The number of victims of Nanjin Massacre 300,000 was fake


The number of victims of Nanjin Massacre 300,000 was fake

The Chinese government continues to say, “Japanese army murdered 300,000 people in Nanjin.”

But the population of Nanjin was at most 200,000.

On Dec.1, 1937, Nanjin Mayor Ma Chao-chun ordered all Nanjin citizens to move into the Safety Zone, whose population was 200000. Robert Espy, vice-consul of the American Embassy, reported to Washington that the population of Nanjin was 200,000.

Lily Abegg, correspondent for Frankfurter Zeitung, wrote an article about her experience in February 1938, wrote that by the time of her escape, Nanjin had become a small city, with at most 150,000 people.

"Life" magazine also reported that about 150,000 Nanjin civilians...cowered throughout the siege in a safety zone.(10th January,1938).

Kuomingtang (KMT) army's Major Zhang Qunsi, who was taken prisoner by the Japanese army, stated that the Chinese defense force of the city numbered 50,000, while noncombatants were 150,000.

Similarly, Brigadier Major General Lew, who later promoted to headmaster of Nanjin Military Academy, claimed that the population was about 200,000.

There were at most 200,000 residents there. This is why Chinese cannot show us the holes for bones of 300,000 victims.

Was there a total annihilation? So why are there not any Chinese witnesses to that? If 300,000 were killed out of the residents, they must have said, "All of the residents were eliminated. Only I survived the tragedy."

But there is no such testimony.

The number 300,000 that Chinese claim as that of victims is based mainly on the report by a charity organization "崇善堂", which alleged that it dealt with 112,267 bodies of victims.

According to the report, they disposed of 1,011 in Dec, 1,556 Jan, 2,507 Feb, 2,475 Mar, and 104,718 April. 104.718 in just April??? The organization had 40 members. Even if they hired temporary workers, how could they deal with 104,718 just over a month???

Can you believe that the organization, which had disposed of the bodies of 1,000-2500 per month, suddenly boosted the ability so drastically as to deal with 100,000 within just a month?

And "中華民国二十六年四月出版二十四年度南京市政府行政統計報告" recorded that 崇善堂 was not involved in buring activity.

In Tokyo Tribunal, as an evidence that "崇善堂" actually buried 104,718 bodies, Chinese government presented a material showing that the organization had an old truck made in 1924 with its battery and clutch broken.

It is unbelievable that such an old and broken truck as this could bring more than 100,000 bodies just in a month. Chinese told a lie of Japanese committing 300,000 massacre.

The Chinese Communist Party is a liar and has intention to degrade the reputation of Japan to establish hegemony in Asia and become the top of the area. China wants to form a block of Unified Asia and make Yuan a key currency. To use Yuan as key currency means to secretly loot the money from the Asian countries.