people and subject states' people as soldiers and laborers.

"murdered and raped uncounted victims , performed inhumanly cruel medical "experiments" on prisoners in Manchuko"

Not again. Why do you repeat the same thing? I bet you do not have any evidence. Get a life. Or can you show me the documents that prove the existence of human experiments by Japanese? Even 100,000 pages research by the US scholars could not reveal it, so how can you do that?

"beheaded, shot tortured and starved to death thousands of POWs"

What about the use of nukes by the Allies against civilians? That was less cruel than the Japanese treatment of POWs? LOL

The POWs of the Allies testify that the Korean guards were more cruel than Japanese. Never forget that Koreans participated in the war on the side of Japan. Why do you think they have the legitimate right to accuse us of the war crimes, which they themselves did? Or do you want to say that they were forced to do that? No way! Koreans are notorious for their cruelty in Vietnam War, so it arose from their innate characteristics.

Hey hypocrite Korean old man, shame on you. Your countrymen have been coming to Japan to commit crimes. Do you know what they are doing here? Rapes, murders, tortures, arson, looting, kidnapping, human trafficking, porno making, vandalism, and so on and on. Koreans are No.1 foreign criminals in Japan.

Before judging us for the past, repent of your deeds that you are making TODAY.


"I was there. Were you? You started a war of naked aggression. You invaded and make slaves out of Koreans, Chinese, Malays, Philippinoes , Thais, Indonesians and Thais. You murdered and raped uncounted victims , performed inhumanly cruel medical "experiments" on prisoners in Manchuko, you beheaded, shot tortured and starved to death thousands of POWs.

Now you lie and deny all of this.

I lived in your Empire for years and was There while you abused Koreans and Chinese and Americans under your control until I returned to the YSA in the summer of 1942."

I cannot believe you were there. How old are you? Tell me how Koreans were used as slaves? Impressment? No. Japanese, including my father, were also used for the compulsory labors. During war period, EVERY participating country used its own people and subject states' people as soldiers and laborers.

"murdered and raped uncounted victims , performed inhumanly cruel medical "experiments" on prisoners in Manchuko"

Not again. Why do you repeat the same thing? I bet you do not have any evidence. Get a life.


"What are you going to say about this video, you, jap loving asshole? I suppose, Unit 731 is a myth? I suppose all this is a conspiracy, huh? These sons of bitches are the most evil, disgusting human beings ever to walk this earth."

Unit 731 has left nothing behind as soon as they heard the news of the defeat, so how did you get the information about the unit?

Chinese communists are willfull liars, who openly confess that they will use any and every means including lies, propaganda, assassinations, wars, and everything, in order to realize the revolutions in the world.

You are uneducated and childish, so go to university to be wiser.


" soon Japan will be punished by God himself and all his prophets without hesitation because they still want to above his rules about not touching China and the karma of Japan will never ever stop until Japan admit that God rules are the truth ."

LOL Stop daydreaming. Japan is the richest country in the whole world, where average citizens have 20 million yen in their bank accounts.

Those who, like you, tell lies to the world are being punished by God with the poverty and miserable lives.


"I am alive to remember your killing of hundreds, perhaps thousands of Koreans during your Jap occupation of Korea. I lived there 13 years under that rule. Don't lie to me about your history! Your worst sin is refusing to confess and be sorry for the millions of Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Burmese, Siamese, Phillipinoino and Dutch, British America and other prisoners you tortured , starved and killed outright and the hundreds you killed at your so called medical experimentation centers in Mancukuo. You were worse than the Nazis or the USSR!!"

Richard, you are heavily brainwashed by the propaganda of the victors.

If you make mention of the war crimes, we also will do the same on the war crimes of the Allies: 400,000 mass murder using nuke attacks and carpet bombings against civilians, human experimentation of nuke effects on human bodies in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where the US govt has still been sending follow-up researchers to Hiroshima until now. As for POWs, the US Army did not intend even to take POWs but shot to death the soldiers that turned themselves in on the spot.

As for Korea, do you know the fact that the population and longevity of Koreans doubled during the annexation, while the number of the schools, where Hangul was taught, increased 40 times. The purpose of the administration of Japanese in Korea was to strengthen the country in order that it could become the bulwark against the invasion of the Russia, so Japanese helped Koreans with education, infrastructures, and modernization of their life-style. Japanese aim of annexation was not deprivation but assistance.

"the millions of Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Burmese, Siamese, Phillipinoino and Dutch, British America and other prisoners you tortured , starved and killed outright and the hundreds you killed at your so called medical experimentation centers in Mancukuo. "

Show me the documents proving the existence of the "medical experimentation center" in Manchuria. BTW, even the research of 100,000 pages of declassified documents by the US scholars could not find ANY pages proving the war crimes of human experimentation.


If Chinese do not make false charges against us, we do not accuse them. The best way to stop our rebuttal is to stop endless accusation of the so-called aggression and massacre. Tell them to look at their own faces before blaming us for the war crimes. The more they accuse, the more we reveal what they have done to 100 million Chinese, Uighurs, Tibetans, and Mongols, who have been brutally murdered by communist govt.


