The Plan of God


God created the heaven and the earth and ordered man to subdue the earth (Gen.1:28).


Man was ordained as the king, prophet and priest.


But when he failed in obeying the Word of God who ordered not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he was cast out of the Garden of Eden, where there had been complete harmony with God and His creation.


Man became the covenant breaker who cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, so he lost the status of the king, prophet and priest.


But at the same time, God started the new plan for man, so that he might regain the three offices through the atonement by the Son of God, Jesus Christ.


Jesus died on the cross to pay the price of manfs sin to free him from every curse caused by the covenant of Adam.


Jesus also obeyed every part of the Word of God to be the first covenant keeper on behalf of us, so that we could also be a covenant keeper with Him, through the faith in Jesusf atonement, which enables us to be the one body with the head of the covenant.


We are able to gain the open path though which we could enter the lost Garden to be the eternal king, prophet and priest for the Kingdom.


Now every Christian is the king of the world, who is able to subdue the earth through the obedience to God by abiding by the Commandments revealed in the Bible.


Every area of life and thought in this world is to be captive in our battle to expand the territory of Jesus Christ, who commanded us to make every nation His disciple who can commit himself to the Plan of God.


The original purpose of Godfs creation should be completed by dedicated men of God, who believe that the total subjugation over the whole world in history was predestined by Him even before the creation and work actively for the advancement of the Christian cause throughout the surface of this Planet.


Takeshi Tomii