To: the official announcement by Christian Coalition of America

on its Support of President Bush in Iraq dated 3/8/2003



You, as a Bible-believing Christian organization, are terribly wrong in supporting President Bush in the Iraqi problem.


(1) You must not approve of the teaching that the administration that God has established in HIS AUTHORITY should be destroyed by foreign military forces despite the fact that the administration does not do any imminent threats to these countries. This is the attempt against the will of God who taught us in the Bible to esteem EVERY order set by Him, and such an attempt is doomed to the judgment of God. Even if Saddam is an evil doer, you must not support Bush who behaves and thinks as if  he were the king of the world who has his own way to change any regime according to his will, breaking international agreements set by the delegates of each country without any cause that others with sound minds in a Christian sense can agree to and deem rational.


(2) You must not support Bush in his attempt to bring by force into the foreign country secular democracy and Western values which are not always Biblical. Democracy and Western values today are humanistic in essence. Democracy is the worship of the will of the majority, not God's. The will of the unregenerate must not be put above God's will shown in the Bible. If you recommend such unbiblical thoughts, we cannot help regarding you as a false prophet. 


(3) You must not support Bush in his attempt to change foreign regimes by might, because Jesus warned us, 'Those who use a sword will perish by it.' If you support the regime change by force, you cannot avoid being regarded as a power religionist, imperialist and  revolutionary, not a Christian.


We strongly urge you to repent of your sin in that you do not obey sound biblical teachings and have given to the nonchristians the chance of mocking the Christian faith by your official announcement of the support of George Bush.



Takeshi Tomii