"okay my friend , I don't argue 100 or 1000 casualties, let us be clear did they break in to China? did they killed? did they looted?did they bombed household & burnt ? so why still we argue . Right ? calm down my friend, we can lie to the world but not ourselves, see the miracle of God did in the creation?"

The Japanese govt had had a non-expansionist policy, but Chinese attacked Japanese residents who lived legitimately according to the international treaties, such as Tungchow Massacre, where Chinese soldiers of the East Hebei Autonomous Council brutally murdered 300 Japanese civilians, so in order to protect them, it had no choice but to dispatch Army to the continent. However, Chinese communists did not stop provoking Japan into the war with Kuomintang Army and deeply involved it into the battles throughout the mainland. Japan was used by communists to debilitate Chiang Kai-shek for communizing China by Mao, who said in 1960's in the meeting with chairman of the Japanese Socialist Party, Kozo Sasaki, "There is no need for you to apologize for the invasion, because it made it possible for us to seize the power over China."

Without taking into consideration the revolutionary plan of Comintern, you cannot get out of the endless loop of accusing Japanese of the war. Study harder and get more wisdom from the true history.


"UndertakerRach and those Jap voices are obviously full time spammers paid by the Jap's intelligence to whitewash their shitty past. But ironically, what they had accomplished so far is just the opposite: They had simply spotlighted the ugly & disgusting cowardice of the new generations of Japs who still had zero courage to confess and get redemption like the Germans! Go ahead and make my day, stinky Japs!"

They are not intelligence agents. Whitewash? Why? They tell you just facts. The record of the chairman of the Safety Zone, John Rabe, stated that the population of the city right before the entrance of the Army was 200,000, while 2 days later than the end of the alleged massacre 250,000. The number of the male adults among the people within the Zone was 130,000 according to the record of the Army, which issued "Certificate of a Good Citizen" for finding Chinese guerrillas under the bed in Nanjing more easily. How could Japanese Army murder 300,000 citizens? THIS IS JUST BASED ON THE OFFICIAL RECORDS. We do not intend to whitewash crimes. As is often the case with any other country's army, some personal crimes actually happened such as rapes, murders committed by the soldiers. But they are criminals, who had to be judged by the military court. The policy of the Army was based on the international laws at that time for fear of the accusation by the international society, which must have made the operations of the Army even more difficult. 300,000 mass murder is impossible from the view point of the size, intention, policy, diplomacy, ammo and other factors.


"But to denial the holocaust it simply mean we don't know or not admitting our wrong doings. "

Tell me where the holes of bones for 300,000 victims. You cannot, because you tell a lie. You say something against us without ANY evidences. Is this attitude faithful for the person who accuses others of the great crime like 300,000 holocaust? If you want to remain faithful to the truth, you MUST show us the holes first. Then tell us something. Your govt filed the report made by Chong Shan Tang, which allegedly buried 100,000 bodies in Nanjing, to the Tokyo Tribunal. Where are they? In addition, Japanese Army issued "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to 130,000 Chinese male adults in order to find Chinese guerrillas under the bed easily. This fact means that it had not intended to annihilate the citizens. Holocaust is a Chinese propaganda. You must be wiser and more reasonable.


"Japan a shameful and despicable nation, full of liars, warmongers and perverts. "

Give me concrete numbers proving your point, such as crime rate, the number of perjury cases, that of aggression against foreign countries after the war, and the rate of pervert crimes. And give me the comparison with those of other countries. Only after this, you can say that we are such. Japanese are famous for their disciplines and orderly life style, and their country is well known for the peace-keeping, active assistance to other nations using ODA and something like that.


The article is fake.

"According to the memo made by Noda, in Wuxi City in Autumn 1937, the two contestants were spoken to by a correspondent of Tokyo Nichi-nichi Shinbun, who said, "Why not try to make a contest on how many people you can cut from Wuxi to Nanjing? We are seeking a special story to write about as an article." Mukai replied affirmatively to him as a joke, who said, "Many women will rush toward you for marriage, if the article about your heroic story of 100 person cut contest appears on the paper. Please leave to me the contents of the article." The lieutenant and the correspondent parted their ways in Wuxi, and according to Lieutenant Noda, when they met the correspondent again, the article on "100 persons' cut contest" had already been in the news in Japan." (Wikipedia)


"This is after rape of Nanking where 300 thousands of civilians were ruthlessly killed. "

Where are the holes of bones of 300 thousand? Chinese govt presented a record of the burial of 100 thousand bodies by the Chong Shan Tang, a charity org., to the Tokyo Tribunal. Where are they?


"actually both officers executed by chinese with gun shot.maybe after that their bodies cut into 105 pieces for noda and 106 pieces for mukai excluding the head part."

Mukai rejected the accusation of the contest till the end.

It is childish of Chinese to believe the possibility of a Japanese military low quality sword cutting 100 people's heads. The 19th record on an executioner says that the most sophisticated sword could cut as few as 13 persons' heads on end.


