Why did Schiff lend money to Japan before Japan-Russia war?

Jacob Schiff, who lent enormous money to Japan before Japan-Russia war, was a stooge of Rothchild. After Japan's victory over Russia, Schiff exerted a great influence over Japanese politics for around 40 years, i.e., japan was controlled by Jewish One-world governmentist. The man who started war with China and occupied Manchuria was Kanji Ishihara, who was a One-world governmentist.

Kanji Ishihara said in his book, 'The Last War Theory' that the One-world govt will be realized through the last war that will be ended by a devastating powerful weapon and that everybody in the world will see how terrible the war is and the terror will lead people to hope one world government that controls the whole world.

The prime minister Fumimaro Konoe, who led Japan into war with USA, said to Emperor, 'I was deceived by communists.' Actually, his chief advisor, Hotsumi Ozaki, was a spy of Comintern, which was a One-world govtist organization. Ozaki confessed before his death penalty that his intention had been to lead Japan into defeat thru the war with America.

And his intention was to start communist revolution after the war defeat. One-world govt's ideal is to make every nation be disarmed and discard the right to start war with other nations. So American govt wanted to make Constitution of Japan according to its will. Japanese constitution stipulates Japan to discard the right to war. After the war Japan was totally disarmed.