"Nanking massacre was denounced and photographically proven by the German nazi delegation in Nanking"

Liar. The chief of the German Nazi delegation in Nanjing, John Rabe, expressed appreciation to the leader of the Japanese Army Matsui for its having not attacked the Safety Zone.


"the final solution is to destroy Japan forever with 50 H bomb!!those Nips crazy dogs never repent ,those Nips are devils not human!!"

No. The final solution is to destroy Communist China by the information war from inside. Communist countries can survive only by the lies and propaganda, because they have no legitimate means to create values.

This Satanic states must be blotted out from the surface of the planet.

Every reasonable people in the world knows that Japan is a country that does good more than harm to the world, while communist China has been murdering its own people of 100 million through the liquidation of the decent people with anti-communist thought.


"im a nor Chinese nor Japanese, just wanted to know a little history. Can you post some evidence that the massacre is fake/or over exaggerated?

I mean this video shows pictures, seems pretty credible to me."

The chief of Safety Zone, John Rabe, issued official reports to foreign embassies for assistance, where he said the population before the entrance of Japanese army was 200,000, while 250,000 2 days after the end of the period of the alleged massacre. During the period, Japanese issued "Certificate of a Good Citizen" to 130,000 Chinese adult males living in the Zone, which proves that Japanese army did not intend to annihilate the population.


"jap crimes against women were so unique and horrific. it is really hard for any human to imagine such a crime Organized government sponsored gang rapes of women.there is no similar evil in history"

Japanese govt had prohibited compulsory means of recruiting comfort women. The Classified Order No.745 entitled "Regarding Recruits of Female Workers at Military Comfort Houses" issued on March 4, 1938 states: "Concerning the recruitment of female workers for organizing comfort houses at..., there are many cases that recruiters were apprehended and interrogated by the police authority due to their way of recruitment being similar to kidnapping. Therefore, from this time forth, the recruitment shall be implemented under the control of dispatched armies..., so that the utmost caution shall be taken to conserve the dignity of the Army of Japan and prevent this matter from developing into a social problem."


”The Japanese government already admitted to doing such atrocities.”

Where? Show me the document issued by Japanese govt.

"There are tons of photos just look it up and take some time to do some research dumbfuck."

Photos? All are forged by Chinese. You are so naive as to believe every shit that Chinese communists issued. Receive higher education and then discuss this matter.



Christian ethics is only based on the Bible, the Word of God, so it cannot and must not change according to the opinion of the majority of people in this world. As God forbids LGBT, so we must reject them as depraved.


Be careful of Chinese propaganda.

They often use the testimonies of the ex-Japanese soldiers who are members of the Association of Returnees from China (ARC), a puppet organization of CCP in Japan.

One of the ARC's conditions for admitting a new member is "must be the person who invaded China to become a war criminal and came back to Japan by the benevolent policy of China."

You must keep in mind the fact that those Japanese detained by Chinese were provided with communist "education" and exhorted to "confess" their atrocities in exchange for their earlier release.

ARC's prospectus states:

"During the period of 15 years of the previous Japanese-Chinese War, we have committed numerous inhumane crimes, acting as an aggressive hand of Japanese militarism, and after the defeat, were detained as war criminals in the 'Fushun War Criminal Control Office' (969 people) and 'Taiyuan War Criminal Control Office' (140 people).

In the above war criminal control offices in China, we, war criminals, were not forced to labor and provided with more than enough free time to spend. The policy of the Chinese government on war criminals was based on humanitarianism, and its motto was "Even war criminals are human beings, so respect their personalities." All the operatives of the administrative department have overcome individual resentment and executed this policy faithfully." (p. 102)


Wake up to know that the US govt has been spreading lies in order to justify their act of mass murder of Japanese civilians using nukes and incendiary bombs. The fact is this: the true war crimes were committed by the Allies. Fortunately, they won the war through diabolic means, so they needed to make Japanese look like heinous criminal, taking advantage of their status of victors. It is time we should know the truth discarding the propaganda spread by the Satan-worshiping leaders of the US.


"From the invasion of China in 1937 to the end of World War II, the Japanese military regime murdered near 3,000,000 to over 10,000,000 people, most probably almost 6,000,000 Chinese, Indonesians, Koreans, Filipinos, and Indochinese, among others, including Western prisoners of war. This democide was due to a morally bankrupt political and military strategy, military expediency and custom, and national culture (such as the view that those enemy soldiers who surrender while still able to resist were criminals)."

During the period from 1937 to 1945, 8 years, how could Japanese kill 10 million civilians? With what conventional weapons?

Even the US Army equipped with the state-of-the-art weapons could kill 15 persons per day, while this scholar say that Japanese, severely lacking in ammo and victuals, murdered 3500 per day. And I ask you for what they did that. Murdering civilians meant nothing to the army that had to continue the war with the enemy. What was the reason for spending precious ammo, money, and energy in killing 100 million civilians? Wake up from the propaganda.